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  1. Hi all. Currently I'm finding the single player experience a little underwhelming due to some seemingly dire AI. All to often they refuse to take any significant cover or pop smoke or anything else that would indicate a desire to stay alive. How are you guys finding the AI currently? Does anybody have any tips (aside from going online) that can improve the AI behaviour? I looked but couldn't find any mods and the editor instructions for 'defend' and 'seek and destroy' don't seem to be tweakable. Any advice would be so welcome!
  2. harveysimpson

    Bcombat, Vcom, TPW, ASR, where are you?

    It all looks very in depth. Hopefully this depth can tempt some of the AI creators I've mentioned to get stuck in.
  3. harveysimpson

    Bcombat, Vcom, TPW, ASR, where are you?

    "a non-trivial undertaking" I suspect is an understatement. I just hope you know how excited people will be to implement your mod into their own experimenting.
  4. Arma has been a fascination for me since day 1. What the above AI modders managed to achieve only served to sling fuel on the fire of my passion for this series. I desperately hope to see the above AI mods or AI mods that can achieve similar results reach ARMA Reforger. I wonder if they would need to be re-written from scratch, adapted or just ported over?
  5. harveysimpson

    NR6 PACK - HAL Artificial Leader Evolved

    Hi there, I think I have things set up correctly, but... Can anyone help with an error message along the lines of "for each (_HQ_getvariab... Error Zero divisor" that comes up in a black box... I'm not sure how to fix it ; any advice really appreciated!
  6. harveysimpson

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Can I ask: Can you use this mod in conjunction with any other AI mods? One of my favourites is bcombat - would I be able to run the two simultaneously?
  7. harveysimpson

    ASR AI for A3

    Would anybody mind posting the latest version of the ASR AI Mod for Arma 3? I would prefer not to install the PlaywithSix installer. I would love to try this mod... Thanks!
  8. Such a superb set of mods - thank you so much for creating. Please can someone tell me, if their experience, how does this set of mods interact with user-made (SP) scenarios? Do you guys leave this on nearly all the time?
  9. harveysimpson

    RH Pistol pack

    Would someone mind explaining how I implement this mod - use the actual pistols in game? Do they replace existing pistols? I have installed plenty of existing mods - while Installed correctly I cant see how to select any of these pistols in the editor. Any help please? Do I need to use custom scripts?! :(
  10. harveysimpson

    Very important issues

    Great point ; Are you listening people?????????????????????????????????
  11. harveysimpson

    Very important issues

    I could write a whole topic on this subject alone... You are spot on when you suggest that the brats who have recently found pc gaming are there own worst enemies. The 386'ers and 486'ers among us were definitely more discerning and thus the games produced were a million times better in their ambition alone - Falcon 3 being a wonderful example with its dynamic campaign system! That said, and in total contradiction to everything I've said above, Falcon 3 only allowed you to fly the 'Hi-Fidelity' model of its plane if you were a lucky 486 DX owner...maybe things havent changed after all! Anybody remember that?
  12. harveysimpson

    Very important issues

    This post was a spoof of so many posts I have read on here... People posting who have bee playing games on pc's for like 2 years - and really dont know how good they have got it... People want a game like this to contain sophisticated AI - the like of which will eat up your CPU for breakfast. When BI make a game with great AI that will eat your CPU for breakfast they moan that the game isn't configured well enough. Jesus wept! Why dont they just go play space invaiders - I'm sure there I7's will get about 1000FPS on that. It was not meant to be sarcastic re the game itself; That, I am most impressed with.
  13. harveysimpson

    Very important issues

    Hi All, I've been having an OK time with this game so far... Fair enough I do get a smooth as silk 50 FPS most of the time and ultra High settings with 5k vis etc etc. I find the enemy Ai is spectaculary realistic and fantastic fun to fight against. However.... Believe me, things are far from perfect in this game. The major problems started when after a very engaging, tactical firefight where I must say it was a joy to behold the enemy AI flanking my team in all there hi-res glory...anyway I digress... The problem was, as my teammates (AI) and I were speeding along this open country road all of a sudden there were some cows blocking the road! I pressed my horn down many times but the damm cows wouldn't move. So, after this shock I decided to spend my weekend conducting tests to measure cow response time, because when they refused to budge it totaly ruined the realism factor of my experience. On my first test I was 100 meters away from the cows - horn pressed once - no reaction. (It was windy so sound could travel non?) On my second test I was 50 meters away from the cows - horn pressed once - no reaction. On my first third test I was 10 meters away from the cows - horn pressed once - no reaction. (I'll post a graph as soon as I get a chance!) Dreadful realism I hear you cry! In conclusion, the only way to budge cows from the road is to mow them down. Thanks Bohemia - your shoddy programming and lack of attention to detail ruined my enjoyment of this game. I can only hope and pray they fix this glaring bug in the new patch as a priority!
  14. harveysimpson

    FPS isn't everything...

    Comment wasn't aimed at Kenjineering in particular - I just used his quote as a starting point. I've been playing the game for a couple of weeks now and I'm loving it - the FPS situation is ok - it's smooth enough unless I play Warfare which can get a bit jittery to say the least. My point is that some spoilt brats on here allow their enjoyment of the game to become diminished due to an obsession with FPS. In theory there are many many AI bots doing there thing out there- transport - urban battles - support etc etc etc - combine that with the effects - shoot a tree and leaves fall out - leaves blow when the wind picks up - dust gets kicked up while driving...and you expect all this to run smoothly....hmmmm. My suggestion is enjoy the experience if you can achieve around 30 fps and stop worrying about that extra 30 you could get. This game is a huge step forward in immersing the game player ; And all you guys do is whine... To all you demanding little school children who must have their 60 FPS or somebodies going to damm well know about it, I ask one question... Where were you when Wing Commander blew us all away? (In nappies I bet)