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  1. sorry to be a pain I am setting up a server and I have added steam mods using the problem is there not showing in the here only inidbi2 which of course is in the arma folder. file structore looks like this
  2. Amazeing gonna try this as soon as I can thank you :)
  3. Hi thanks for replying. Apriciate your hard work thank you and realy looking forward to this :)
  4. Hi Flax just a quick question I see that Flax tool version 2 is being worked on I assume the build from github is not possible to use right now untill you release a compiled version is that correct?. Any way looking forward to using this for sure :)
  5. No need to explain your self mate we know people have real lives away from this forum. Hope every thing is ok.
  6. Yeah snap infact I'm waiting to start a server but awaiting flaxes tool. I am capable of doing it the old fashioned way or like I have done use tophes tool but really love how this one has a dedicated HC function which looks as though it makes it a snap to do and tbh I'm in no rush to get my server up as my bro is running one at the moment any way.
  7. Hi flax love the concept of this. I say concept as its not working at all for me and me bro so have not been able to fully test but love the way it has HC function built in.I assume it will drag mod list from server for the HC`s how will it handle Server mods only are we able to manually add them? but so looking forward to version 2.
  8. Hi all sorry to be a pain. I would love to use this on my home run server. win 2012 64bit I got latest version from github I installed the @ocap into mods DIR does it need to run as -mod or -servermod?. I tryed both but cant get it to record I know I am doing some thing wrong I get no ocap.log in arma3 dir neither so its not even trying to rercord. I have an FTP on the server and I placed the ocap folder in there and pointed the usercfg config file to that DIR but still nothing. Could some one make a complete idiot guide on how to install this please :). Thanks so so much in advance :)
  9. stk2008

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Yeah I assumed it would not help oh well hopefully when/if arma4 comes they will actually move to a better engine in stead of strapping more stuff to an all ready struggling engine :(
  10. stk2008

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I would not count on it mate. The thing with Arma is not RAM usage its more the fact it dont utilize the CPU well the cores. I am hoping that with the 64bit version it uses the CPU more to its advantage but lets see. I realy want Arma to improve in performance its the only reason I just cant be bothered to play it any more. The FPS is terrible even on a monster rig.
  11. stk2008

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    So any one able to tell me if they have actually made any progress on optimizing this yet?. My bet is no but thought I would ask befor I waste time etc installing it. thanks
  12. stk2008

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    U need to start server I assume with a profile.
  13. stk2008

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    Damn dude posting even when on holiday...thats comitment..but we knew that already with all the cool updates :).
  14. stk2008

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    Loving all the updates :) I must admit though killing a load of enemys at say a road block with only one enemy left and he manages to kill me...only for me to return to a fully manned road block again. I love reinforcments but I was only gone 10mins. This needs to be made more realistic if possible so enemy have to actually travel from a base taking real time to get back to road block. The main reason me and my mates play this mission is because its realistic No enemys spawn on your ass from no where as said by OP enemys that are on map are there from the start or travel from a base to add support.
  15. stk2008

    [MP/CO 42] A3M PMC Simulator

    This sucks Using latest CBA ACE Alive click start I get a loading screen and see the map for like 2 seconds then get second loading screen and it just sits there doing nothing No matter how long i wait :( ]