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  1. Waiting is a big challenge for every deliverer. Waiting for an encounter, interaction with a player moves making faster and faster interface. But is there a chance for a slowdown? have no races condition when a player has to fast fingers? That happens in example while switching to crafting table just after opening an encounter map in condition of completing a challenge. The challenge message box opens at crafting table view only possibility to ... restart the game. That happens switching to fast between deep water and land not allowing a player to crouch or crawl anymore. It looks like the same happens on shooting range with machine gun on game start, the gun is to fast to handle all events happening with a game start (isn't it). Is it possible to wait at the game triggered message box at appropriate view without having a race condition? Is it possible to read a player state from a time to time in order to let him change a position when feasible? Is it possible to put a priority on running an encounter instead of scarecrow shooting? Could you just focus sometimes on the game state instead on event handling? That would help either in handling a state of team matching between both team members willing to play together.
  2. hiong

    Bring back map select

    That is a big disadvantage of the game not having a possibility to choose one of faivorite maps additionally having the knowledge it was possible previously. That does not solved teaming issue what actually should be used as a game advantage, and is possible from encounter starting point (and is more xbox not the Vigor feature). I believe you're not supposed to play with the platform available features (aren't you). Have encountered games with about 6 players not shooting each other with max of 8 players map. That is almost not possible by trying to start an encounter at up-close time.