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  1. Changing firerates, no mod needed: this addEventHandler ["Fired",{ params ["_unit", "", "_muzzle", "", "", "", "", "_gunner"]; _unit setWeaponReloadingTime [_gunner,_muzzle,0.1]; }] ;
  2. pierremgi

    Mod visibility in Zeus

    Not tested. Try addCuratorEditableObjects See also: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Curator
  3. pierremgi

    Making mission - need assistance!

    I gave you a mean for true convoy. Yours is just 3 groups with more or less coordination. (you can link waypoints to each other in order to synchronize the moves). Keep in mind that a safe behavior is automatically switched to aware then combat under enemy contact. (see what I wrote for driver) Difficult to understand your scenario, especially the relation between convoy and players. 1 - how many player? SP or MP? 2 - the "get in nearest"? what for? 3 - for general's trigger just place a trigger with the condition such as: {alive _x} count [gen1,gen2] == 0 // if you named them gen1 & gen2 4 - after that, you can spawn an helo somewhere (if not already existing) and make it rally the player... but you can also addAction for calling it. See the link given by JohnKalo
  4. pierremgi


    No, nothing hurt. The gain in performance is not significant. Question of preference.
  5. pierremgi

    Making mission - need assistance!

    Convoy: No. You can't override the presence (false/true or %) you set in the editor. Nor with a trigger, neither a script in scenario. You probably did something else you didn't remember. Convoy: A convoy is usually OK until it falls into combat. At this stage, they are many possibilities according to vehicle ability to move, infantry embarked group(s) disembarking... The setting of a convoy should be: - link vehicle to leader vehicle, one by one in good order; - group set to staggered column (mandatory), speed limited, behaviour SAFE (if you want gunners to react). + - in init field of all vehicles: if isServer then {driver this disableAI "autoCombat"; this setConvoySeparation 30}; // 30 is an example Make sure you apply all this stuff at the right place (it's easy to make a mistake and apply that to embarked group!, if any) If an infantry group is just "embarked" (no waypoint), it finally disembark in combat but will never re-embark. That's for land vehicles. Helicopters are harder to manage.
  6. Difficult to understand what "this mission" is, but you are in multiplayer session, if I'm right. So, all you wrote in init field of any object/unit will run again when another player joins. You must write: if isServer then {...} to run on server only. I assume it's loadout question. And... learn for MP scripting.
  7. pierremgi


    Really? That's the case for ages! It's a limitation of the editor. this setVariable ["you_catchphrase", "Eat my shorts, man!"]; 0 = this spawn { private _sayThis = _this getVariable "you_catchphrase"; _this sideChat _sayThis; }; btw, no need to [ ] a single parameter for spawn.
  8. pierremgi


    I have a remaining issue. If I connect to an OFFICIAL server (US) as 1st player, I'm invulnerable, at least for AIs. In fact, I can hurt my player throwing my own grenade (so locally) But striders and other AI vehicles or infantry doesn't make any damage. Is there any possibility to play on server as 1st player? I'm waiting other people, but they often fail to connect...
  9. I guess a compatibility with successive versions of Arma to say the least. It seems to be OK setting a fuel quantity (in gallons for best cases) and a consumption based on RPM and power (not too dumb). After that, the models are more or less accurate or even detailed ( You can open the Hunter's doors, good luck for Hunter GMG or HMG).
  10. Why do you want to try _this#0. You are not in a scope whare _this is the outer params. You are inside a specific scope with 3 specific local variables. You just have to apply what is written.
  11. BIKI is clear enough. addAction allows 3 parameters in condition field : _this _target and _originalTarget If you apply the addAction on _chair, you just have to check: "!(_target getvariable ['ocupied',false])"
  12. pierremgi

    Virtual Arsenal is not working

    It seems this error is persistent. Tested : 0 = ["AmmoboxInit", [this, true]] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal; (on object) The arsenal opens and works but throws an error: (BIS_fnc_baseWeapon) class "%ALL" not found in cfgWeapons. Any fix for that (devs)?
  13. pierremgi


    Yep. Ok. Understandable. Something with profile, not mods.
  14. pierremgi


    I didn't find anything about that, but some official servers like: [OFFICIAL] Arma 3 Warlords by Bohemia Interactive (US)#01w battlEye required, no file patching allowed... let some players play with: user modified data files. Seen when they log in. On the other hand I'm kicked trying to play only with JSRS sound mod... So, no mods are allowed, right? is there an exception? Why? what list?
  15. pierremgi

    Problem PLAYER 1

    DON'T DO THAT. When enabled, you can whitelist all apps you want. I did that for Steam, battleye, arma launcher and arma (+...)