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  1. Changing parameters as mentioned results in the same error. I've redone the project by just re-importing the heightmap .PNG I'm working from (yes, I know TB doesn't like .PNG files, every other format gives its own problems for me) and it results, again, in the same error. This is after packing it up immediately following the import of heightmap, satmap, mask, and layer/terrain generation with zero objects placed, regardless of map property settings. So, I suppose something is either wrong with TerrainBuilder, or my heightmap at its core is giving the error. Looking into everything to try and find problem sources, I think I'll start with changes to my heightmap and go from there. Time's not exceptionally free though, and importing takes a while, so I'll have to fill back in on progress tomorrow or the next day. Cheers for everyone giving input however! Takes more than this to kill a bull moose.
  2. Good memories exist to be shared, to be smiled at. (RHS:AFRF,USAF)
  3. GirlieAllie

    Arma3 Videos

    I've made a few Arma videos, and I doubt I'll make too many more with life as it is. Still, it's been a year since the first one I ever put effort into, so here it is. There's a few more on the channel.
  4. I found a typo in your surfaces, at 'class CfgSurfaceCharacters'. You haven't closed all of your brackets. I fixed it by adding one more right-bracket-semicolon at the end of the file: class CfgSurfaceCharacters { class StratisForestPineClutter { probability[]={0.050000001,0.012,0.0099999998,0.1,0.050000001}; names[]= { "StrBigFallenBranches_pine", "StrBigFallenBranches_pine02", "StrBigFallenBranches_pine03", "StrGrassDryGroup", "StrGrassGreenGroup" }; }; }; It's the little things that kill you! Clutter seems fine to me. Fix that bracket and try again.
  5. The mapSize was already correct, and the mapZone and Area were left untouched from Altis, as it is here. Interestingly, creating another project with the same files, just importing the .wrp from the first, causes the same exact error - except that packing it now makes the 'binarize' portion of the tool take roughly two hours, and crashes Steam in the process before finishing. Apparently another person encountered that same problem, and found the issue was with a certain point on their terrain. Perhaps the heightfield is somehow corrupted...? Oh, and to those interested in the fault message that pops up when the game crashes, it's this. 0x0000dead, indeed...
  6. Northing/Easting doesn't have an effect. The yen symbol is just how the computer renders the backslash, for whatever reason, those are fine.
  7. Howdy. To start off, after exporting my terrain, when loading it in Arma 3 this error comes up: "Too many objects in grid rectangle 511,511." I know this refers to my landgrid, which is 512. Problem is, if I'm correct, I don't have objects in landgrid 511,511. The issue also persists after removing every single object from the terrain and exporting (for reference, I only have 784 objects in my terrain at this point.) Even more confusing, the terrain loads up just fine in buldozer - which is just a barebones engine that handles objects the same way, right? No objects are outside the map. I figured that out by exporting their x.y, sorting those, then looking for outliers. I've noticed that in other help topics, people with similar problems have exactly the same error, but the coordinates are different and also seem to correspond to their landgrid in the same way. My landgrid is 512, my error is 511,511; their landgrid is 64, their error is 63,63; etc. In fact, in the one help topic where it was a legitimate over-placement of objects, their buldozer couldn't handle it either and the error was a more reasonable 13,8; where the author confirmed to have done a shapefill. The only one of those similar-to-mine problems with a solution had it be "in the config that was not correct placed", so perhaps it's a config issue? I believe mine is set up correctly, but I'll throw it up if anyone thinks it may be the key; it's just an edit of the Altis one until I'm further along with the island. Do we know anything about this error?
  8. GirlieAllie

    A few questions

    While I'm not sure how the campaigns do it, a way to 'script' a certain flight path can be done using the unitCapture and unitPlay commands. This video has an example tutorial of it, made back in 2014 but afaik it can still be followed. Think of it as recording your Airwolf moves and then playing them back through the AI like your hot piloting mixtape.
  9. GirlieAllie

    What Makes a Good Arma Campaign?

    Since there's talk about giving the player training missions and helpful tips, remember that The East Wind had many missions where a certain strategy/tactic was crucial yet never was a focus of another mission (unless you elected it to be, of course.) Given the nature of the campaign, you don't have any opportunity to hone your skills beforehand, showcases aside. But you almost always had a helpful voice in your ear - an 'advice' support could usually be activated letting someone give you tips or outright instructions. These were also often used to reinforce the cause/effect of the player's current objective, or broaden their view of the situation. For example, in (Supply Network, I think?) Kerry has to take command for the first time and also ambush a CSAT convoy. While there are onscreen hints for commanding your squad iirc, if you activate the Supports hint you get Miller giving you a rundown on convoy ambush: keep everyone hidden, hold fire until an opportune moment, do it fast and run like hell afterwards due to reinforcements. In later missions, you're told how to sneak past enemies, ambush a helicopter landing, prioritize targets... while these are all not 'new' mechanics in the scope of Arma 3, The East Wind lets you learn them through a conveniently optional conversation that also gave opportunities to build character and awareness. I'm a big fan of such an approach, and while you'll inevitably need some hint popup if you want to teach a keyboard combination, there's always the option to let players decide if they want some advice on the current situation. Veterans (or those who die a lot) can skip them, newbies or the unsure can learn from them, and almost everyone will hit play just to hear what their allies have to say. If I can take that road while designing a mission, I will. (And since it was brought up recently, the ability to play from multiple sides of a conflict is something I really appreciate but don't see a lot!)
  10. I read through this thread and I feel like I oughta make a few comments I don't see anyone else talking about. I also vomit words and can't write succinctly so I'll hide my garbage under a spoiler tag for you. Anyway, now that I've ruined my reputation by being a BIG NERD I can have a nice nap.
  11. GirlieAllie

    Buldozer - No Terrain Textures

    First off: Success! I implemented the change RoF mentioned and replaced my standard tags with custom ones. After finding that typo (gotta close those brackets) I recompiled the layers and the texture, satmap appeared. Not sure which of the two things were causing the error (though both were important ones to fix) as I just changed them together, but the issue is resolved nonetheless. I'll be writing this one down. The bug occurred after exporting all of the layers and letting TB/Buldozer do the necessary conversions. Thanks for pointing my error out though. Thank you for this tip. I was actually using the standard tags out of a paranoia that giving them custom ones would interfere, not the other way around. I'll be doing this from now on. More thanks for the patience and help, sorry for the bother of my misunderstanding.
  12. GirlieAllie

    Buldozer - No Terrain Textures

    A note about this: In the original project I set the UTM offset to the proper zone and changed the northings/eastings accordingly. On a second rebuild of the project I went the 200000,0 route and ran into the same problem. The heightmap, satmap, and mask are all aligned in both instances.
  13. GirlieAllie

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Hi. I'm Allie, and I like to tell myself that I can make things with the Arma series before reality crushes me into a drunken heap. In the meanwhile; I climbed onboard with Opera- uh, Arma:CWA, and enjoyed fancying myself as a terrified bullet-magnet enough that I haven't looked back. Maybe one day I'll make something memorable, but until then the BIstudio forums have given me plenty of solutions and questions that have driven me forward, and I hope for more. Good luck, have fun, and don't die!
  14. Hi y'all. Searched around and while others have had similar problems I haven't been able to find any help that might apply to me. Problem: Buldozer shows a 'blank' terrain, with a uniform white texture rather than the satmap or the close-up materials, after exporting layers and building terrain without errors. Like so. Here is a copy of my project folder. You can find the images in there, along with other files, and below are my layers and my .h files for ease-of-access: cfgclutter.h: cfgSurfaces.h: layers.cfg: Here's one of my three .rvmat files. The only changes I've made from the defaults is to reroute to the specific materials, and they're identical across the .rvmats (in terms of syntax): For reference, I've mainly followed the CPTNCAPS tutorial. Rebuilding my P: drive, Buldozer, etc. has not alleviated the problem, and my Buldozer config is default. I've redone the entire project from scratch up until this point and resulted in same problem. Can't find any immediately obvious errors, but I'm a newbie. I'd appreciate any help. (Also, I've run into another 'cannot find file P:/' error when trying to rebuild my layers, so if anyone can see any typos that I can't find, would help as well!)