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  1. Ahhh that's how you do it! Thanks for the response! 😀
  2. nkenny - My community tried the danger FSM and RPG mod for the first time last night. It was amazing. Fantastic work! The AI were really responsive, aggressive and more realistic. Seeing RPG's being fired at us as infantry was great too. Though we can tweak server settings through the CBA interface, is there a way we can add specific settings to missions?
  3. Hi, Sorry been busy working and scripting, i don't really read this forum, and forgot about this thread. My appologies. I will get a copy of the script in question with a demo mission for you, in the next week.
  4. mr.ben

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    I can't seem to get any link that works? Anyone has a link for the DL that doesn't time out?
  5. Hi, The script in question, was initially made by osmo, then rescripted and improved by myself for more efficient coding and better control. Our community uses it in loads of missions, but we never really release them to the public. Only available through playing on our servers, so we have loads of funky stuff like that, just not seen by many :) I haven't got take on helicopters yet, but you are more than welcome to use the scripts, if the commands have been ported across. You will have some rejigging to do with variable names and classnames, and some 3D positions, but it shouldn't be that hard. I am guessing you are new to scripting? If so, I can redo it for you, when i get the game, but that will be around a months time. Currently I am engaged in a large project in Arma2 combined ops, that is high priority. I will be getting TOH after that.
  6. Hmmmm, I agree also, as you can see from my previous posts. I find it hard to be constructive, when something I feel so strongly about, and as does the a lot of the community, from the posts i read and dare we say... "the poll". IMO there should be no altering of anims after this, or compromise, to some in between state, the only way would be to make a speed mode and none speed mode really. But I think guys, we have to stay focused and constructively critical, rather than just focus on the moral and emotive issues. I fully support you Betsalel and stk2008, but you should reply in a way that says what you don't like and how to improve it to your likings rather than just a general rant. I hope you can see my point, as I support your view also... anyway... back a little closer to on topic... Unsure whether my issue in dev-heaven.net is related to this, and a possible fix that may have been implemented, but I can also confirm the bug that radio channels are not working even worse in 1.58 latest beta. My community uses the BIS radio channels only. Please fix this, otherwise it makes it extremely difficult to communicate. issue = http://www.dev-heaven.net/issues/15886
  7. I confirm out of all the movement anims, this is by far the worst. When you move full speed prone, it looks rather comical, and too fast. It should be slowed down an aweful lot. Weapon change is still too fast. M136 is to fast and Javelin is too fast. Javelin is large and awkward and heavy. This should be reduced massively. I see the noclipping gun is still in there. Please remove this. To reitterate my post in the last beta version, and by someone in this thread previously, it kills immersion, and realism. There are simple mods out there that can change this for the client. There is no need to introduce this, especially since it makes you jump / warp through doors and also you can see through buildings if close enough to a door frame etc. It is buggish. This is a backward step. Reload speed of AT in particular are still to fast by a massive amount. The Javelin is a large, heavy, awkward weapon, that seems to be reloaded in 2 seconds max. This really need slowing down. As for other weapons, another 1 second wouldnt be a bad thing to reduce reload time. Or... please just put the anims back to how they were ;)
  8. http://www.dev-heaven.net/issues/15886
  9. mr.ben

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 78927

    I see one bug when using the Scar, and switching from lowered to raised weapon. Once raised, the hand jumps into another anim. With regards to new anims speed: In short I am extremely against them, and find it very disheartening to see, IMO, such drastic changes to gameplay and feel. Reasoning and results of tests... When I bought this game, I did so because of my love for OFP and Arma. I loved the balance it offered between usability, fun and realism. If I wanted anymore, it's generally something I can script into a mission, or use a mod. As it happens, i don't use any realism or gameplay altering mods, because I am happy with the balance that BIS has created. The anims for me, completely change the feel of the game I bought. I am sad, and somewhat angry if these changes will be in full effect, as I will be forced to use it, and play a style of game I did not buy. I think the main points that have been singled out for really all the anims, is that they are too fast, particularly AT and weapon changes. I would pay for and play an arcade for this, or some other popular FPS. All changes that have been made in new patches, by the brilliant and continuing support from the BIS team to the game, have been steps forward, in fixing bugs, and adding wonderful new features to play with. This however alters the feel of the game itself, which IMO and judging by the fuss it has caused is not a positive move forward for the game and the majority of it's players. I feel the anims at this speed don't smoothly flow from one to another, partilcularly the switching from stances and to movement. I also see that the noclipping for the gun has been introduced in some form. This is actually bugged for me. Sometimes it seems to lower and raise my weapon at a rediculous speed when i walk sideways through a door. Or I seem to jump through it like a 20cm warp past the door frame. I do not like this also. I have never found it a problem to point my gun in the corner of a door, and swing round. I always liked the fact I had to do this, since it made the gun have real physics, rather than games that let it clip through. It's like playing Duke Nukem 3D again ;p Where my gun is just pasted over the top. People can have this feature and reduce realism by DLing such mods like STMovement, and does not affect the feel of play for others. Please do not implement this feature. As for the FPS improvements with scopes, they are ok, i dont get a massive change, but it is noticable. On the whole the patch seems as ever to bring some good and well needed fixes and improvements, but as for the "noclipping gun" and speeded anims, I do not like them, and find they are not smooth.
  10. mr.ben

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 73643

    I get all these and more too. I use a combined ops dedi server.
  11. Yes I am looking to do this too, as the repairing ATM is too quick.
  12. The problem i am encountering is not directed at respawn, but also at join in progress. My server runs all missions with Respawn 4, so that a player is dead, and cannot come back. But the problem i find is that when a player joins, he is unable to heal existing players and existing players cannot heal him. I have tried several variations on test maps, from FAIS and BC, to including the 3rd module, Action. I have syncronized the modules to all players, to just the leaders of groups. Seperate modules to seperate groups, and syncronizing from and to, and to and from modules to players. I am unsure why BI have not fixed this. Especially for the join in progress to a server. In this pug, you have the option to heal, but cannot do it. Any latest developements anyone knows of, as 1.05 patch has not delievered any good news for this problem?
  13. I have found a problem, In these commands, the usage of "player" makes it only available in SP or on a listen server and therefore to the host player... I need mine to run on a dedicated, and have used the unit names of "leader grpx" or a single units name, but it does not always seem to work. I get various bug, such as the hint not appearing, or i can delect through the coms menu, but i can't get the final marker to be placed on the map. [["artillery_barrage"], leader grpx, [[RIPPER, [7]]], [true]] call BIS_SOM_addSupportRequestFunc; [["artillery_barrage"], artilleryspotter, [[RIPPER, [7]]], [true]] call BIS_SOM_addSupportRequestFunc; Also, in earlier posts, it seems that game logic can be used, but in my game logics when i place them on a map, i do not have an "on act" or "condition", i only have these in triggers?
  14. mr.ben

    Patch 1.05 suggestions

    I would love to see the Acog to be switchable from scope to short range sight, like in ACE mod, it would make it more realistic and usable.
  15. Hi, I am trying to alter the behaviour of a partilcular set of enemy units. The AI are set to be careless, in the init line of each unit using: this setbehaviour "CARELESS"; When you are no longer present in a trigger area set to the buildings area, it runs a script which changes the AI behaviour using for example: grpguard1 setbehaviour "AWARE"; grpguard2 setbehaviour "AWARE"; etc... This works on a Listen server with no problems, but on a dedicated server it doesn't seem to alter their behaviour? The trigger definately fires as a hint appears on the screen. I am not sure why it doesnt work on ded. servers? I have tried various methods of using setcaptive commands for the player units, but this doesnt have the effect i want. I have also tried addrating and other commands but it gives me various problems. Please could someone try to help me get round this issue of setbehaviour and make it work. Or is it possible another way to make this work?