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  1. folgore_airborne

    [SP] In Our Time (Campaign) v1.05

    how did you do that?
  2. folgore_airborne

    [campaign] h o u r i a

    it would be great to have the option to use an helicopter in "the last two bullets". Myself suck @$$ at piloting anything in Arma, let alone landing in a field. Autopilot always take me to Vybor airport. Just place one besides the plane so the player can choose
  3. folgore_airborne

    [campaign] h o u r i a

    Thanks for updating this! Really emjoyed the first version, now with the new version of ofrp it will surely be even better! As of now, I found very frustrating the start of "The Blood of the Prince part 2", because the attack choppers fail in destroying the AA guns and our chopper either gets destroyed before landing, or only a handful of men manage to dismount alive. I do not use any AI mod, playing in veteran. For the rest, awesome campaign.
  4. folgore_airborne

    the Memory (Sarge studio)

    excellent work guys, this is a must-play campaign! I haven't played anything done this well for a long time...congratulations! I really loved it because you don't shoot much in this campaign, but there's an interesting and thriving story behind all it. Also liked the continuos flashbacks and the CoD Black Ops\Saw revelations. Again, congrats guys! On the side of AI mods...personally I hate the Chernarus because I hate being killed every 5 seconds by a beggar with an Ak from half a klick away hidden behind a bush, so I removed both tpwcas and asr, and the campaign in veteran was fairly balanced and ran smoothly.
  5. folgore_airborne

    [CAMP] 100 Days

    I think the group shout is more than sufficient as a help...we'd all wish insurgents placed IEDs where they are easy to spot, oh we really wish! Going in patrol in an enemy country requires attention, especially for the driver and the gunner...my brutal opinion is, if these complaining guys travel through Takistan with increased game speed like if they were playing GTA, maybe it's better for them to move to another game.
  6. folgore_airborne

    [CAMP] 100 Days

    It would be even more challenging to place IEDs on the side of the road, and not right in the middle of it...
  7. folgore_airborne

    Need Campaign Testers

    I'd be happy to try this one but as Wiki says, too many addons. I don't have the possibility to download all this stuff (nearly reached my bandwidth limit for this month).
  8. folgore_airborne

    [CAMP] 100 Days

    Great news! Now I managed to correctly play through both the good and the bad ending. Ha! The bad one is really cool..:P Sorry for being such a pain in the arse, but I found this error at the end of the campaign, right after the "Campaign by RCWM, Thanks for playing". There's a message saying: No entry 'Campaigns\100days-0-1\description.ext\campaign\beginning.end1'. Really like how you set up the last mission and the credits too!
  9. folgore_airborne

    [CAMP] 100 Days

    Ok I managed to finish the campaign. I really liked how the story turned out, but I have again a problem with the triggers..
  10. folgore_airborne

    [CAMP] 100 Days

    Been progressing with the campaign, the Joint Operation and Capture mission are awesome conceived but I have found troubles with them
  11. folgore_airborne

    [CAMP] 100 Days

    Well actually I don't care that much, yeah I know it's not as cool as other weapons, but as long as it works...
  12. folgore_airborne

    [CAMP] 100 Days

    what weapon are you talking about?
  13. folgore_airborne

    [CAMP] 100 Days

    Agree with all the above: a MRAP is a must, and a marksman rifle instead of the Mk12 spr would be great. I also like the idea of keeping rugular army units instead of special forces, the kind of missions are much more fitted for regular guys rather than SF. And if you wanted a RAF Typhoon...here you got it! ;) Only concern, it requires extra addons, I'm afraid it would make the campaign depending on too many addons?
  14. folgore_airborne

    [CAMP] 100 Days

    Yeah I was aware of that PVP tweak but imho it's still too small, and in some light conditions, unreadable. Having a degree indicator, however, is all but unrealistic. There are binoculars with a small compass above, and modern laser designators also have degree (and mils) indicator. @ RCWM: the idea of having that Ridgback armoured vehicle is great! Would add even more realism to the campaign since MRAP vehicles are becoming more and more the preferrable choice due to the exponential increase in IEDs attacks in the last years. This one is also very well made. Even better, would be to have an addon-free "lite" version and one with whatever you want to throw in such as SAS, Ridgbacks, anything ;)
  15. folgore_airborne

    [CAMP] Chasing Grim Reaper

    @ Saok: thanks for the explanation, but that way if someone completes the mission and then reverts back to the 2nd or 3rd mission, the squad will be made only of militias. And why doesn't it happen always in the 2nd, while always in the 3rd? And about that missing teamswitch in the 2nd?