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  1. Another Non-convex question

    So, to start off with, YES, I did search first :) . However, even learning what the convex and non-convex means as far as polygons go, I'm needing help on the interior of a ship....to be specific, the "tank deck". I know of no other way to make this a "convex" shape. It fits inside the hull and I'm trying to make it a separate .p3d to cut down on total poly count in my main hull. Do any of you have a work around on how to accomplish this? Picture link is attached Thanks in advance for helping on the Landing Ship Tank (LST) picture available here
  2. Another Non-convex question

    Ah!!! Thank you for that bit of info. That makes me feel better. Cheers.
  3. Another Non-convex question

    Thanks for reminding me of the sample models. I did as you suggested and broke down the model so as not to have any concave items. However, when running STRUCTURE-->CONVEXITY-->Find Non-Convexities once more, it highlighted just as many verts. Upon looking at the test car in Sample Models, running the same process, even the sample car ended up with almost every vert highlighted. So, in a way that makes me wonder if I don't have Object builder setup properly, or if it's something else. Am I looking at this the wrong way by chance? @PuFu- I will get to that next, thank you.
  4. CH-46 Knight

    Pertaining to your "test bird", do you or someone else have a tutorial on how to make rain drops appear on the window? I've seen it on a few other helos, but I think they were all under your work....I could be wrong on that.
  5. CH-46 Knight

    Great, in the future, I hope to just be able to send my attachments to you, so that no one needs to download a separate addon, however, I'll let you decide if you actually want to include them or not.Thanks for the reply
  6. CH-46 Knight

    I honestly don't mean this as a request and I'm just trying to plan ahead once she's released, but will the winch on the door have a memory point so that scripters can come along and add different attachments to the hook (if there is one at all)? Those different attachments could be a stokes basket, a jungle penetrator, etc, etc. Thanks
  7. CH-46 Knight

    I'm not sure if the Knight had this capability or not, but will you be adding IR strobe flashers to the lighting system? I know of a video that could explain my question better, but it's from another game, and I'm not wanting to offend anyone by posting it here.
  8. CH-46 Knight

    Are you going to make it so that stretchers can be added or attached to some of the cargo positions?
  9. US Military Mod (80s 90s)

    DeltaHawk, Are you willing to accept a dialog that comes up with a basic vest, and as you choose different pouches or what-have-you, it adds or takes them away on a 3d model? Or are you just wanting an action menu/scroll wheel interaction where you can choose different setups for gear and such?
  10. I honestly didn't know how to simplify the results of searching to find the correct answer to this problem. When texturing the guard rails on my ship models, do I need to unwrap EVERY SINGLE POST and chain? Or do I just model and unwrap one post, then after texturing it, do I just copy and paste it? Other wise, when I properly learn to unwrap a model, I'll be doing so for the rest of my life on just one model. I'm sure I'm doing this the hard way.
  11. The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    Not to be troublesome about this, but in one of the pics, it shows a sign in front of a base with the title of "FOB Sarge." Correct me if I'm wrong, but during the Vietnam era, weren't most bases called Air bases, FSB (Fire Support Bases), or just FB's (as in Fire Base Gloria and Fire Base Lady Bird)? I understand this is just a simple board, and doesn't necessarily indicate the level of gameplay awesomeness, but it just helps to stay with the illusion. At the same time, I have quite a few models I've been working on that fit into both the WWII era and essentially into the Vietnam conflict after doing some minor changes. Those models are of the LST (Landing Ship Tank), the LCT mk 5 and mk 6 (Landing Craft Tank), the LCM III and VI(Landing Craft Mechanized), the LCVP (Landing Craft, Vehicle Personnel), the APB-24 (a Barracks Ship), a PT boat, the LSM (Landing Ship Medium), and finally the APA-45 USS Henrico. I'm only talented to create the 0.000 LOD. I'm trying to progress onto the 2nd step of getting these into game. However, if anyone would like to look at the work I've done this far, I'd be glad to produce the LOD/skeleton pictures to show originality and the lack of progress I've made with learning how to texture. I'd really like to see if someone could help get me into that next step, so as to contribute more to this mod. Let me know if you'd be interested in taking over if that'd be easier.
  12. JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Great job on the sounds for the vehicles, it really adds to the immersion when you're ingame. Thank you for sharing.
  13. I've just found this thread after being gone for a while....will there, or is there IED crafting within the game itself, or is it all placed via the Editor? Thanks and sorry if it's been asked before, but the search didn't bring anything back before I posted.
  14. USS Iowa

    Gotta have the CH-46 I believe to fly them in on the stern of the ship right?
  15. USS Iowa

    Great work AusSnipe73. Thank you for releasing this. I agree with others that it's sad that the engine can't support this better the way it should. But, on the up side, the amount of carnage that those main 16" guns deal out could virtually make me want to dig a hole in the terrain to try and hide from the shells. Can't wait to see more of it.
  16. Realistic Wounding System [RWS]

    If they are, they would probably post an update or the mod itself. As R. Brown, and so many others have stated, new forum users HAVE to acknowledge that they've read the rules...which apparently they don't. Stop asking for updates, the guy(s) will update the thread when there is relevant news. @Numrollen- what type of improvement is there that you're hoping for. There are many EMS professionals, including myself, that helped develop some of the aforementioned mods. There are only so many things we can implement into a medical mod when the engine itself doesn't allow for full implementation of everything we could wish for. At the same time, replicating the human body's functions are hard to replicate. Whether you believe in God, a higher Alien Power, or the Theory of Evolution, coding at that level is very difficult. Another point, I'd like to assume that most of the general users of ArmA are of a mature age, but I know that there are youngsters out there that play as well. When developing a medical simulation mod, you have to balance realism with gameplay, and sometimes, gameplay wins out because otherwise, no one would want to play if they get shot within the first few minutes and never get to respawn, or have to sit out six months from the Clan due to "rehabilitation." Here's to hoping we see more from this team, but let's leave them alone until they report back. :)
  17. Does this Tutorial work with Arma 3?

    The basic concept should work just fine. The Visual LOD and the rest of the tutorial work for both VBS2 and ArmA 3. However, the config part of the tutorial may/will throw you some curveballs due to each version of the software requiring different syntax. I think most people will point you to looking at one of the sample models provided by BIS to find out how to get the config to work for A3. But, while we're on the topic, why did the tutorial have us sharpen the top and bottom parts of the rotor mast? I understand smoothing the main part of the mast, but the top and bottom are mysteries to me. AWC_Chief_Wiggim, feel free to PM me, I'd like to work with someone on a beginner's level, as I'm trying to learn the in's and out's of modeling past the first visual LOD.
  18. Hi all, I was curious as to whether there had been any research done as to creating new flag models, such as penants, guidon flags, or things of the sort? There is also the issue as to how they are animated within O2 and the config values for it. Obviously, the sample models for the flags just show a rectangular box, but nothing really answering the question as to whether a person can take that same functionality and attach it to a car's hood to identify a VIP's vehicle, or whether we can attach it to a guidon staff, or even the lanyard of a ship. Any help would be helpful and hopefully my 0 search results where true and this isn't a huge waste of time and space in the forums.
  19. Flag Modeling Question - Not setObjectTexture issue

    Yeah, I remember those proxies back then. I will see what I can do with that avenue and see if the flags will work on things other than the traditional flag pole. I'll report back.
  20. Yeah, my friend and I created a MSO, gave it to Wolffy, and DevilDogGamer. We still have it on our HD I believe if you'd like it. Just PM me, and I'll talk to my friend this morning or the next for you.
  21. [WIP] CH-46 SeaKnight

    Great find there Lucapec.....hopefully, deltagamer will be able to do these animations as well, and actually release it to the community.
  22. [WIP] CH-46 SeaKnight

    Looking great Deltagamer. I hope that cockpit will eventually get some love. Peral and FullerPJ should be well acquainted with the switches to make it more interactive up there...just an idea seeing as how you helped with the USAF Mod.
  23. [WIP] CH-46 SeaKnight

    One of the biggest things, that I wished for back in the ArmA II version of the CH-46 was that of stretchers for a MEDEVAC version, another words, specifically setup for medical evacuation. Other than that, I think the list you have going is great. Obviously, it'll take time and patience to finish the first one, but after you are happy with it, I believe the others will just fall into place. John Spartan is the one with the custom UI service menu, he helped Peral out with his A-10C version, but that doesn't mean that you have to do the same exact setup. By what I understand, you can create custom pages in the service menu, that you might be able to adjust fuel, cargo placement, etc, and by creating different versions of your model, but with the mass moved around, you can simulate weight changes. Don't quote me on that, but it seems to be a concept that I believe strongly in, and am trying to work it into my landing craft models. I'll keep you posted on it, or make a video once I get to that point.
  24. [WIP] CH-46 SeaKnight

    Thanks for the reply Deltagamer. BTW, if you can, what plans do you have in mind for features? I know some modelers don't want to spend more time on small "cosmetic" stuff such as door or ramp openings, such as the side doors. Even the fact that the new sling load function is included into the Dev-Branch version. But I always thought of adding things such as variable mass shifting according to weight and balance. A custom UI could be made to switch out models with different configurations on door guns, cargo spacing (such as medical litters), and small details like that. Again, good luck, I'll be following to see how it goes.
  25. [WIP] CH-46 SeaKnight

    So, just to get this out of the way early....is this YOUR model that you started from scratch? Do you have any wireframe pics of it so we can see it in production? It's a nice model, don't get me wrong, but it's weird that when I start a model, especially in O2, that I create a rough box of the known dimensions that I'm going to create my model within. You mentioned in your OP that you weren't sure of the scale of this thing. That's something that I figured you'd have adjusted by now, but even I'm no expert when it comes to conventional work-flow. TBH, I start in Modo with blueprints, get the rough model created, then port it into O2 and scale it accordingly with my known dimensions. Good luck on it, I hope to see some WIP wire frame shots soon.