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  1. Regarding waypoints - we known about that issue but weren't able to fix it properly before launch. :( It is already fixed in our internal version and should appear in editor soonTM. Sorry for the inconvience.
  2. Yes, if you want to use different parachutes in different transport vehicles, you have to configure it separately for each vehicle. Also, as stated in documentation, same parameter used in transported vehicle class will override value in transport vehicle, so you should be able, for example, to drop tanks on two parachutes (you will need special model for this) and other vehicles on normal parachute. Yeah, there are these two: vehicleTransporting 0 when the vehicle is not transporting any vehicle, 1 when it is. vehicleTransported 0 when the vehicle is not being transported, 1 when the vehicle is being transported in another vehicle. Possible to reproduce with Arma 3 vehicles? I'm afraid we don't have capacities to solve all issues related to community content. :(
  3. Same command should be used, this way: objnull setVehicleCargo cargo vehicle - will unload specific loaded vehicle transporting vehicle setVehicleCargo objnul - unload all vehicles
  4. These commands should be already in dev branch: canVehicleCargo enableVehicleCargo getVehicleCargo isVehicleCargo setVehicleCargo vehicleCargoEnabled Well, definitely won't be changed for Apex, after release we could probably consider it.
  5. Yes, because of dimensions - speedboat is too high, wide and even long. You can try it in editor and see it clips a lot. Other thing is that in reality it could be kinda complicated to load this type of boat into vehicle - sling loading seems like a better variant of transporation (and you can sling load speedboats with Huron and Taru). Ad cargo positions - for our VTOLs we decided to have separate personal and vehical transport variants so you can maximum amount of soldiers/vehicle inside and any changes to models are not reasonable at this point. If you place VEHICLE GET OUT waypoint (after we fix its visibility issues) in air, it works as a paradrop waypoint. If you mean loading animations like vehicle driving in/out of cargo space, we tried it but it looked really bad and there was a lot of related issues. :(
  6. Oh, my bad. I'm afraid only one cargo space per transport vehicle is possible. :( We already have some ideas how to expand this feature post Apex, but no promises for now. Nope, should be normally visible in editor like this. I'll try to check what the issue could be.
  7. Nope, it works only with vehicles. There should be 2 waypoints called: VEHICLE GET IN VEHICLE GET OUT Yes, there a parameter for transport vehicles: exits[] = {"VTV_exit_1", "VTV_exit_2"}; // Memory points in model defining loading ramps, could have multiple See the documentation.
  8. Yes, in this case is clipping allowed and transport vehicle shouldn't explode. We are experimenting with tech for hiding parts of transported vehicles, but not sure if it will be ready for Apex - there are some complications. :(
  9. You should be able to use setvehiclecargo command in 2 variants for this: objnull setvehiclecargo cargo vehicle - for unloading specific loaded vehicle transporting vehicle setVehicleCargo objnul - for unloading all vehicles - will check it, can probably move exit point a bit - known issue, should be hopefully fixed soon - ramps will be disabled on transport vehicle variants and you will load vehicles through them - similar to crew which is also embarking through closed doors - we've experimented with animations for loading and unloading vehicles, but couldn't produce anything reasonable - it looked bad and led to another pile of issues - yes, mass of loaded vehicles is added to transport vehicle - in short: in transport vehicle model is cargo space defined by two memory points, bounding box of transported vehicle is compared with this cargo space if can fit in, there is also weight limit defined in config - see documentation for more details
  10. Hi, there is a new thread for gathering feedback related to Vehicle in Vehicle Transport functionality, so you can discuss this new feature there. We are grateful for all your valuable, constructive and civil feedback. Thanks. :)
  11. Hello! we deployed Vehicle in Vehicle Transport functionality to development branch. In short: · you can transport various vehicles with both new VTOLs: Y-32 Xi'an and V-44 X Blackfish (in future some existing official vehicles could be tweaked for this functionality, but probably after APEX) · functionality is similar to embarking crew, so just drive near ramp and if vehicle can fit in, new action Load vehicle should be visible in action menu · in editor you can simply load/unload vehicle with drag&drop · we also added 2 new waypoints: VEHICLE GET IN (for transported vehicles) and VEHICLE GET OUT (for transport vehicle) · you can also order AIs to Load/Drop vehicle via context menu - once again, we wanted to be consistent with behavior of similar features (crew embarkation, sling loading...) · if you unload vehicles in air, they should be dropped on parachute (but transport must be in specified height so parachutes can open successfully) · there is also new indication icon in vehicle info tab with 3 states - 1.) cargo space in transport vehicle is empty 2.) there is vehicle(s) in cargo space and 3.) you can't unload vehicle(s) (for example you can't drop vehicles if VTOL is upside down) Please be so kind and share with us your experience! We are grateful for all for your valuable, constructive and civil feedback. Just a note, functionality is still work in progress, but except for fixes and tweaks fundamental behavior won't be changed. We noticed some of you were expecting more immersive solution (driving in/out) and indeed we researched multiple approaches, but they led to overwhelming amount issues which couldn't be solved with given engine restrictions, resources and time. Please take in mind, that our functionality should be available for AI, commanding, waypoints, multiplayer, Eden Editor, Zeus and mods. This is why we settled on current implementation. Oh, you can also check documentation on wiki with general overview and new parameters. There are still missing new scripting commands but they will be added soon. Scripting commands related to functionality: canVehicleCargo enableVehicleCargo getVehicleCargo isVehicleCargo setVehicleCargo vehicleCargoEnabled
  12. aluc4rd

    Sling Loading Feedback

    Hi, I'm afraid it is not possible to lift multiple objects with basic Arma 3 Sling Loading functionality.
  13. aluc4rd

    Sling Loading Feedback

    Sling loading works same way with both flight models - standard or RotorLib. On model must be placed memory point and in config must be these two lines: slingLoadMemoryPoint = "slingLoad0"; //name of memory point must be same in confing and in model slingLoadMaxCargoMass = 1500; //maximal cargo weight (in Kg) which can helicopter lift Then it should work. Please check Controls settings - because rope interaction key was during development changed from 2xR to B (sling load assistant is Right Ctrl+B). Maybe the issue is there?
  14. aluc4rd

    Sling Loading Feedback

    I'm afraid that in this case is vanilla Arma 3 implementation of sling loading not usable. But you can always use script commands - relevant ones are here
  15. aluc4rd

    Sling Loading Feedback

    "component0x" isn't memory point for sling loading - they are named "SlingLoadCargoX" where X is number (so for example "SlingLoadCargo1"). Count of memory points defines how many ropes will be used for lifting cargo. Example from config: slingLoadCargoMemoryPoints[] = { SlingLoadCargo1 SlingLoadCargo2 SlingLoadCargo3 SlingLoadCargo4 }; In this case cargo will be lifted with four ropes. Same named memory points must be placed on model of cargo. On mentioned metal barrel is placed only one memory point so one rope is used. ---------- Post added at 10:34 ---------- Previous post was at 10:32 ---------- Hi, it's known issue and assigned for fixing, but at this moment I'm afraid can't tell when in will be fixed.