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  1. HI all, been away from editing for a while but I'm trying to get back into it. What I want to do is change the number of missiles the player gets with the backpack Metis launcher in CUP. I know how to add and remove ammo for pre-placed turrets but I want to change amount of ammo for the launcher that a player can carry as a backpack. How can I go about this? I tested for ammo capacity or even any items in the backpack and it returns nothing. I'm assuming the backpack just adds the action to assemble/disassemble weapon which then spawns/despawns a turret. Knowing this, how can I get the turret itself to change the number of missiles? I tried getting it with the assemble weapon event handler, but that only seems to return the model name, not the in-game object itself. What am I missing here? Thanks for any help.
  2. I've started working on what I want to be a series of (mostly) unrelated co-op missions. My goal with this series is to provide fun scenarios that are accessible and easy to play without taking an entire day to get through. In order to achieve this, I'm designing the missions to do two things: The first is that I'm making the missions in a way that allows players to get right to it. That means no five minute long helicopter rides followed by 3km runs only to get hit and have to do it all over again. These are not scenarios where you get to play sandbox commander across the whole map with crazy custom scripted systems. While I do enjoy long, hardcore missions like that, sometimes they are more a burden than a blessing if you just want to get a game going with your buds. These are all straight-forward, good old co-ops. The second thing is that I am making these missions using only original BIS content. Unfortunately, players will still need to download two addons: CBA_3 and CJTF101 Editor which allow me to use some BIS objects that are not available in the editor by default. The CJTF101 Editor addon will not be a requirement for every mission, but it is a handy one to have regardless and honestly, who doesn't already have CBA_3? I'm also (usually) using objects and equipment that give a more current-day feel than the original, more futuristic ArmA 3 (thank god for those Apex weapons!). So far I have created two missions and have two more in progress. I do want to be straight-forward by saying that I don't have anyone to help me test my work. I have tested both released missions as thoroughly as I possibly can both in the editor and on a server and I think they will work just fine. That being said, I still have to consider them both at a beta level until some actual co-op groups can give feedback. The two missions that have been released are detailed below. I'd greatly appreciate it if some folks could let me know how they are so I can perfect them! I've been making scenarios since the original OFP but this is the first time I've ever released anything publicly. (And, yes, I know the scenario names and some of the dialog are kind of cheesy/cliche - deal with it. ) Operation Seaweed (COOP: 4) A small team of assault divers infiltrates a group of small islands to disable the AA threat and gather intel prior to the main invasion. Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=935458236 This mission DOES require the CJTF101 Editor addon which is not available on Steam as far as I can tell. Download the addon here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20821 Operation Sunlight (COOP: 6) A six man special forces team moves to rescue hostages, recover intel from a downed UAV, and disable the AA vehicle. Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=935470383 This mission DOES NOT require the CJTF101 Editor addon.
  3. I moved the objects from the community upgrade project to their correct location on my P: drive but for some reason many of them are missing some textures. The eastern European style house blocks, for example, appear fine from a distance but once I move the view closer and the LOD "pops" certain walls and whatnot go solid black. Other textures such as windows or graffiti will still appear as they should but some of the others just disappear. Some of the other houses are just fine. Ideas?
  4. SOLVED: I didn't think to load the template libraries from the old project before attempting to import the objects via exported .txt file. I got sloppy and disorganized across a bunch of folders and decided to start a fresh, consolidated project in terrain builder for my island and I successfully imported the old terrain, satmap, mask and all that. Everything is there, including the roads. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to export and import all the objects. I've tried exporting them but they just go into a "file" file and do not show up as a choice when I go to import them. Anyone know the trick for this one? The terrain is identical, I just need the objects copied over in their correct locations. Thanks for any help on this one!
  5. Thanks for that. It worked. Terrain builder still does not though. My icons and various properties menus go blank and the map locks up the moment I do ANYTHING. I really do appreciate the help but my experience with these tools is that they are not worth my time. I'd rather download starforce, origin, and a virus than install this shit again. Terrain builder is completely non functional. I kid you not, I have reinstalled this garbage more than 25 times. It worked once for about three days, so I know I set it up correctly, but not once since and even then it was brief. Thanks, but I'm done. This is a basically a rage thread.
  6. Yeah no kidding. :lol: I am using his tools and following every tutorial I can find. Buldozer just will not exist on my machine anymore. Tried again just now for the heck of it. Same thing. <_< I get the configurator and all but no .exe. I even did the workaround and it worked for a day, but not anymore.
  7. UPDATE: Forget it. I'm done. Terrain builder is doing its lock-up/vanishing icon act again/still. I've wasted way too much time fighting with these shitty tools. Disappearing icons, lock-ups, totally fubared installs, works for a few days then goes back the the previously mentioned issue. Thirty-five or so ours of work in (wasted) and I've lost interest in ever finishing my map. Thanks for your time. :( I'd like to start by apologizing for my attitude and language, but I am livid. I had everything running great for almost a whole four days! Then the problems I originally had with terrain builder inexplicably returned so I wiped it and reinstalled arma3 tools. But no matter what I do or how many times (6 so far for this particular problem) I reinstall the tools, buldozer will just not install. I'm following the same tutorial, step for step that I used the first two times I got it to work. I have the configurator and accompanying text file but no bulldozer.exe. This is getting absurd. I've spent more time fighting to get the tools working than I have actually making my map. When they work, I find the map building process to be quite easy but I have installed the tools 13 times total now. It's "worked" twice. The first time it terrain builder crashed like nobody's business so I can't really count that one anyways. Multiple install attempts later, I got it all working again (somehow). Then the glitch came back no more than a few days later and here I am, doing everything the same way and not getting anywhere. Do I just have really bad luck or are these tools really this shitty? So I guess what I'm trying to ask is... HOW THE HELL DO I GET BULDOZER TO INSTALL? The actual .exe I mean. This is just damn infuriating. I'm aware of and have moved the A3 .exe and all that and it runs but I'd rather not have to do all that crap when I have to reinstall every other day due to terrain builder crapping out. Pardon my crudeness but I'm really beginning to wonder if either I am an idiot or these tools/the install process are just that bad. Seeing as I've had it working just fine, if for only a short time, I'm thinking the latter.
  8. Hey guys, I placed a ton of rocks around my island and only just realized that "BluntRock_wallH" is flashing red in the object scale in bulldozer even though they are all default 1:1 scale in terrain builder. Is this OK or did I just waste 5 hours placing rocks? All the others seem fine and any time I scaled anything I made sure it was not red but didn't catch these until now since I never scaled them. It doesn't appear to go black until 75-70% default size. Thanks!
  9. Title says it all. Minimize bulldozer? Freeze. Place an object? Freeze. Go 45 seconds without doing anything? Freeze. The "freeze" is basically all of my icons up top disappearing and the program becoming non responsive. It is not "not responding" according to task manager but the only way to close it at this point is end task. I don't get any error messages or anything. Between ending TB through task manager and reloading, I have managed to place five whole objects in almost an hour now. Any ideas what might be causing this? I just spent many hours learning how to make terrains and have the actual land mass set up for my first one and I'd hate for my journey to be over early because of this. If you need any info from me, please let me know. Any help is very appreciated. I'm running windows 7 and everything is up to date as far as I know. I suppose I should also add that Bulldozer (shockingly) appears to be working without issue. The freeze does not seem to be related to BD at all. UPDATE: Total wipe and re-install seems to have fixed the issue. I'm now a few hundred rocks in without a single hiccup. UPDATE: It's doing it again now. Is this normal for Terrain Builder? Do I really have to wipe it and reinstall every couple days?