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  1. Dallas

    Boehmia, be reasonable, and honest.

    I thought most AAA pre-orders cost exactly the same, but offers withheld content, which will later be released as DLC, to lure people to buy the games, before it's been reviewed. I only bought Operation Flashpoint for it's vanilla content. After playing Operation Flashpoint for some time, I realized I had bought something more, something better. Years later I bought Armed Assault not for it's vanilla content, but it's coming user missions and user content. This whole idea of "I want this and this delivered on launch day", shows you haven't fully understood the game's value and core principle. Isn't never meant to be a finished package, it's an invitation to create your own content.
  2. It's no shame in unbinding your "hold breath" key to something else than MB2. I use zoom more than I need hold breath.
  3. Dallas

    3rd person view and difficulty levels

    My main argument is that there seems to be a discrepancy between the people voting here and the people actually making the decision ingame, just like in the DayZ community. As long as many 1st person players prefer to join a full 3rd person server, instead of joining and help filling a 1st person server, no matter what kind of artificial obstacles you try to place for 3rd person players wont matter. 1st person players need to start congregating on 1st person servers, instead of thinking up measures to funnel 3rd person player on to their servers. If you provide a quality 1st person server, people will soon queue up, waiting for an empty slot. You have to accept that there are many ways to enjoy ArmA and that some people have other preferences than you.
  4. Dallas

    3rd person view and difficulty levels

    No need to remove a popular feature, just because you can't fill up a first person server. If first person is so incredible popular as the poll shows, why are you having problems filling up the servers? No need to shame people, who like what you define as "n00b" features. People had similar issues in DayZ and DayZ had similar polls. First person view players, voted and voted, thus demonstrated how many people, wanted to experience DayZ in first person, yet they couldn't fill up their servers, because they, themselves filtered servers based on player count and obviously joined the nearly full third person servers, instead of joining a half full first person server and help out filling it up. They admitted, they'd rather join a full server, than join a first person server. The great thing about ArmA is that you can modify every aspect of the game even difficulty, so you can get it just the way you want. Some people prefer mostly Veteran settings, but with crosshairs enabled, some with 3rd person enabled or others want to micromanage and tweak AI skills to their very specific needs. Instead of removing modable difficulty settings, you should put in an effort to build up your own server populations and it is in fact possible to populate your first person server, if you provide a stable and reliable experience with reasonable and vetted admins. No need to penalize everyone else, when ArmA allows you to dictate whatever difficulty feature you want on your specific server.
  5. Dallas

    Poll - Rather Modern or Futuristic?

    Understandable if their modelers are sick and tired of the M4 variants and humvees, they've been making for the last decade.
  6. Dallas

    Video Diaries

    I always get a little alarmed when I see developer diaries of high production value. You know, interviews switching between multiple camera POVs, sexy titles and MTV editing. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising and Aliens: Colonial Marines had great developer diaries. I wouldn't mind a little insight about the people behind BI and ArmA 3, but I also like the way BI often has lead the community and it's engine do all the talking.
  7. Dallas

    ARMA's Future?

    I can't find anything bad to say about DayZ, the ArmA 2 sales provided by DayZ was free money. Free money BI could throw after development of the DayZ standalone and help them make some of the decisions around ArmA 3 a little easier. I was 15 years old once too, I wasn't 15 when I started plating OFP, but I was 12 years younger than I am today. I've always thought that if you play on public servers, you have to suffer whatever teammates the internet throw at you and for me OFP and ArmA always offered the best experiences on well administrated servers. ArmA 3 is as much a milsim as OFP was and ArmA 3 is also as much a sandbox as OFP. OFP was the original sandbox, it came with OFP/ArmA's most beloved feature: Wide open access for user content and an easy to use editor. ArmA 3 is not a hardcore milsim, nor was OFP or ArmA 2, but it made it easy for the community to push it's limits, whether they went for advanced realism or LEGO modifications. OFP and ArmA come with no expiration dates, not because they're always released in a perfect state, but because BI allows and encourages it's community add years and years of extra content.
  8. Thank god it's over and he better get used to wearing orange.
  9. That's what was reported 12 hours ago after the first initial contact, but it's correct that it's now 12 hours later. This was reported in the wake of a massive barrage of gunfire and hand throw explosive devices.
  10. There were reports about long guns on the police/EMT scanner 10-12 hours ago in the after math of the initial firefight.
  11. By hard evidence you mean like engaging police officers with grenades and assault rifles.
  12. Dallas

    Tips on flying a helicopter?

    Rebind your collective to W/S.
  13. Dallas

    Stealth Kills?

    Yea, it seems like the stealth melee idea becomes more and more complex trying to incorporate itself into ArmA. It just doesn't fit into the core gameplay/engine. Especially when you think of an engine that also frowns on bunny hopping, it's probably not interested in the type of knife/defibrillator close combat seen in other shooters.
  14. Dallas

    rifle / pistol change animation

    Already posted here and here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?151433-Rifle-slings&p=2352858&viewfull=1#post2352858 http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148108-Changing-weapon-while-moving&p=2326159&viewfull=1#post2326159 :)
  15. Dallas

    JUMP please!!

    I don't really think that the traditional FPS upwards jumping belongs in a game like ArmA. I also think ArmA's areas and objects are designed with that in mind. ArmA just isn't a generic fps and nor is it a generic assassin game, where all buildings are designed with invisible parkour paths in mind.