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  1. Full Screen Mission Loading Screen This mod makes the mission loading screens full screen. The map won't be displayed anymore. I've always felt a piece of ArmA 2 that went missing...Full screen mission loading screens were good, because they allow for missions to display the rules, guides or set the mood with an epic image! Here you go, grab the full screen mission loading screen mod and set the mood! If something breaks, leave an angry comment! :) CAUTION: Try not to inflate your missions too much with HD images ;) Download: Google Drive Steam Mega Under the hood: Grabs image from https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Description.ext#loadScreen https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Description.ext#overviewPicture Map (might be out of scale) If loadScreen does not exists, uses overviewPicture If neither exist, defaults to map! Thanks to arma 3 discord community! LICENSE: APL-SA You may do whatever APL-SA allows. You may re-upload this mod or parts derived of it anywhere. You do not have to give me credit (just have fun!)
  2. computer

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    If the gun is too loud you can just go to the options and under audio options, drag the effects slider towards the left. The more left it is, the less sound the guns will make.
  3. computer

    Server FPS limit testing

    Btw this won't increase server fps if your server is having trouble and running < 45 fps. This is for smaller games, where server FPS is very high and there could be gains from increased tickrates perhaps... Has anyone tried this in multiplayer and tested delay between 2 clients or sth like that.
  4. Look at this mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=753946944 This mod solves the problem by using a magazine as an item(matchbox), every use of the item uses 1 bullet (via scripting). Hope this helps
  5. This is very good. I'd love this to be in vanilla, with just hold ctrl or alt and scroll the mouse wheel.
  6. U can probably script this too. I made this a while ago. Feel free to use the source code. Hope this helps.
  7. computer

    Arma3 Videos

  8. computer

    ACE Medical, how much CPR's

    https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/blob/master/addons/medical/functions/fnc_treatmentAdvanced_CPRLocal.sqf#L25 In revive state, CPR adds up to 20 seconds to the revive time. https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/blob/master/addons/medical/ACE_Medical_Treatments.hpp#L124 Treatment time is 15 seconds for CPR. All this means is that you need to constantly CPR the patient to keep him alive when someone else treats him.
  9. computer

    Arma3 Videos

  10. Thanks for at least trying. I for one appreciate all the effort you and everyone else put into it. I hope you find something to make you busy and happy! Just do what makes you happy. Good luck to you, and stay strong!
  11. computer

    Arma3 Videos

  12. This script requires ACE3. This script uses an APEX DLC vehicle. Demonstration: https://streamable.com/nodw1 Version 1 links: PasteBin MixTape HasteBin Usage: copy-paste the script into init.sqf or debug console. Ace interact with a friendly unit and ride him. Ace self interact to get off. Notes: This is just a simple script with no customization. Feel free to use this for inspiration, modify it at your own leisure. Credits: Tennessee Timmy - script nigel - ideas / assistance computer - assistance / QA
  13. Checking if all the units are in a new cell is quite costly. I just thought of an alternative method. Update the position of the units as setVariable on the server every ~10 seconds. I doubt the unit would travel too close within that time. You can also reduce the network traffic by checking if the unit has moved more than 50 meters for ex.
  14. I've gone through a similar thing. I ended up setting up a server loop and then sending an array of units to be uncached from the server to the client
  15. Great stuff. Been looking for functionality like this.
  16. I've been just using this to add to all units(run on all clients on init) ["CAManBase", "initPost", {_this call score_fnc_unitInit},true,[],true] call CBA_fnc_addClassEventHandler;
  17. computer

    Forced Ragdoll

    Killzone kid had something liek that http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-forced-ragdoll/ _rag = "Land_Can_V3_F" createVehicleLocal [0,0,0]; _rag setMass 1e10; _rag attachTo [_target, [0,0,0], "Spine3"]; _rag setVelocity [0,0,6]; _target allowDamage false; _target setVelocityModelSpace [0,-2,2]; detach _rag; 0 = [_rag,_target] spawn { sleep 0.1; params ['_rag','_target']; deleteVehicle _rag; _target allowDamage true; }; I edited KK code a bit and it works with ai too.
  18. Are you using 3den enhanced ?
  19. computer

    dslyecxi aircraft navigation mod

    https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/drawLine Most likely using this command
  20. computer

    Dynamic Frontline PvP mod

    The idea is amazing. Keep up the good work. I love the dynamic of the gamemode, but I hope to see good old fashioned cache hunt from pr/tacbf. I've always loved playing the underdogs and stuff. But this is a very nice twist on conventional warfare.
  21. computer

    Shack Tac's "The Game"

    What happens if you just kill a random person? Can you just kill cops? Do you have to be the one killing your target or is it ok if he just dies? Do you have to survive for a certain time or be the last man alive?
  22. computer

    Dynamic Simulation Feedback

    Really? How big area? I've yet to experience stuttering with a few hundred units, but low fps. maybe it's just something that runs in unscheduled, so it will take noticeable time to check 600-700 objects... I thought the grid system would work good for that, that sucks. Can you elaborate on your situation? How many players ? how big area ? How many objects ? Any extra things running? (ace,cba, cup?)
  23. computer

    ASR AI 3

    Having trouble finding out the variables. Do CBA settings allow disabling most scripted features? I have some special ai behaviour for some special missions, don't want anything unexpected. The config edits should not break anything, worried about scripts!
  24. computer

    ASR AI 3

    Can ASR ai be disabled with a command for per mission basis at all?
  25. computer

    Arma3 Videos