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  1. Hello @nkenny! I recently downloaded a copy of the fsm and the scripts through github and noticed an inconsistency, unsure if it was a bug or not so I didn't want to make a github issue incase I was wrong but under the garrison state it doesn't link up to timeout like the rest of them do, is this intended? Image with red line used to display where I thought the arrow would be
  2. Coul

    co10 Escape

    The changelog from 1.9 states that Zargabad & Ruha were added but i can't find the pbos in the mission files?
  3. Coul

    co10 Escape

    Can someone port this to ruha?
  4. I thought that reply was VCOM 3 :(
  5. i use it exclusively for workshop scenarios and they work great with vanilla missions
  6. no it works with all factions
  7. Coul

    [CTI-COOP] Dissension

    Can you buy vehicles at captured towns? It seems kinda unbalanced if you can only purchase vehicles at base especially if you get ambushed like 5 km away from base even forcing players to build structures or a fob style vehicle depot would be better
  8. Coul

    [CTI-COOP] Dissension

    i was gonna report this a week ago but i got too lazy, it seems like spawning stops after a few hours on takistan and chernarus is where i tested using rhs mods and cup terrains, towns dont get populated when you go near the circles and we end up just sitting there i've also noticed when you're fighting a pmc commander you dont get rewards for killing the opfor militia sent after you
  9. arma updated today did that ruin your plans?
  10. for the next mod version or next version of vcom ai is it possible to change the config to an sqf or something so we don't have to enable filepatching? EDIT: that script version is amazing the optimizations are really noticable can't wait for the mod version :D
  11. august 26th now any updates?
  12. Coul

    [CTI-COOP] Dissension

    This is probably my new favourite mission, I would like to say though theres a long delay in spawning for towns and many times me and my friends were able to walk in on foot without any resistance and then we would only reach the center of the town before the units would start spawning. Is there any way to influence the commanders decisions? Also for the defuse bomb mission you can try to defuse the bomb as many times as you want and it won't go off even though it says its armed my friend managed to brute force defuse it by cutting wires til it told him he did it right