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  1. Can you tell me where is this conig file to change initfov and maxfov ? Thank you
  2. tritatutto

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    I edite the sound , for example in the video Operation 12March i put some wind sounds fx in the middle , up into the hill for more sniping suspance...and now i experiment with another situation, i like it:cool:
  3. tritatutto

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    I'm trying to do my firsts video for Arma 2 , hope you enjoy :) http://www.youtube.com/user/lyrasimo/videos?view=0 (my channel ) _R8kxWqXIUk
  4. tritatutto

    Choppers - Too floaty/easy

    sorry mate , i dont understand , yes , please what ? Maybe i lost something or my english is not soo good :) Thanks
  5. tritatutto

    Choppers - Too floaty/easy

  6. tritatutto

    Choppers - Too floaty/easy

    I really appreciate the the collective is more sensitive than arma 2 , still arcade style for the moment , waiting ToH physics..( i hope for ground effect , vortex ring , ecc...).i woulbe not like BS2 but is not a pure flight sim arma .It woul be great DCS+Arma world ! Still fun...hope you enjoy the trip ! Q_MqcCz44As
  7. tritatutto

    Manual trim

    No , my is a logiteck attack 3 , not complex joy , i just want to set the trim to (for example ) my button number 9 in the joystick...i will see the option thanks , hope to got it :)
  8. Hy guys , i read the forum , but i dony find the right post for that , i fly in expert , there is no auto trim , but i want have trim button on my joystick like manual trim (like black shark) , so i trim myself the Heli, where is this option in options menu ? I really dont find it . Thanks
  9. I have a g25 logitech pedal ( 3 pedals ) i use accellerator and cloucth , yes i activeted it in the game and i dont use combined .sometimes it work sometimes not
  10. I assign zoom in for a button in joystick and it works , track ir work well , now the game dont see my pedals ....oh man , how patient i'm ! I 'll try tomorrow to solve this issue .
  11. Nice setup , thanks much better then the defaul one , i thing that drive me crazy , i dont care to zoom with track ir , but i would like to use instead of dx button mouse , a button of the yoystick , but i dont find zoom in in the button configuration in game , what do you use for zoom in cockpit and outside the heli ?
  12. Thanks bro , i will try this evening.
  13. Thanks hono , i thought was a simple file , how can i put into track ir , i have to do manually ? i mind yesterday i took a profile for dcs black shark but was a single file to put into profile directory of track ir , and with your i dont know how to put , merci . Maybe i have to open default profile in track ir with word pad and copy all your setting ?
  14. Hi guys someone have some good profile to share , or suggestion for a good setup for this sim ? Thanks