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  1. stupid2015

    Link Launcher to Laser (LLL)

    thank you both for letting me benefit from your expertise.
  2. stupid2015

    Link Launcher to Laser (LLL)

    source 1: >> https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/6b9y9g/quick_question_on_laser_designation_with_launchers/ Quick question on laser designation with launchers. Are there any man held launchers in vanilla arma 3 that can lock onto a target that is laser designated? If so, which ones? > Titan AT missiles can lock onto laser targets but the AP cannot. > The PCML can source2: >> https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/180569-how-to-lase-targets-for-the-titan-with-the-new-remote-designator/ How to lase targets for the Titan with the new remote designator. > The Titan launcher with AT rounds can lock onto a laser dot as well as the conventional vehicles. If you connect a remote designator to the UAV terminal, you can lase a target with it and then hit it with a rocket. Even if it is a building or a person. Uncheck the autonomous checkbox in the uav terminal and then press CTRL-T in the designator to lock the turret onto a target. I AM CONFUSED
  3. stupid2015

    Link Launcher to Laser (LLL)

    first of all, thank you, stan, for the efford. because of the indistinctness of the information i found so far, i'm looking for a clear "yes" or "no" answer and a how-to. i tried va and serveral scenarios (eg Jesters Showcase) but didn't succeed with my effords. maybe there i someone who can give a straight answer? en nog een keer, dank je well, stan. en blijv gezond!
  4. stupid2015

    Link Launcher to Laser (LLL)

    for example: player one is commanding a AR-2 Darter via terminal and is laser marking a locked target [strg+t] OR using a handheld laser designator to mark a target now player two (might carry a uav terminal himself), equiped with an AT/AA (/AP) launcher, wants to lock his rockets to that very target. i found contradicting statements on that issue on the internet and was hoping to get some clarification here @bi .
  5. IS IT POSSIBLE TO LINK A LAUNCHER UP WITH A DARTER OR LASER DESIGNATOR? Is it possible for a player to link the rocket of his launcher to the laser mark provided by a darter or laser designator, and if so, how? Thank you in advance for taking the time answering my question.
  6. stupid2015

    White buildings issue

    Hey Jiri, Dominik and all @ BI support! Happy new year! SAME HERE : Today i come up with a bug i witnessed recently (in the last 2 months approx.): I play on Windows 10 with a GeForce 1070 and most of my graphic settings are high or above (but the error occurs also if i use "auto detect" in the graphics menu). When i fly over an area some of the buildings' skins (mostly the longe stonebrick-ones) are not loaded, they appear as white cubes in the shape of the building. Only on shorter distance the skin is loaded and the building looks as it should. Once it even happened, that my tank’s gunner referred to a tower nearby, one which I as a driver couldn’t see in first or third person. Actually, I couldn’t see any towers, and yes, I checked the “distance” settings.) Did you receive similar complaints and is there anything I can do? The error occurs in KOTH and Single Player Missions. Thank you in advance. With all the best for 2018 and a huge THANK YOU for an amazing ARMA3. So nothing we can do at the moment, right?
  7. stupid2015

    headphone / headset for arma3

    Good Day! I'm looking for a new headset with microphone to play Arma3 with. Not more than 150 € and able to enjoy as many Arma3 sound features as possible. What would you recommend? Thank you in advance. stupid2015