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  1. I'm pleased to announce version 1.5.9 is now live! This includes some of the recent changes, including the introduction of AI Spawn modules now being available in Zeus! We've also added even more factions, bringing the total number at the time of this message, to 102! Any issues or questions, let us know!
  2. Sorry for the delay in response, I've been working away quite a lot recently. I used to know what caused that error but I've since forgotten! However, it has no impact on the mod or mission so can just be discarded 😉
  3. Hi Adam. I can't say I've heard of that issue before. Can you post any details about the error you're having?
  4. Gendarmerie was left out simple because it didn't have enough unit/vehicle variation to use. There's not currently any QRF facility but I do actually like the sound of that. I've written an AI reinforcement script for something else which could potentially be added to the module or maybe a different module/function. There's no variable checking for module AI as that would be performance heavy when 99% of the time it wouldn't be required. I'd suggest using a trigger for east units in an area and then call a script. I can always look into Fundamentals providing some functionality towards this. With regards to VCOM, I'm not overly familiar with it but my understanding is it just adds to already existing factions. We've already got those factions in so we've mainly covered that base anyway but we could always look at '@VCOM & @CUP - Takistani Army Faction' for example. Again, that would be down to popularity. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I wasn't receiving notifications for some reason!
  5. I'm conscious we've not added any factions in a while. If there's any people are particularly after, feel free to let us know!
  6. Evening all, I'm pleased to announce we've just released some updated videos on the various LRG Fundamentals features and settings. Hopefully they'll explain everything you need to know!
  7. The following factions have been added in v 1.5.4 East @3CB Factions - Chernarus Communist Militia @3CB Factions - Takistan National Army @3CB Factions - Takistan Insurgents @3CB Factions - Takistan National Police Independent @3CB Factions - Chernarus Nationalist Militia @3CB Factions - Takistan National Army @3CB Factions - Takistan Tribal Fighters @3CB Factions - Takistan National Police @3CB Factions - UN Peacekeepers West @3CB Factions - Afghan National Army @3CB Factions - Afghan National Police @3CB Factions - Chernarus Local Defence Volunteers @3CB Factions - Takistan National Army @3CB Factions - Takistan Pro-Government Militia @3CB Factions - Takistan National Police @3CB Factions - UN Peacekeepers
  8. v1.5.3 AI Added 3x @IFA3 Factions Main Added - Flip Vehicle AddAction Tweak - AddAction Order Tweak - Arsenal Save/Load defaulted to Enabled Tweak - Earplugs changed to Hold AddActions Tweak - Earplugs - Added duplication check. Tweak - Repack Mags changed to Hold AddActions Tweak - Loadouts - RHS Warlords removed from LR_fnc_Loadouts Tweak - Backend Postinit functions replaced by CBA_Settings call. Warlords Added - Persistent Credits Added - RHS Asset Vehicle Servicing Pods Tweak - RHS Apache price to 10,000 Tweak - RespawnTemplate to Respawn on Start Weather Fix - Time Acceleration Tweak - Reduced Random chance of rain by 50%
  9. MitchJC

    LRG RHS Warlords Server

    All, I'm pleased to announce that our Warlords Server now has persistent credits. What this means is your credits are saved so if you leave the server, they'll be added back to your balance when you rejoin the server. The credits are tied to you so as soon as you spawn in your credit balance will be applied. Think of it as King of Hill for Warlords. 🙌
  10. I'll check it out. The issue could be that vehicles and infantry are different factions, it's not the best setup!
  11. MitchJC


    Hey Jezuro, Really loving this game mode but we're having a couple of issues. We've started using RespawnTemplates and noticed an interesting problem. Throughout the life of a Warlords mission it seems to create respawn points. The original respawn point remains so it's still playable but something in Warlords seems to be creating respawn points. Have you come across this before or know of a fix? I've yet to track down the exact moment the points are created but will attempt to find out more info, looking at the number it could be when a sector is taken. If I disable "MenuPosition" then players won't be able to respawn. Fingers crossed for upcoming updates for this game mode, we're looking forward to it!
  12. Squad name: Last Resort Gaming Timezone/Location: Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Co-op (Casual/Milsim) Contact email: lastresortgamingeu@gmail.com Website address: https://www.LastResortGaming.net Short description: We're a gaming community founded in December 2015 and predominantly hail from Europe. Our Arma 3 Community is between 50-60 players and we like to keep at this level to maintain our community feel. Our Community range from the ages of 16-55 and come from all over the world. That being said we're like minded individuals and this has made the community what it is today. We conduct Private Operations on Fridays at 1800UTC and we also host a 24/7 RHS Warlords Server. The best method for contacting us is Discord.LastResortGaming.net. Language: English
  13. Morning guys, I'm pleased to announce LRG RHS Warlords is now officially live. It went live on Friday and by the end of the weekend was the highest ranked community made Warlords Server. 🙌 It's built around LRG Fundamentals so if you want to see what this mod can do, check it out! [LRG] Last Resort Gaming || EU 1 || RHS Warlords || All Maps IP: Port: 2302 Required Mods Steam Collection Optional Mods Steam Collection Further information available on LRG RHS Warlords BIS Page.
  14. [LRG] Last Resort Gaming || EU 1 || RHS Warlords || All Maps IP: Port: 2302 Required Mods Steam Collection Optional Mods Steam Collection Hi guys, Coming off the back of the success of our Mod, LRG Fundamentals we're pleased to announce we've launched our Arma 3 RHS Warlords Public Server. Expanding on the Warlords Framework we've integrated RHS Factions as well as LRG Fundamentals to showcase some of the features we use week in, week out. Some features include: Persistent Credits (Saves your credits - Keep your progress!) Revive Earplugs Flip Vehicles Dynamic Weather View Distance Repack Mags Compass HUD Vehicle Crew List Map Icons (QS Icons) Channel Management Custom Slot Selection on Joining and respawning Respawn Tickets Active Server Admin Team RHS Factions (AFRF, USAF, GREF) Vanilla Map Rotation (Currently over 10 custom missions across all 4 vanilla maps) The Server officially launched this weekend and we're pleased to say the LRG Server went straight to the top of Community Made Warlords Servers on Gametracker, we're glad to see you guys like it! LRG Discord Server LRG Fundamentals BIS Page