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  1. Hi, This could also be the result of a memory error. Try reseating your memory modules (or use a memory check tool) and see if this helps.
  2. ozzbik

    AI more vocal

    Can it be that this has to do with a mod? BetterSounds mod adds multiple shouts to AI and you own character. This mod is related to BetterExplosives (currently a dependency).
  3. Good to see you've got it working. The shortcut method should work as well. Because of spaces within the path you have to use quotation marks in the command-line options as you know. But they have to be in the right place. So the Target field should contain something like this: "E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma Reforger\ArmaReforgerSteam.exe" -AddonsDir d:\DownloadedMods -addonDownloadDir d:\DownloadedMods Leave the starting folder as-is.
  4. You can make a separate shortcut as Janez has opted. If you want to use steam, you have to add these parameters in the Launch Options (to be found on the General Tab -> right-click on ArmaReforger ). Or is that what your problem is?
  5. Hi, The startup parameter you seek is -addonsDir and most likely -addonDownloadDir You can find the full info on the following biki-page.
  6. ozzbik

    Engine weirdnesses

    Hi Xy. Please use the feedback tracker to report. This way the developers can start working on these issues.
  7. UPnP is an automatic way to setup open ports and such which can help to have battleye connect to the (battleye)server. From a security standpoint people sometimes advice to turn it off, because it can make it easier for trojan program to find a way to the internet. So it's really a trade-off. The battleye site has the following answer to the connection error: "This can happen if the server’s or your connection times out for quite a while or breaks up completely. A common solution is to update your modem/router’s firmware. Also, make sure that you aren’t running “Cucusoft Net Guard” which is incompatible with BE. Other than that, please ensure that there are no problems with your internet connection (you might want to contact your ISP)." Do you use any other VPN or proxy software which could be incompatible with Battleye?
  8. ozzbik

    Arma 3 won't lunch.

    Did you verify the gamefiles in steam?
  9. Do you have a uPNP setting on you router and is it turned on? Also check your mode/routers log if the incoming connection has been denied. Try starting the game by starting the executable ArmaReforger_BE.exe
  10. Has battleye been installed? There should be a service "BattlEye Service" which is by default set to Manual. Does your firewall (windows/modem) perhaps block the incoming request from the battleye server?
  11. ozzbik

    Arma Reforger Game Error

    At first, try disabling Better Death Reactions. The error has to do with modded character damage which I believe this mod is changing the parameters of. And possibly Dismember Me Dearly as well.
  12. ozzbik

    Dedicated server errors

    Strange.... Other thing to try: - Remove mods from your server.json and enable them one-by-one to see if it's happening with one specific mod.
  13. ozzbik

    Dedicated server errors

    Try removing the subfolders from the server Addons and let de server re-download the files (instead of copying) on startup. It could be that there are extra files of older versions which conflict with the newer version of the mods. Sometimes this is clearly visible by having multiple files with different version numbers in de folder.
  14. ozzbik

    Dedicated server errors

    I've had the same problem and since then I use a separate profile folder for the server. The servermods will be deployed to this new profile. This can be done by adding the following to your startup command -profile ArmaReforgerServer You can change the name of the profile to anything you deem proper. 🙂
  15. ozzbik

    RHS: Status Quo

    Try removing the folder in which the mod has been installed and re-download the mod (on the server & client). Also make sure that you use the same version of the mod (on client and server).