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  1. lwlooz

    Development Blog & Reveals

    As someone who played BI games since the OFP Demo, I only have this feedback to offer: You guys suck. At least I don't have to upgrade my computer for Arma3 now.
  2. While we are at what everyone is hoping for, I hope for this: https://dev-heaven.net/issues/23151 Auto-Combat has been a problem for the AI Control in 2009 and I still think despite all the improvements to combat still is. If this is TRUE for AI groups they can choose to switch to whatever behaviour they want,but if its on FALSE let the mission maker/scripter decide (maybe setAutoBehaviour is a better name) If it is FALSE for Human-lead groups by default it is going to solve a multitude of problems. As these beta-AI-developments are apparently the only ones that will happen for Arma3, I think it would be a good idea to test if that helps AI control. Thanks for the progress so far.
  3. lwlooz

    Controls Scheme & User Interface Feedback

    Hello there, This is the most retarded thread I have ever seen. Sorry. Harsh Language , but fits the arrogance of the certain people here. Usually I don't reply to trolls or engage in pointless intra-community discussion, but on the off-chance that some BIS dev gets a very wrong idea, I thought I just post my dislike on breaking the AI-command in this manner. I usually like Wargames , I would love to have a tactical warfare simulation with an FPS-viewpoint. OFP/Arma so far is the closest thing to it and I played it since 2001. For that reason I hope BIS does not remove the 1-0 Command System, because keyboard simply is faster for indirect command. For me anyways I add my more keyboard centric idea to this thread for completion (One of many Possibilities) But I don't propose to have the system that fits everyone. This is exactly why I don't like most of this thread at all. What BIS should do is open up both the action menu and the command menu to extensive modding. There are already are to an extent. But having more direct control to the AI command API via script or special config values would be a great improvement. No hardcoded keys either. So instead of trying to force you preferred method of input on everyone like the current one is forced on most people and talk for dozens of pages about specifics, get BIS to increase moddability. Then everyone can design his/her own Input-Scheme in any way he/she likes.
  4. lwlooz

    Arma 3 Action Menu

    Hello there, Alongside friendly AI this is one of my favourite topics. How to improve the action and command system? :). I think the major problem that was voiced in this topic and in topics spanning over the last decade :rolleyes: , is the fact that RV-Engine really lacks a contextual and direct way of doing both actions and commands. Indirect Action and Command Menu: I think the current indirect command menu (0-9 Keys) is perfectly fine. It should stay that way. It is perfectly good for indirect commands. I also think the an OFP-action menu (lower right,scrollable list,activate with middle mouse button) is a good way for doing all commands that are based on your body. So I think "Switching Weapons","Gear","Satchels" etc. should stay in that type of menu. All kinds of indirect and non-contextual commands. Direct Action and Command Menu: This is what Arma lacks completly. You have the rather confusing "Quick Command" and you have the temporary adding of entries to the "Action Menu". Both are confusing as they mix up direct with indirect. Alternatively I suggest along the lines of what was posted before that you have in addition to the indirect menus , new contextual menus that operate based on what you are facing and what you click at. One has a "Use"/"Context" - Key that enters/leaves Context-Mode. (Default could be Space) In Context-Mode you are either in the context-action-mode if you have no subordinates selected or in context-command-mode if you do. Context-Mode let's you open and close contextual menus based on where(objects/ground) you click on the screen/map (Left Mouse/Right Mouse). Going into Context Mode opens the contextual menu of a near(<3m) object if you are facing it. Context-Mode in vehicles lets you hit any switches/buttons/objects and on configuration either performs an action or gives you a contextual menu. The contextual-menus on the screen (list/rose/ring/random) can be scrolled through(mouse wheel), you can click on(left mouse) the actions and the actions have action-keys assigned to it. Apart from the Indirect Command/Game Operation Keys (0-10,F1-F12,Alt/Watch,Esc,Chat,etc.) all the keyboard is unmapped. It isn't used for contextual stuff only tho.One can for example map "Fire Weapon" in. All Items in the contextual-menu are hotkey-bound(Action-Keys). For example you could have have 15 action-keys with keys [W,A,D,S,Q,E,R,F,V,C,X,Z/Y]. You can use your mouse/track-ir to rotate your body/head. Also any movement-state you had before will be keep. For example you will keep running if you did before. Context-Mode is automatically disabled once you perform an action/give a command. This is not true if you enter permanent context-mode(Default lets say Right-Alt+Space) Let's use this in an example: I run up to a car , go to context , press W(Action Key 1) and I am in the car. I press A instead and I am the gunner. Alternatively I can do that with my mouse or with third-party VAC. If I have 2 subordinates selected and I am 100m away from a car-pool with 20 cars, I go to context , select my car with the mouse, click , select "Get in" , select "Get in as Cargo" with either mouse, hotkeys or VAC and have my guys run off. Another example is that I can having no subordinates selected , go to context , select a guy next to the car pool, click , select "Wave to come to me" and my guy perform some gesture. Another example would be selecting the subordinates carrying the MG and the MG-Tripod , go to context , click on the empty ground , select "Setup MG" and they will do so. Or I could be on the map with a fireteam selected, go to context , click on a house , select "Storm Building" and they will do so. A vehicle example would be that I am in a vehicle as a pilot , go to context , click on a switch with "Gear" on top of it and my gear magically lowers. Wall of Text right... The point is contextual menus are fun, but never ever mix indirect with direct commands please :)
  5. lwlooz

    Operation E3

    Hello BIS , Hello fanboys. Arma3 has even more amazing graphics than Arma2. Well done. My only feedback so far is to get one programmer and one game designer to work solely on the AI until the Community Alpha. The Arma2 OA AI doesn't even remotely live up to "greatest most realistic military simulator in the world". People hate DayZ, but Coop is just like DayZ , but the Zombies have guns and you pretend to be some military outfit. It would be nice if in the 4th installement of this series the AI learned some military tactics in order for us to be able to simulate not only the Libyan Civil War of late , but some more organized warfare as well. It would also be nice if the individual AI crazyness and unresponsiveness when they enter eternal combat mode could be fixed. So hopefully in the little time there is till next year , you have time for more than just merging Arma2 OA AI and little iterative steps. Good luck and have fun, Until Arma4 and a similar post, lwlooz :)
  6. lwlooz

    Arma 3 with 1,000 players online .. possible?

    100 vs 100 PvP with each of those humans leading some AI* would be perfect. :) (* Tank,FireTeam,Squad,Platoon)
  7. lwlooz

    Arma: Cold War Assault

    Hello, I hope it is an OFP Patch with engine optimizations , script additions and JIP. This Arma thing was worth a try , but the devolution to an graphics-focused manshoot combined with an ever more elitist community who think reloading animations and ragdoll make for an realistic simulator (massive *sigh* there) is get rather tiresome. Why not go back to the original , I would pay for such an update too :) Anyways, 10th anniversary of best game ever made and it is still unrivalled. I have much respect for that. Good Work BIS , Thank you and keep up the good work with VBS
  8. Hello, I was pondering on this for a bit now , but I think this thread just solidifies it. The BI community has become a cult . Here I was thinking BIS was a games developer. Silly me. I play along. Thank you BIS!!! I LOVE YOU AND ALL FUTURE GAMES!! Which I WILL ALL BUY. ALL OTHER GAMES ARE CRAP! They are all greedy and evil. HOW MANY OF YOUR LOVELY DLC CAN I BUY? HAVE ALL OF MY MONEY PLEASE! Thank you!!! Of course I played since OFP even tho I hate all its features! Oh lord, the internet.
  9. lwlooz

    Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy

    Hello, that is one awesome AAR. Well done ! Now this almost looks like a warmovie , it is still combat mission tho I just wish we could do things like this in the Real Virtuality engine one day. Another 'wargame' suggestion on a larger scale: - Command Ops:BFTB
  10. Hey , it's my favourite Celery thread again , thanks. Already many things mentioned here. I second those: AI: Less Scripted , Less Awkard , More Reliable , Follows order more efficient Interface: Command Bar, Command System Atmosphere: De/Briefing , Tank Interiors , Simple but more immersive Lighting Cold War: Equipment , Factions , Possible Scenarios , Good Campaign Some other things would be: Innovation: There is a nostalgia element to this , but only so far as some OFP gamers thought after the brilliant revolutionary game that OFP was , that this would go on somewhat in OFP2/OFP3. I know myself playing with WGL5 and CoC CE and CoC UA thought that in the next game I would play somewhat tactical Company vs Company battles in Multiplayer. I also imagined in the far future that we could have Fulda Gap Scenarios. But fuck all happened since then. BIS improved the engine a lot , but they don't make anything out of that. So we are all sitting here in an endless time loop , doing the same things over and over again for every release of the same game. It does not suprise me that gets stale and the feeling of OFP is never reached again and some non-zomboid people leave. So as far as innovation goes, OFP did that a lot better than Arma2. Diversity: I get the feeling , especially when reading these forums , the only people supposed to play this game are graphic-whores who care more about the right bolts on weapons and tanks and believe a war simulation to be just a visual display of everything that happens to one soldier body/vehicle in war as opposed to that war being actually simulated by the game. Therefore the most favourite game-mode this game is currently made for is people virtually pretending to be soldiers , role-playing and shooting rather dull AI. Yawn. I believe OFP was more diverse and attracted all kinds of people of different backgrounds and different playing styles. Good ole PvP Gamers to A&D/TvT/CTI gamers to Coop Gamers. People wanting to have a bit of fun, sim gamers , wargamers and these people who pretend to be soldiers.
  11. lwlooz

    Steamworks, add it in or not?

    Oh my god, Either you people are everywhere with a more brainwashed fundamentalism than scientology and jehova's witnesses combined , or Valve has programmed the most advanced spambots in history of mankind. Steamworks offers nothing to customers. N-o-t-h-i-n-g. It may be neat for some developers and is most certainly neat for Valve. But stop being delusional fanboys and think it adds anything to any game. And no , I am not interested in hearing your standard robot copy&paste replies why you think it is awesome and I am a luddite. It's like an Zombie Apocalypse. Everywhere you go you have these Steamagers wanting to turn their PC into consoles. *Sigh*
  12. lwlooz

    Arma 3 Officially Announced!

    Hello, It is predictable , it is absolutely in vain and I don't know why I am doing a Charlie Brown again , but... with your current AI and AI control mechanisms(Interface,Waypoint,Scripts) this "military commander" thing is going to not work at all. That sounds a bit like RTS/Tactical Shooter/Wargame and it will still not work with the 2001 warfare-simulation , not to speak of the crippled AI we have since Arma2. But.. PhysX ... Brown .. Future! Awesome!
  13. Hello, What a bunch of luxury features :icon_smile:. I would like to vote for "Tactical AI control" or even "Very Basic AI control".
  14. No, Forcing yourself to only one digital-distribution channel makes no sense for any publisher , developer or consumer. If Valve suceeds in getting to a position where they control the market , then all we can hope for is the EU commission and I doubt they will care about a bunch of gamers. Hooray for the demise of any good computer gaming. [As of this moment they fucked up Il2 too]
  15. Hey Suma & BIS team, thank you for the beta. Haven't got the time to get OA and I am also a bit wary to get an expansion just to find out how the new features work, find all the bugs and then not play it at all, because the AI still can't be properly controlled (or so I was told). So I am thankful for being maybe able to take a glimpse at it if the AI is roughly the same. That would be also my feedback for this beta , although I admit I did not give it all that much time. As fun as the cover finding and buddy system is , disobedient AI simply isn't on. Whatever miraculous things the AI can perform , there needs to be a system gameplay-wise that the player can say: "Stop that nonsense immediatly and do this/move there". There always pop up solutions for this problem even on this forum now and then ("Haul-Ass" command for example) , but really any system that gives control back to the player in those situations is fine. Currently my personal idea is to introduce a new behaviour mode called "Cautious" replacing the current "Combat". Therefore: Cautious: Search Max.Cover , Medium Avoidance of direct enemy contact , High use of suppressive fire Combat: Some Cover Search , Low Avoidance of direct enemy contact , Low use of supressive fire, Listen to player commands immediatly Basically Combat would be like for Assaults and for times when you need Quick Action like in most dangerous combat situations and Cautious when you want to keep casualties down,take things slow if there is lots of cover avaible. Obviously Combat would the be choice for players. I think "5" is even free in the interface. But as I said , as long one can control AI , super! . Until the next beta.