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    Dev´s vs Community

    the next bug report The timesafe on anikken cannot be opened when it is in the ship. The timer that is located on the inside of the ship's side cannot be operated.
  2. Pomm3styl3r_TV

    Dev´s vs Community

    The next try I played on Bordal Bridges with a buddy and got a CE, in the process I didn't get my crowns back because of apparently suspicious behavior. I don't care about the loot, I just would like to have my crowns back. here the link https://clips.twitch.tv/GoodFunLlamaCoolCat
  3. Pomm3styl3r_TV

    Dev´s vs Community

    Dear community and dev's, after a month of playing I finally have to give you my impressions. These impressions are only for the PS4, but apparently the problems are similar. Brodalen Bridges is an unplayable map, I get a CE every 2-3 games and meanwhile I get neither crowns nor loot again. How can it be that still no bugfix came? In general, how can this game produce so many CE and it sometimes even goes so far that my console crashes? It's just outrageous how this game treats the community. I have heard from many that their concerns to the dev team are simply ignored. I don't want to completely badmouth the game, it has a lot of potential. I just think that the wrong developers got this game. If it goes on like this this game will be the same failure as DayZ was before. What needs to change: 1. bugfix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to experience 1 day without CE 2. remove or patch Brodalen bridges 3. adjust the crown/boost balance 4. a real support for the community 5. latency matchmaking 6. report system for hackers/team killers/etc. 7. adjust Anniken loot (container and safe loot) 8. adjust daily mission ( 3 missions for 1h playtime, then 24h nothing more) 9. adjust daily mission loot, get the same stuff from firefight box in masses 10. forum for playstation discussion Dear Dev-Team please don't be money vultures and finally be there for your community.
  4. Pomm3styl3r_TV

    The Krowns :(

    Dear Vigor community, don't you agree that the cost of the boost is just way too expensive? Or the crown cost is too high. How can it be that the radio tower produces only 6.54 crowns per 24h on the highest level. If my radio tower was on the highest level, I would need 110 hours to buy 1 boost. Then there is the possibility to buy the coins, as an example here the bundle for 19,99 €, for this I get 935 Krowns. That means I pay for a boost 0.64 € and for the insurance 1.28 €. In my opinion, this has no great difference to the Fifa Lootbox mechanics. I would be happy about your view on the subject and hope that the developers there something to give in. MfG Pomme My suggestions: Adjust the funktower production time so you can buy 3 boosts a day or lower the cost of the boost. Take the blueprints out of the store since you are promoting your game with not pay to win. Get a handle on CE please, the longer I play the more I get. I probably have 4-10 CE every day on the PS4.
  5. Pomm3styl3r_TV

    Vigor Possible Improvements/Features

    Hey FrodoOfBagEnd, you and your buddy have some good ideas for team play. However, I don't think you should be able to drop craft items, that would destroy the economy. The weapons, ammo and consumables should be able to drop, as you said.
  6. Pomm3styl3r_TV

    Rifle scope or attachments?

    Hey, I think your idea is really good. Some weapons would certainly play better if you had a few sights. However, there should not be too many, so that it remains clear. I think it would be enough to stick with foregrips, red dot, ACOG, 8x sniper scope, silencer and flash hider, right? If these attachments were in the game and you could then craft them, I don't think it would be a big impact on the ,,balance,,.
  7. Pomm3styl3r_TV

    Add Some new items

    Hey, I personally don't think your idea is bad at all. I would also be happy about a ghilliesuit, flash grenades and hand grenades. But I'm a little confused as to what you need the Noobtube for.