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  1. So i have a scenario that requires the CUP Units addon but i wanted to remove everything related to that mod so i can simplify the scenario, i went and remove everything related to CUP Units but when i unload the mod and open the scenario again the error CUP_Creatures_Military_USMC appears anyone know what is this? you can see what i'm talking about in this screenshot here: https://imgur.com/gallery/PaTsdMB
  2. Robert_Andrei_34

    Activate spawner module with trigger

    ok lets say i put the horde size to 30, then 30 zombies spawn, how can i make another spawner to activate ONLY when there are no more zombies from the 1st spawner or make infinite zombies spawn???
  3. Robert_Andrei_34

    Activate spawner module with trigger

    well i just tested it and it works if i need help can i contact you again? 😄 also can you tell me what all the numbers for? like what is every number for?
  4. So i am making an arma 3 scenario and the players goes to talk with an ai (i am using triggers for talking) and i want after the last trigger for talking to ACTIVATE the Ravage module "Zombie Horde Placement". Can anyone help me? I tried multiple things, and syncing the module with the trigger doesn't do anything, if the trigger isn't activated zombies still spawn