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  1. I was wondering if anybody has problems using the mod Re-Light? I can't seem to get it working properly. The lights do have get a color, but no actual light is emitting from them.
  2. The Battleye client isn't working correctly, perhaps an install error. You can reinstall Battleye, probably best trough verify game files in Steam.
  3. Besides reinstalling the game, did you remove the files in "Documents\My Games\ArmaReforger" ? Is it only the mouse that doesn't do anything or the keyboard as well? What else to try: - Update Graphics, Keyboard/Mouse drivers - Edit Documents\My Games\ArmaReforger\profile\.save\ReforgerEngineSettings.conf Change WindowMode to BORDERLESS if set on WINDOWED - Disable any overlay app (Nvidia, Steam, etc)
  4. For those who have the same problem with borderless fullscreen and ALT-ENTER when using Reforger: It is possible to disable the shortcut keys. What you need are the PowerToys.With the keyboard manager you be able to remap/disable any shortcut keys within Windows. Hope this helps 🙂
  5. ozzbik

    Map location

    It's not part of the current game. There is a mod though which adds this functionality.
  6. Just to verify: The gameHostRegisterBindAddress is set to the external (routers) ip address? Port forwarding is correct? I recon you did try it without mods? Does the server log show any information about the connection? - edit - Keep gameHostBindAddress at
  7. If your new to Linux, how did you install Arma in the first place? Did you use a guide? This could give us more information of where your files are being stored.
  8. 1st Helicopter available in Reforger: The MH-60 Black Hawk. Mod by Ralian
  9. ozzbik

    Feature request on feedback site?

    Apparently i've missed that! 🤔
  10. Could the option to request/suggest features be added to the feedback site? This way feature requests won't clog the general forum and perhaps the developers can use this as an easier way to monitor much requested features?
  11. The lighting is beautiful.
  12. ozzbik

    Where's the baddies?

    Which missions did you try?
  13. I'm sorry but I think you're missing the point of Arma Reforger Alpha. This is not Arma 4 but a playable test environment for the new engine (do not mistake this for Arma 4 which will be a finished product). Of course there will be many more features added like mission rotation and multiplayer fixes, new model, etc. Until BI gives more information about actual Arma 4, it will be speculation as to what will be included/missing based on what Reforger has or has not. All I can say is be patient 🙂
  14. ozzbik

    Weird Crash issue

    Check the following: - BIOS latest version? - Memory/processor speed as expected (not overclocked)?
  15. ozzbik

    Weird Crash issue

    Try using a cpu heavy benchmark mission and log al hardware usage (temperatures/voltage) etc. Then check if there is something out of the ordinary (like high GPU temps).