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  1. OrLoK

    [MP] co40 Domination!

    Hello there Thanks for keeping this going for all these years! Was an SP version ever crated? Ive been out of the loop for a loooong time rgds LoK
  2. OrLoK

    Is Arma 3 dying?

    Whilst there are servers to play on and dev support, Arma is far from dying :)
  3. OrLoK

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Hello there Is it me or is the Sten way too big in comparison to the character model? Still, great work! Rgds LoK
  4. OrLoK

    Feedback Thread

    Hello there I was playing a3 with Trinus Gyre and Track IR (at a very low resolution) and it was epic. Now, with a Rift, I can see a low fidelity Arma (or spin off becoming a thing) Also, there are ways around sickness (ie a helmet or cockpit) and most people overcome this and get their VR legs regardless. I can see a VR spin off of A3 working very well. (albeit with the fidelity of A2 or A1) I hope BI go down this route with a milsimesque game at some stage. As to Argo, I think its an interesting venture, probably not for me at the moment though but I can see why they've done it. Rgds LoK
  5. Hello there AFAIK its in the LITE package now. Ive definitely played missions with it included with just LITE active. Rdgs LoK
  6. OrLoK

    What Makes a Good Arma Campaign?

    Hello there Just a quickie from me (for now) Cut scenes. Nothing makes me want to gouge out my eyes with a spoon than cut scenes. Unskippable ones are even worse and make me want to gouge out other people's eyes. All I need is a concise bullet point briefing on key points. There are tabs for extended briefings for those who love em. me? I like to K.I.S. Rgds LoK
  7. Hello there Ill test later tonight, but if the Domination you've posted here is the one i've been playing nonstop for the past few weeks, it's really damn good and uses "new" IFL Lite content added recently (Kubels with MG etc) I've found very few bugs with it other than the occasional death on respawn at base. My only gripe is the lack of transport planes over the large distances between AO's especially with the Ranking enabled, but that's applicable to any MP mission with IFL. Also, id like to see more use made of non combat items like the radio truck etc and yet again that's a complaint I can level at most IFL missions. I've seen it played with 10+ players and User controlled AI and get wonderfully high frame rates. It's a gem IMHO. Def in my top 3 of missions that should be part of the IFL experience. Hats of to Xeno and those who've converted it. 8.5/10 Rgds LoK UPDATE: SP Grunt: Just had a quick blast. I really liked the fact you were under AI control as it gives the user more chance to have *fun* and not worry about A3's "interesting" AI. The mission ended (I think) with a notification error, but that was no real issue. Another mission I really enjoyed and might indeed demo for folk who've never played IFL before as it's so simple. But, it's simplicity might mean it's not one I'll often revisit unless I just want to "kill stuffs" for 20 mins. Good, but not great. a solid 6/10 Update 2:I had a quick go on the ALIVE mission, and whilst i appreciated touches like audio quotes from the film Patton I found it a little disorientating to get started with compared to other missions and im no noob to the series, and it feels far more suited to MP play over SP. For that reason I don't want to score it as I wouldn't be doing it justice
  8. Hello there Just FYI there is a version of IFL Domination doing the rounds based on the latest (?) Domi version. I don't know how "legal" it is as Im not sure if it was made with Xeno's permission, so I won't link it here. But it does exist and it does work. I hope it's a legit version. It's rather good. Rdgs LoK
  9. Hello there The WoG mod also adds a load of extra kit and vehicles etc. Its rather impressive. (although I actually prefer the LITE version as some of the WoG design decisions are not to my taste) I *can* fully understand the ACE compatibility fix as ACE is an "Industry Standard" amongst many mod using communities, much like TFR etc. Plus, how much work was it time/resource wise? That said, I do look forward to any external mods like Gunters as it does add a sprinkle of sexyness, but I can see it having a lower priority than ACE in the grand scheme of things. Obviously, I too would love to have all those added assets as it gives me a "WoG" experience without drastically changing gameplay and is suitable for both MP *and* SP, as WoG is more biased toward MP play IMHO. Anything that adds to IFL gets a huge thumbs up from me! Rgds LoK
  10. Hello there they do appear to be a bit slim on the ground at the moment, but try entering 1944 in your filter. let me know if you find any first person servers. Rdgs LoK
  11. OrLoK

    Hot Air Balloon

    Hello there Splendid stuff. Zeppelins and spotter balloons next please! Rgds LoK
  12. Hello there IFL really changes the whole dynamic of Arma. As there's so few telescopic sights for example, it tends to make the game fare more visceral, for me. Im not a fan of Vanilla KOTH, but IFL KOTH is superb. We need more SP missions and MP servers! Rdgs LoK
  13. OrLoK

    World War II Units

    Hello there Is it me or is the scale of the Sten gun a little on the large side? Rgds LoK
  14. OrLoK

    Immersion Cigs

    Hello there Where's a pipe for us upper class British officers? Rgds LoK
  15. Hello there Can it not be optional? Or is that difficult to implement. IMHO user choice is key. Some MP maps have parameters that one can set before launching the mission, it would be great to have initial campaign settings one can choose, even if its only at the start. Rgds LoK