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    squad.xml only working on some servers

    Richie... don't be condescending, and that isn't even remotely the same issue that I have. Please read the OP as i have stated that my issue is NOT the picture, rather it is the issue that mine works on some other servers, but WILL NOT work on servers we host. PS i have found this thread and many others dating back to 2007 on xml issues, but none of these have a reference to the xml working intermittently.
  2. nstalker

    squad.xml only working on some servers

    Bump? I really do not want this thread to die, seeing as i have not been able to figure out why this is happening.
  3. nstalker

    squad.xml only working on some servers

    Yes i did notice that, and changed it promptly, but the problem is that my xml works on some servers but not others.
  4. Agreed, however some public servers would rather not have to lock their servers down from pubbers. We find having a member on the server to watch what is going on and have an admin hop in when needed usually stops the negative acts quickly and lasts for a good amount of time. Sadly I wish none of this was necessarily but this is the world we must deal with.
  5. I am currently trying to set up a squad.xml and find it is working fine on some servers, but it will not load on ones my group hosts. I hope to get some help or insight as to why this is happening. Thank you in advance.