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  1. SpaceFrontier

    Polygon tool fill option "preset name"

    THANKYOU MAN! OK so this is the correct answer, but it's not quite this simple. This works perfectly in ARMA 3's tools. It does not in DayZ's tools, BUT there's a fix you can find online, I won't link it because it's an entire build of Terrain Processor that's "fixed" and reuploaded in its entirety. You can find it on a video about getting the Terrain Processor roads working in TB. Again it sounds like DayZ's tools are simply just a bit broken but workarounds do exist.
  2. SpaceFrontier

    Polygon tool fill option "preset name"

    Hey thankyou man that helps a lot, yeah I saw the road tool it's a bit odd but I find it OK to work with, just takes a bit longer with a bit of setup required (although I agree it's far from perfect lol). I've had a look at Terrain Processor but can't seem to figure out how to make templates for the polygon tool, do you have any resources or tips that I can use? I don't mind if it's ARMA 3 related as I'm sure it can be 99% translated over. Or since this is the only thing I want to do within Terrain Processor, is it just a simple few steps to get it working? I'm not too bothered about Terrain Processor's roads or anything I just want to use this one feature it has but can't figure it out. Thanks!
  3. SpaceFrontier

    Polygon tool fill option "preset name"

    Thanks guys, this sucks but atleast I know now. Any idea if there's a Terrain Processor alternative (or even if it's compatible?) for DayZ Tools? I'm already half tempted to start mapping using ARMA 3 tools and then port the finished map to DayZ due to how poor the DayZ support is.
  4. Hey all, I have what I assume is a pretty newbie question but no one I ask seems to know the answer and I wasn't able to find any info online: When I create a polygon to fill it with various trees, bushes, etc I'm forced to give it a unique preset name but I'm unable to find where I can reuse this preset rather than manually adding all the bushes/trees I want and tweaking the density every single time I make a new polygon fill. This is especially annoying with complex fills that include many different objects. Am I doing this the wrong way? If I do create a "preset" how can I then reuse that?