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  1. pierremgi

    Help deleting object mid-mission

    clearItemCargoGlobal _this; clearWeaponCargoGlobal _this; clearMagazineCargoGlobal _this; clearBackpackCargoGlobal _this;
  2. The probable easiest way is to "hack" the projectile when created. In init field of the demining drone: this addEventHandler ["Fired", { params ["", "", "", "", "", "", "_projectile"]; createVehicle ["Bo_Mk82",getpos _projectile,[],0,"can_collide"]; deleteVehicle _projectile; }];
  3. pierremgi


    Difficult to say. This script was update in an addon (MGI modules), and I'm focused on several asked improvements for the modules. If I'm right, the script is working in vanilla and you can so a simple test on it, SP then MP (that shouldn't change anything). Then, try your loadout, then your other mods (avoid double runs with my script + my module). I can't do that for you.
  4. Perhaps someone playing this mod could help...
  5. OK. Are you making a scenario for single player? (multiplayer is more difficult). On which map? which mod(s)/DLC(s)? Doors are open by default, so how dod you make them (all?) closed? Do you want to close all doors of all buildings, first? Or do you want to close one specific house? Edited or native on map?...
  6. Hello @Kosiposha1551. Welcome on forum. Yes, there are some topics about that. If you didn't find what you want, you should precise what you want to do exactly.
  7. It's intended in fact. Same in vanilla Arma if i'm right. Anyway, more realistic, if any realism here. And I prefer not adding extra code saving the behaviour of revived units.
  8. pierremgi

    merge missions scripts

    Hello @game cardoso. Welcome on forum. First of all, you must read some basic rules about this forum: - Do not necro old posts; - Do not hack any topic for unrelated question; - Do not double post! - use English language only (deactivate auto-translation); - avoid copying / pasting codes for nuts. For your future searches, use key word's) in upper right search field (near notice bell). You have also useful links, usually pinned at the start of the pages and one I recommend is : Now, for your goal, I'm not sure what you need exactly, you have solutions like: - merging two scenarios (you created) in 3den by clicking on scenario menu (the first one) then merge. Mind for exact same mods and map. - you can create a campaign. See tutos like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIvLIg6gQB0 Have fun with Arma
  9. crew Supply_Heli_1 + Supply_Heli_1 is a forbidden sum of an array + an object. Write crew supply_Heli_1 + [supply_Heli_1] instead. (just as side note) you can also simply: deleteVehicleCrew supply_Heli_1; deleteVehicle supply_Heli_1; since v2.06
  10. As rule of thumb, everything you can set at start (on each PC), without necessary sync, is far better for performance. Simple objects, hidden objects..., final textures... can be set locally (see 3den, you have this choice). On the other hand, when things must occur during game, you need, most od the time, to use a global command, so a sync (example: hide/unhide object alongside (a) player's progress). Avoid massive sync.
  11. yep! As @avibird 1 said, you can select the road segments you want to clear. See this post. getRoadInfo is fine for that. You don't need to hideObjectGlobal. Run the code locally everywhere (at start on each PC). This will stay local, with no global command leading to desync, and no matter because every PC will have the same permanent result. Use hideObject as I showed.
  12. "_gain" here is declared as local variable, not a parameter. That's what a learned from BIKI and forum, a long time ago. You can add extra local variables in params AFTER all passed params if I'm right. Extract: "It is a good practice to make your local variables private (through private or params) in order to avoid overwriting a local variable of the same name" Why I coded like that? because, if I'm right: params ["_jammer","_gain"]; , when the only passed parameter is _jammer, is same as : params ["_jammer"]; private "_gain"; Now, til further advice, it's (probably?) better to declare a local variable (_gain here) outside of the while do loop , (in same scope, for sure). I mean, I always thought it's not a good idea declaring local variables again and again in loops. Perhaps I'm wrong.
  13. Did you set your variable as public ( building setVariable ["aVariable",someData,TRUE] )? Have you the same version of the map?
  14. YourFunctionName = { params ["_jammer","_gain"]; _jammerArea = [getpos _jammer,200,200,0,false,200]; while {alive _jammer} do { { _gain = if (_x inArea _jammerArea) then [{0},{1}]; _x setVariable ["tf_receivingDistanceMultiplicator", _gain]; _x setVariable ["tf_sendingDistanceMultiplicator", _gain]; } foreach allPlayers; sleep 5; }; { _x setVariable ["tf_receivingDistanceMultiplicator", 1]; _x setVariable ["tf_sendingDistanceMultiplicator", 1]; } foreach allPlayers; }; Not tested
  15. pierremgi

    dotarget a gamelogic?

    Thank you for your share.