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    Buldozer fix

    I think yes, i've done this 3 times so far, so i think it's everything is good good, i've done the same on the other computer and there it worked, here it isn't so i guess it's just a bad luck, but i can fix it very quicly.
  2. DesantBucie

    Buldozer fix

    I mean, they want you to put this into Buldozer Configuration at Arma Tools, not in Obj. Buil. or Terr. Buil. If I'm wrong then sorry i will delete this post.
  3. DesantBucie

    Buldozer fix

    I need to do this every time, and it's not from PMC ,because in PMC you got: P\buldozer.exe... and i work with: yourdisk:\yoursteamfolder\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe... in parameters. I just wrote it because all other didn't help (including PMC), and i got P drive set by arma3p too. EDIT arma_x64.exe doesn't work too at my computer.
  4. Hi, There are many people having problem with buldozer, so if you still cannot open it I will show you how i made it, so maby it will work fine. Before we start, unfortunately you need to do this AT EVERY COMPUTER STARUP, RESTART ETC. Pssst if you can't move in buldozer just wait. 1.Open Arma Tools, go to Preferences and choose Buldozer Configurator. 2.Now DO NOT change anything just leave everything as it is and press APPLY CONFIGURATION and OK. 3. Open Object Builder or Terrain Builder (depends what are you going to use if both you need to open both). 4.1. In Object Builder go to File->Options and click on External Viewer and enter value: yourdisk:\yoursteamfolder\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe -buldozer -name=Buldozer -window -noLand -exThreads=0 -noLogs -noAsserts -cfg=buldozer.cfg 4.2 In Terrain Builder go to Tools->Preferences, in "exe file path" enter: yourdisk:\yoursteamfolder\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe and in "Launch Parameters" enter :-buldozer -name=Buldozer -window -exThreads=0 -disableSteam -noAsserts -cfg=p:\buldozer.cfg -showScriptErrors 5. Now everything should work fine to the next computer restart. Remember you need to do this everytime you restart it!!! I hope it'll help you. All the best, DesantBucie