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  1. guys i really need somebody to come on the mic with me via ts3 or skype and talk me through how to open my ports so i can play mutiplayer with my friends, i cant start a new mutiplayer in game because i crash wen i click new game, so i downloaded ta2dst to run a dedicated sever and play but it doesnt show up in the browser and i can only join it via the lan tab, this is really really frustrating me now because i had this problem for ages i actually uninstalled it and didnt play for 4 months, ive read all guides and tutorials on port forward but still nothing, all i want to do is play some simple co-op missions with friends is that too much to ask. please help
  2. ive been trying to use this tool but my server not showing up, I can connect via remote ip or lan, but no internet and my friends cant connect ive opened all my ports router and firewall nothing works nothing at all, ive tried following the tutorial here for dedicated server but the steam_updater file would open then close very quickly and I couldn't find anyhelp at all on that so am stuck seems ive hit a brick wall please somebody help ---------- Post added at 13:46 ---------- Previous post was at 12:16 ---------- omg does anybody use these forums
  3. same here friend, ive literally tried everything for 2 weeks now and still cannot see my server in the list, it shows on lan and remote i.p but my friends still cannot connect. If somebody could help with this I would be extremely gratefull
  4. hi I resolved my issue, it was basically because I was copy and pasting from the wiki page then wen I typed in the factions in manually it works now weird in it,
  5. guys I cannot for the love of god get any mod faction to work with the mil placements and mil civ placements, I got the pmc to work 1 time now it wont load, the only 1 I can get to work is massi seals faction all the other factions on the alive wiki don't work for me.