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  1. John_Spartan, Any chance of Australian RAAF skins for your awesome models?
  2. Howdy Sabre, It was great meeting you at the Land Warfare Conference last year mate. Sorry I haven't touched base before now, it's been busy with BISIM and life. I and all the OCB guys are hoping you guys continue on with the AAW mod as without any doubt it has been the best modding work I've seen. Cheers, Tro
  3. Nouber I know that my group would be more than willing to donate funds to ACRE to get a release as soon as possible. No ACRE is the only thing stopping us from playing Arma 3 in our regular events throughout the week. Have you considered a kickstarter project to help fund it?
  4. tromac

    Arma 2 on Windows 8

    Confirming this worked for me as well, thanks. Windows 8 Pro 64-bit
  5. Happy to help with any feedback as well, I just provided the support for the ADF ARH evaluation for VBS2 so can provide some helpful feedback to get it as the most realistic ARH available.
  6. Tested and works great. Aussie, you sir are a gentleman and a scholar! Thanks ---------- Post added at 10:25 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:19 AM ---------- Quick question. Where would I define the direction of the object? Answered my own question :-) _this setDir 120;
  7. Thank you so much Aussie. I haven't tried this yet as I'm just checking the replies from the iPad, but shall test it first thing. The island I'm using is Reshmaan. Appreciate your answer.
  8. Hi all, I've been searching for hours through the forums for a solution and finally decided it's time to ask for help. I want to create an ACE object, the VS-21 panel (classname ACE_VS21CPANEL) on a roof at coordinates 7408.17,11687.3,9.0871 and I just cannot find how to do that. Could anyone please assist? Thanks
  9. Meatball my long lost buddy these are awesome!! Any word on making them ACE compatible as we at OCB want to use them in our missions. Just can't use earplugs, sun glasses, etc :(
  10. It's released! Thanks all http://www.arma2.com/index.php?option=com_rokdownloads&view=file&Itemid=20&id=805%3Aa2co-compatibility-mp-patch--acr-lite-〈=en
  11. AFAIK not a confirmation :p Anyone able to confirm this? Hmmmm let's check the files on the servers and see if I can confirm.
  12. I've been searching the forums and most likely have missed this somewhere, so please forgive me if I did. How do we get the ACR content running on our dedicated servers?
  13. Hi guys, I'm trying to find the classnames for the ASLAV's, I couldn't access Norrin's readme as it says forbidden access when clicking on the link. Can anyone please tell me the classnames? I also saw mention of the .50 cal Bushmaster being out but see no classname or reference to it in the editor, is it a config change for the model or am I missing something altogether. I'm a bit thick.... should have checked the mission file. It's been a long time since I've been playing or editing missions for Arma lol Thanks, Tromac
  14. tromac

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    Yes. Meatball also wants to do the D and E.