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    After all these years since we’ve made this map, I’m currently in Kastellorizo… It is quite the experience to know most of the things of this island, knowing where you are just by looking at the surroundings, having actually never been here before. I guess this is one of the perks of terrain making I never thought of. It’s quite surreal 😄 Has anyone experienced this before? @kastellorizo if you’re around maybe ping me 🙂
  2. Sorry I have taken a pause modding Arma a while ago. I would recommend trying out the default mission and seeing if it works. Also, ACE is optional.
  3. Hello @kastellorizo, sorry to hear that you deem that the areas we reproduced do not look at all as your island. We've spent several hours (days?) immersing ourselves in all the videos, photos and tourist maps that we have been able to find online, and reproducing as much as we could. We’ve tried to keep the island spirit intact, however you have to understand that all terrain builders have to deal with the models in Arma 2 & 3 that are available to us, or build our own. At a given time, we also tried painting homes which became a very difficult task due to legal restrictions that we did not want to break (see video). Anyway, we don't plan to do any changes to this map. If you end up building your own Kastellorizo I would recommend doing the larger zone and include pieces of Turkey. @JohnKalo we have many internal ones, I saw a couple of ones published on the Steam workshop. All the best, _SCAR.
  4. I mean the possibility of saving your work and continuing at a later stage.
  5. A good start would be you abusing the README. :) This is probably your case. Best, r.
  6. Hello, As per the README if you export in position absolute you also need to import in position absolute in Terrain Builder, otherwise your objects will be flying in the air and you might have not realized that (which is probably why you say that nothing is added). The other one is a bug which has already been solved and just pushed (v0.13.0), just restart steam / arma to ensure that you get it or wait for @foxhound to kindly update the armaholic mirror too (he's usually fast in doing so). :) Thank you for reporting it. Best, _SCAR.
  7. UCM v0.16.0 released, with better JIP compatibility.
  8. v0.12.0. released. E2TB now allows to set custom objects to be exported as slopeModels.
  9. E2TB v 0.11.0 has just been released. This one adds the option to export the objects with absolute positioning, with an extra attention to the bounding box of the object itself. A huge thank you to @ianbanks for the absolute code positioning / TB matrices computations, and for allowing me to include his work in E2TB.
  10. _SCAR

    Predator Mod

    I imagine not, but worth asking: are there any plans to port this to A3?
  11. That's why there's a E2TB module that you can put in EDEN. This adds a self-action to export while in map. All is in README.
  12. 0.15.0 Has been released. Improves MP and JIP compatibility.
  13. Found it. I was referencing a default.rvmat by mistake.
  14. Hi all, When binarizing and packing mymod I get a: 11:42:06: Warning: mymod\mymodel.p3d:3 Stage 1 has no texture to retrieve format from (while generating ST coordinates) Anyone know where I should be looking to fix this?
  15. 0.14.0 has just been released. It fixes some bugs related to workers teleportation, actions availability and animations.