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  1. Imho, you have to rework the code. Mind for the trap to define badly onEachFrame for each units (condition true), instead of writing a global MEH eachFrame. See the first note here. It's important! So, in few words, Your MEH eachFrame should do the job, your loop included! and you just have to define (or pass variables by global ones or set/getVariable on units) as conditions.
  2. Did you define _mahfriend before your first condition? If not, start with something like: private _mahfriend = TRUE;
  3. pierremgi

    Enhanced Movement

    I hope @bad benson will do something for the link on Steam. As subscriber, that's the first page you read.
  4. What for? More cheat codes on servers?
  5. The code works for me. Did you write the same array (with helos only) in the vehicles types (here are the helos you spawn)? Did you place your virtual module not too close from player? _this spawn MGI_fnc_dropVeh; // must be in the vehicle init , not the crate one! The function itself can be anywhere but run by players (so in init.sqf, or in any init field of an edited object, or even in a trigger set to true as condition). Just for info, this code is now embedded into MGI advanced modules. You just have to link some vehicles + crates to my module (this one is linked to the virtual module). In this module, if the number of vehicles is equal to the number of crates, they are coupled. If not, payload is randomized.
  6. pierremgi

    Enhanced Movement

    Thanks... but no need to yell.
  7. pierremgi

    Enhanced Movement

    Setting menu lost... and video link broken.
  8. You're right the LOD fire ifire, view, geom work on map but not out of map (black surface in editor). I checked with checkVisibility from eyePos player (on deck) to the sea level right below... 0 when carrier is on map, 1 out of map... EDITED: and cursorObject returns the hull part when on map, objNull out of map.
  9. Use the lineIntersectsObjs example 1
  10. In my addons, I remoteExec playMoveNow on the PC which own the unit and I remoteExec everywhere the switchMove "" which breaks the current move if needed.
  11. @gc8 Your code is returning 23 m which is the height of the main deck above the sea.
  12. No, you don't need any mod. It's simple as 3den > attributes menu > multiplayer > respawn section. The only missing thing you have to add in description.ext is respawnOnStart which is weirdly set to 1 by default. For all other features, just choose what you need here.
  13. Frankly, I never used the isGlobal = 2... Just 0 for server modules , 1 for players (they are all running the mission.sqm so the module, right?, even when JIP). Tested several times with JIP on dedi server... So, I don't understand in what case I'd use the isGlobal = 2 rather than 1. That remains a mystery for me.
  14. instead of: BRG_fnc_TelePort = {if (!_shift and _alt) then {(call compile BRG_TPObj) setpos _pos}}; BRG_TPOn = {if (!BRG_TPStatus) then {BRG_TPStatus = true; ["BRG_TP", "onMapSingleClick", BRG_fnc_TelePort, 0] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler;}; try: BRG_fnc_TelePort = {_pos = _this; if (!_shift and _alt) then {(call compile BRG_TPObj) setpos _pos}}; BRG_TPOn = {if (!BRG_TPStatus) then {BRG_TPStatus = true; ["BRG_TP", "onMapSingleClick", _pos call BRG_fnc_TelePort, 0] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler;};