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  1. killswitch

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    @ProGEEK and others: updated Linux toolset available on Maverick Applications (6.48) NOTE: yesterday's 6.47 was no good - it was crashy and useless. Get 6.48.
  2. No one from CBA can fix the PwS issue, whatever that issue might be. Please let the PwS team know that there's an issue, though. I'm sure they would like to help.
  3. killswitch

    CBA_A3 Mod

    The forum you posted this in ("Arma 3 - Troubleshooting") is for problems with the core game without addons. The actual problem you are experiencing is due to the server managers having a very old, very outdated version of CBA loaded (1.1.23 is over a year old). The solution is for the server manager(s) to update CBA.
  4. What database? CUP and CBA do not have database features. What's a "bambi character"? The Arma 3 core game does not have deer. Try the server with only CBA and CUP and see if a stock BIS MP mission works. If that works, it is probably a compatibility issue with the other addons the server uses and/or a specific mission where "bambis" and database connectivity are used. Please describe the setup in more detail and add link to a .RPT file output from the server where the issue occurs.
  5. killswitch

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Could you publish that on the GitHub releases page, please? ( https://github.com/michail-nikolaev/task-force-arma-3-radio/releases )
  6. The reason for marking it as "deprecated" should be read as "not recommended since it may break in MP" for the reasons you noted - with BI's remoteExec*, server owners have a way to determine what's allowed and what's not. The intent with deprecating things in CBA is to nudge people towards using stock game features where possible. It is not our intention to remove or disable functonality in CBA unless absolutely neccessary.
  7. That looks fine and the server has started OK. (When it says "Connected to Steam servers" the startup has finished OK) The S_API_FAIL message is probably due to the server not running the Steam GUI client. If you are kicked from the server, it's due to some other reason.
  8. I'm scratching my head here, wondering what it could be... On the server, in the Keys folder, do you have any other .bikey files other than a3.bikey and cba_2.4.1.160606.bikey? If so, is one of the other keys one of the older CBA .bikey files? (Try removing it) Is the server a Windows or Linux server? If Windows server, is the server installation from the dedicated server package (Steam/Library/Tools/Arma 3 Server, not a full client installation from Steam/Library/Games/Arma 3)? Are you on the stable (1.60) branch or one of the devel/RC branches or perhaps the old 1.58 branch? Is the server and client on the same branch (for example, the normal, stable branch)?
  9. You'll have to comb through the mod folders you're loading. Add this to the startup parameter of the client and/or server and check the RPT after startup: -checkSignatures The log should have entries similar to this if everything is OK: Signature tests for C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\@CBA_A3\addons\cba_arrays.pbo.cba_2.4.1.160606-b8145500.bisign PASSED! Look for any lines with signature tests that fail (or tests that pass for CBA addons not signed by the 2.4.1 bikey) If you only see CBA 2.4.1 tests and they all pass, the problem is not with CBA.
  10. Addon 'cba_ui' requires addon 'A3_Ui_F_Data' This is caused by CBA 2.4.0. Solution: update to CBA 2.4.1.
  11. killswitch


    Actually, the root cause of that is CBA 2.4.0 where that dependency snuck into cba_ui. If the affected players upgrade to 2.4.1, that particular error will disappear. They ought to upgrade their A3 installations too, of course... :-)
  12. I cannot reproduce this. With a client and server running "-mod=@CBA_A3" and the 2.4.1 files and key, CBA shows up green in the server browser. I can connect and play just fine. Launching either the client or server with the "-checkSignatures" startup parameter tells me that the files are signed correctly - all addons in CBA 2.4.1 pass the signature check both on the server and the client. Make absolutely sure that you remove all(*) old CBA addons and replace them with the new ones. (*) Perhaps you have a set of older CBA addons in some mod folder somewhere that's used when the signature problems occur.
  13. Ok. This thread is about CBA for Arma 3, not the unsupported AiA addon collection. Please look at the CUP project, which is the continuation of AiA.
  14. It is how it works currently, but I suspect it shouldn't, since it is confusing. Added to the issue list: https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/issues/322
  15. https://dev.withsix.com/projects/mikero-pbodll/files Current version: 0.5.39