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  1. Thank you for the continued marital aids
  2. I haven't white washed the ceiling lately. So..........í ½í¸œ
  3. R. Brown

    ASDG - Mk. V SOC (WIP)

    I remember when this was a screen shot oh my she's gotten so big and sexy. (In the future I'll refrain about talking about your baby like that)
  4. R. Brown

    JSRS: DragonFyre -- WIP Thread

    Not that you asked but I feel obligated to give you my first born. He is 9 and is good at carrying firewood.
  5. R. Brown

    United States Air Force

    great progress guys looking forward to it.
  6. Just wondering in the most recent update if weapon resting was taken out? I know that there is a button combo for it and it was great before however now there is a ton of sway while resting on a all or window.
  7. R. Brown

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    I think that he is talking more about the non future users
  8. R. Brown

    TFA - Naval Special Warfare Gear

    I understand that you want MARPAT, but please understand this is a SEAL pack. If you would like a MARPAT there is a USMC pack (maybe MARSOC pack) i believe that maybe would better suit you and your units needs. As for us we usually cater to the SEAL stuff.
  9. R. Brown

    JSRS: DragonFyre -- WIP Thread

    Amazing you have come a long way sir. Thank you for the more authentic sounds!!
  10. Nice to see some functionality love for this great bird.
  11. PC is now pregnant man you need to stop lol good shtufff
  12. Yup whitewashed the ceiling
  13. Yeah not gonna say what I did to my ceiling after seeing those pix
  14. One thing that has always got me is the lack of lighting, granted I am an idiot when it comes to config but is there a way to make the lights actually look like collision lights with the correct strobe intensity? And maybe that teal and red interior lighting?