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  1. I am going through the process and have run into a road block. I am stuck between: "You can convert *.wrp to pew: http://tactical.nekromantix.com/wiki/doku.php?id=arma2:terrain:wrp_to_pew" I get lost here, is there a simpler way to explain what to do? How do you use the command it talks about? ... or is it possible someone could come to my teamspeak 3 server and walk me through it? I would be willing to pay/donate for your time. Please get back to me asap
  2. shakazulunation

    Where's the noob section?

    I am a noob u can add me on steam: shakazulunation lol jk
  3. shakazulunation

    MSO for I44

    Does anyone have a MSO for the I44 mod units? Or Patrol Ops?