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  1. Unless someone is willing to put in the time to sort out a naming convention like those you've linked to there probably won't be one. The biggest problem with a community wide naming convention is getting people to follow it. The Arma 2 version was once a sticky in the A2 & OA User Missions board, after a while it was no longer stickied and when asked why the author (I think it was the author) posted that it was no longer a sticky as no one was using it. Your best bet currently is to follow SavageCDN's advice and rename the missions yourself. :)
  2. msg trit

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    The ACR DLC was released on July 30th this year. As for ACR lite being included in the next patch, from the post linked to below, for technical reasons it's not going to happen. Link to post
  3. An update to my initial post, I have managed to get the headless client to connect to a dedicated server that has a password set (using the 99515 beta patch, not sure if that had any affect). However the headless client does seem to be somewhat picky about when it does connect. So far I have discovered that after the headless client is started it won't connect unless at least one player is connected and the mission has been selected, also during my testing it seems like the headless client won't connect until the mission has been selected twice (with the headless client has being restarted each time, which sounds weird I know). I think I should reiterate that none of these connection problems occur if the server does not have a password set.
  4. Using the recent betas I've been experimenting with the headless client, starting a dedicated server and getting the headless client to connect to it etc.. The problem I'm having is trying to get the headless client to connect to a dedicated server when the server has a password set. If the dedicated server does not have a password then the headless client connects to it without a problem. If the dedicated server does have a password after about 8 - 10 seconds of the headless client starting up it starts displaying repeated "Cannot join the session. Wrong password was given." messages. I've tried many different passwords as well, even simple ones like a single letter or number, it fails to connect whatever the password is. The shortcut for the headless client is as follows. (Please note I've tried adding -connect=, but it didn't help) "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\Expansion\beta\arma2oa.exe" -beta=Expansion\beta;Expansion\beta\Expansion -client -name=__HC__ -password=hctest Has anyone else managed to get the headless client to connect to a dedicated server that has a password set? If yes is there a certain way to do it? Mods: Apologies if this thread is in the wrong place or it breaks any other rules. Please move or edit as necessary.
  5. msg trit

    Strange UID's floating around

    UID's with AX on the end designate that the user's key/game is from Arma X.
  6. I really like the new multiplayer interface, however I do have one slight problem and that is due to Eyefinity bezel correction I can't see the information that is on the edges of the server list. For example the coloured dots down the left side. The problems with Eyefinity bezel correction do affect other interfaces in the game as well, but I don't want to get off-topic. :)
  7. I've not tested it, but you could modify the if statement as follows. if(toLower(name_test)==""@ace\"")then Replace the part that looks like the code above with the code below. if(toLower(name_test) in [""@ace\"",""@badmod\"",""@otherbadmod\""])then After that you would then need to increase the number of loops the for loop goes through to one less than the maximum number of characters of the addon with the longest name.
  8. True the script does only check the first five characters, but that is all it needs to check. This is because it is not checking the client's mod parameter, it is checking the directory where the mod is installed. :) For every PBO that the server doesn't have a key for it fires off the onUnsignedData event handler. It passes an array containing the id of the player who has the unsigned data and the directory and file name of the PBO it found, an example of which can be seen below. [5,"@ACE\AddOns\somefile.pbo"] For more information see the BI Wiki Server Side Scripting page.
  9. I'm an admin for a server that also was having problems with ACE, but didn't want to stop players using other addons from joining. The solution that I came up with and have been using for a month or two now is to turn on verify signatures and then use server side scripting to modify what happens when a addon that the server doesn't have the key for is detected. In the server's config file the onUnsignedData event handler looks like this, basically when the server detects an addon that it doesn't have a key for it checks the directory of the addon if the directory starts with @ACE\ then the player is kicked. For all other addons (including the ACE sound mod) the player is let in. onUnsignedData = "name_test=toArray (_this select 1);name_cut=[];for '_l' from 0 to 4 do{name_cut set [_l,name_test select _l];};name_test=toString name_cut;if(name_test==""@ACE\"")then{kick (_this select 0);}else{unsigned set [(count unsigned),[(_this select 0),(_this select 1)]];};"; Now the version above also stores the names of all the other addons in a (previously created) array for the admin to look at, at any time, but obviously not everyone is going to want to do this. Below is a version that just searches for ACE and then kicks players who are using it. onUnsignedData = "name_test=toArray (_this select 1);name_cut=[];for '_l' from 0 to 4 do{name_cut set [_l,name_test select _l];};name_test=toString name_cut;if(name_test==""@ACE\"")then{kick (_this select 0);};"; There are a couple of drawbacks to this script, but neither causes any real problems. The first one is that it relies on ACE being installed in the ACE directory, but as ACE is installed by the six updater this shouldn't be a problem. The other drawback is that all players that use addons that the server doesn't have a key for still receive the message about their use of unsigned addons, but once they click ok they're allowed to play on the server.
  10. msg trit

    xRIPv1 ?

    I believe what you're seeing is the build number of the server. The latest v1.05 builds look like this: 62017 = Windows Listen Server 62014 = Windows Dedicated Server 62021 = Linux Dedicated Server For a full list of builds see the Arma 2 Version History on the BI wiki. As long as you're running v1.05 you should be able to join any v1.05 server, unless the server is running an addon which you don't have.
  11. msg trit

    Improved Admin Abilities

    Out of the things suggested so far, for me the following would be my most wanted. In general though any improvement to the set-up and administration of a server would be good :)
  12. I'm not sure if this has been posted yet (at least I couldn't find posts about it). There is now an Operation Arrowhead page/section at Arma2.com. On top of the general information about Operation Arrowhead it also contains two PDF's (a poster, an info sheet) and a ZIP containing all currently released screen shots. Arma2.com/Arrowhead
  13. 59025 has been released, the change log on the site at least doesn't show any differences over 59008.
  14. It seems the changes for the new 58899 beta patch are hidden at the bottom of the readme file. A new way of setting up and passing parameters to missions. How to add multiple parameters to your MP mission - to your description.ext add following class class Params { class Score { title = "$STR_mp_param_score"; values[] = {10,200}; texts[] = {"10","200"}; default = 10; }; class Duration { title = "$STR_mp_param_duration"; values[] = {1,2}; texts[] = {"one hour","two hours"}; default = 1; }; etc. ..... } - old style of parametrs definiton can be still used How to use multiple parameters in your MP mission: - values can be read from new variable paramsArray - variables param1 and param2 are still present - if param1 and param2 are defined, they can be read from paramsArray[0] and paramsArray[1] as well
  15. Bit-tech.net has posted a review of Arma 2 giving it a score of 9/10. Bit-tech.net: Arma 2 Review