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  1. ozzbik

    Mods missing - Linux server

    Make sure you have all the necessary mods for this mission. You should check the mission for dependencies.
  2. ozzbik

    Mods missing - Linux server

    Put an extra semi-colon at the end of the mod list, perhaps? Also make sure that every file in the mod-folders is low-case. Just to be sure; your mods are located in the root of your Linux server installation (/mods/...)? If it's in the same folder, it should be ./mods/...
  3. ozzbik

    No surround sound with Z906 optical cable

    You've posted this issue twice?
  4. ozzbik

    Does anyone have surround working with S/PDIF?

    Normally Windows does not support surround sound over SPDIF for DirectX games and is limited to stereo (movies will work). As I can remember this is because of the signal decoding which needs to be done by the soundcard (which it most cards will not do). There is an exception with games that will send out a DTS or DD coded audio stream. There is a way i think by using an APO driver, but that is not recommended because of CPU usage necessary for decoding.
  5. Mods: ReColor, Extended Viewdistance+ Shadows Mod, Blastcore Edited, Vanilla smoke (for Blastcore Edited), Enhanced Weather + Clouds Mod, Mid-Detail Texture, Enhanced Missile Smoke + Lighting Efx Mod, Mission: The Bunker by WWTHOMAHAWKWW
  6. ozzbik

    Maus nicht bedienbar

    Also, try it with all application overlays off (e.g. Steam or Overwolf) and no SweetFX or reShade.
  7. ozzbik

    steam arma 3 launcher problem

    Some files are not removed when de-installing/removing game-files or dependencies. Did you try clean the steam userdata folder? When you start the Arma 3 executable files are created in those folders. Also try if it helps to remove (backup the mod presets) the Arma3Launcher folder which is located at %AppData%\Local\Arma 3 Launcher\ and verify the game cache to restore the contents.
  8. Mods: Arma 3 Contact (Dev) - Edited with Krita
  9. F-18 starting a CAS mission on Tanoa. Mods: FA-18 Super Hornet (TeTeTe), Recolor Mod, ( )
  10. Perhaps you could start by listing the mods your using (which can result in these kind of problems)?
  11. ozzbik

    status access violation

    Could you remove the AeoniumGaming and Exile mod in it's entirety (remove the folder in the workshop) and choose repair from the launcher. It could be these mods are corrupted.
  12. ozzbik

    status access violation

    I see CBA has a version mismatch? On your machine Version on the server Version: Also 0:03:41 "ExileClient - Checking ARMA version..." 0:03:41 "Installed: 184 - Required: 180" The server has not yet been updated, which makes testing a problem imho.
  13. ozzbik

    status access violation

    Thanks, but I think you posted a link instead of the file itself :) BTW. which mods are you using?
  14. ozzbik

    status access violation

    - First of all what are you PC specs? - Are there any other errors in your Windows eventlogs (Application/System)? - Did you check the temperatures of your CPU, GPU and mainboard? - Are you using the latest of any driver? - What do the RPT files state (to be found in; ...\Users\Your Profile\AppData\Local\Arma 3)?
  15. It could be one of your mods is causing this behavior in combination with a virtual memory problem. What mods are you using?