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  1. Meuhey

    ArmA II - missing features, why?

    arma 2 is just a uptaded version of their arma engine, I await a new 3d engine that wont be compatible with previous games. BIS would never do that!
  2. Meuhey

    ArmA II's infinite land

    eww nice land
  3. Meuhey

    where can i find the soundtrack!!!!!

    how do i freaking use that stupid cpbo program to open the sound.pbo file, nothing happens when i try to open the pbo files this is stupid when i double click the cpbo program it ask "do yu wish to associate cpbo with pbo files and directories (explorer right click menu) I say yes then on the black screen it says default pbo icon already exists, not overwritten. then i try to open the sound.pbo with this moron program and just nothing happens, WTF CAN YOU GUYS BE MORE CLEARER I SEARCHED AL LTHE FORUM AND CANNOT HAVE AN ANSWER
  4. Meuhey

    I have a question

    i cannot even pass the first mission i need some trackir, not enough field of view : /
  5. Meuhey

    I have a question

    thank you vary much moderator and sorry for the offtopic, i will now try the first mission of arma! I hope arma 2 has dynamic ai!!!!
  6. Meuhey

    I have a question

    i just bought arma on steam, the editor is pretty empty Id have to make all the scenario but i'm not good modder. what is exactly a warfare map???
  7. Meuhey

    I have a question

    but will there be military factions and civilians doing what they ahve to do??? Can battles against factions occurs in a editor???
  8. Meuhey

    I have a question

    Hi, this game look awesome reminds me of ofp. I wanted to know if in this game it will be possible to not follow the campaing and just do whatever scenario I want? For exemple, I want to be a civilian trying to escape/survive from the military forces, like going into the woods hunting and making a small fire/camp. I always was an infantry only in ofp and sometimes in the mission I could just run away and explore the enormous map. I hope its doable as I never really liked to be a squad leader and command others in OFP and pretty much all of the missions requires squad play. Let's pray the multiplayer will be good so maybe I could enjoy missions more.
  9. Meuhey

    New ArmA II Pictures!

    I hope that little pond has a river somwhere around it, why build a dam for this little lake loll
  10. anyone played The hunter??? its good
  11. Marek Spanel has lied in the past so dont get ur hopes up
  12. Meuhey

    Game 2 is dead?

    im sorry but the 3d engine of game2 was completely different from what we see now.
  13. Meuhey

    ArmA in true Stereo 3D

    woah this monitor is looking sexy!!! I hope arma 2 will use this. Is trackir going to work with this 3d monitor???
  14. Meuhey

    The new Arma2.com site....

    yayyyyyyyyyy new website up and runninggggggggg
  15. Meuhey

    GC 2008 Press Coverage

    yea plz uptade the official website, its 3:30 am here i want to go to sleep.