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  1. Vandrel

    Lack of good usermade SP content

    This has been a thing for ArmA/OFP forever. Vast majority generally stick to MP.
  2. Vandrel

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    If you're relying on the BISim forums for direct Q&A support then you may end up waiting for awhile. The *priority* level for Support really exists as such, 1) Walk-in 2) Phone 3) Email 4) Forums As well PE users are a bit lower on the totem pole when it comes to priority responses. Not that PE users don't matter but the fact is PE users don't pay for support so much of Support's time is spent with paying customers who purchase Gold/Silver hours. If you want a quicker response then I suggest emailing them, you'll definitely get a response much quicker that way. If you haven't received a response yet or seen documentation then it's because they are still working on it. In a perfect world you'll see documentation released before product but that usually is never the case with new flashy things that are developed and in demand. Many thing are still undocumented with VBS but they will eventually get to them all in due time, it's just a lot to cover and despite what most people think there isn't 500 BI people running around. Give them time and they'll get to it :)
  3. Vandrel

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    Most certainly, http://products.bisimulations.com/careers/designer-orlando
  4. Vandrel

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    Anyone looking to come to Orlando? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?161053-Bohemia-Interactive-Simulations-is-hiring
  5. Bohemia Interactive Simulations has an immediate opening located in our Orlando, FL office for a Technical Support Specialist. Applicants for this position must be willing to work full-time from our Orlando, FL office. Proficiency in both written and spoken English is required. Technical Support Specialists are tasked with customer interaction via email, ticketing, phone, and on-site services to handle all support related matters for company products. Ideal candidates will be familiar with key Bohemia Interactive products such as VBS2 and ArmA. Experienced developers and administrators with VBS2 and/or ArmA are preferred. Applicants must possess essential IT knowledge/skills and be able to troubleshoot a variety of OS, software and hardware related issues. Technical Support Specialists Summary: Provides technical assistance to customers by performing the following duties. Other duties may be assigned as required. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: •Provide technical issue resolution to customers via on-site, email, phone and other electronic medium. •Install, configure, and troubleshoot company software. •Provide remedial instructions and training to customers. •Identify and correct or advise, on issues with software and hardware configurations. •Manage and update encryption keys for company software. •Administer and moderate company support forums. The Ideal candidate will also possess the following skills: •Excellent communication (oral and written), interpersonal, organizational, and presentation skills. •Able to work independently and efficiently to meet deadlines. •Able to promptly answer support related email, phone calls and other electronic communications. •Self-motivated, detail-oriented and organized. •Experience with hardware and software issues. Education and/or Experience: REQUIRED: Experience with Bohemia Interactive products such as VBS and/or the ArmA family of games. Candidate should have experience outside of standard play, i.e. modding, scripting, etc. Recommended: •One year certificate from college or technical school. •Three to six months related experience or training. •Equivalent combination of education and experience. •Basic ArmA/VBS scripting. •Basic terrain creation. •Basic model creation. •Basic programming. Computer Skills: •Operating System administration and troubleshooting. •Networking fundamentals and troubleshooting. •Hardware installation and troubleshooting. •Software installation and troubleshooting. •Typing proficiency: 40-60 wpm. •Proficient in internet related applications such as E-Mail clients, FTP clients and Web Browsers. Language Skills: •Proficient in English both spoken and written. •Ability to read and analyze technical procedures. •Ability to write reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals. •Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from customers. Reasoning Ability: •Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists. •Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram, or schedule form. If you are interested in this position please use the following form to apply and attach your resume, here. Ensure to select the following options on the form, Reason for Contact: Job Posting Job Department: Support
  6. Vandrel

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    These both appear to be fixed and you should see them in the next major public release
  7. Vandrel

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    We're expecting to release a new version of the Developer Suite shortly once it's finished with QA. This will address the buldozer issue. Was there something else you're looking for a fix on?
  8. Position has been filled, thanks to all who sent in for this.
  9. Filefront link works for me Nice work Gnat
  10. Tiger Direct has great deals on hardware :) I run a old GTS250 1gb card and it holds up fine with grass.
  11. Vandrel

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    Unless you're a university or some sort of funded R&D agency, Academic won't be available to you. As stated above, you'd be purchasing a PE (Personal Edition) license of VBS2, not Academic. Personal Edition is available to anyone located within a white listed country that pays the listed fee for the license. The PE license is restricted for personal use only by EULA and cannot be used for any form of commercial work. Payment is made in whatever currency is listed on the quote you receive from Sales. This will typically be localized. PE orders are shipped as soon as payment is made and the invoice is sent over to my department, Support. As soon as we receive the invoice we'll package everything up and drop it in the mail. You will not be able to use VBS2 until the package arrives with the encryption dongle that contains your license. The dongle must be inserted in your PC in order for VBS2 to run. In short, no. Some things can be carried over but in most cases you will need to repack addons, change file paths, etc. Also, be sure to check the EULA's and/or author licenses to ensure you have permission before attempting to port. PE editions lack content available to commercial and enterprise customers. The primary differences are within the EULA, where as PE editions are not authorized to create content for commercial purposes (ie: selling or paid development). No worries :)
  12. Vandrel

    Multiple person editor.

    A early stage of this was done in VBS2 around 2009 using a 3rd party mod "Acceler8ion". The method was to use "Acceler8ion" to export Landbuilder files and then import them into Visitor later, dividing up the work between others to later compile in a single Visitor project. The LBT function was later added to VBS2 out of the box so that mostly left "Acceler8ion" out of the loop. This, however, did not solve the real-time dillema which is party where VBS2 is able to solve in newer versions which feature the terrain editing tools inside the editor. So, changes can be made to a single scenario in both real-time or offline modes and then saved into a new scenario which retains the changes done to the terrain. Keeping in mind this is VBS functionality, doesn't really mean it's impossible to mod into ArmA somehow via a community mod. Just an example, food for thought. There's some bright individuals in the community that could probably make this happen.
  13. Vandrel

    Issue with vests

  14. Vandrel

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    You're spot on. All things aside, the military (in general) wants to rapidly create and conduct training. I've used both tool sets, BI and Cry, and I can tell you that I spent far less time creating a full A-Z real world location in VBS2 then I have in CE3. CryEngine3 Dev Kit is nice, the engine is nice, graphics are nice, BUT it's not nearly as drag/drop as it's advertised to be. You're never going to see CryEngine3 Dev Kit sitting at a battle sim center or simulation support center where prior military contractors are developing content to conduct training, period. What you will see, now (because I have been there and done that), is prior military contractors sitting at their battle sim centers and sim support centers developing content with the VBS2 Developer Suite to use in training. CryEngine3 Dev Kit doesn't work well with GIS data. Out of the box it only supports .raw elevation data and good luck importing converted GIS to .raw data. Fidelity is all about time. Typically a training audience could care less about what something looks like, given that the functionality is there and working. Does a squad leader need to see a mirror image of a real life HMMWV blown up by an IED in order to make a tactical decision? No. I'm not saying there's no place for CE3 fidelity, because there will always be a demand for something new a shiny, but to think that sim centers are going to be the ones expected to do the development is crazy. Units want "here and now" not "see ya in 10 months" once you figure it out. RTV is great but I've been to the last 2 I/ITSEC shows and seen their booth, no one's interested. Videos only work for so long when you have hardly any content to backup your product. Just my 2 cents after working at a sim center for 2 1/2 years for the USMC :)
  15. Vandrel

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    BISim is seeking to fill a position at our office in Prague, more info here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?145337-Bohemia-Interactive-Simulations-is-hiring