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    Season 7 killing vigor

    Why is there only one place to loot from now? Absolutely terrible. I don't want to fight the entire lobby for something mildly decent. This makes me want to delete the game just as much as the garbage battle pass. Really sucks that simple changes can be made to make the game more enjoyable but bohemia literally does not want to take any steps in that direction. Like for instance why the fck is triangle not switch to last weapon automatically, why the fuck do I have to keep switching constantly for the game to register that it was my last weapon? Why the fuck do you think your shitty battle pass deserves to cost $20 of real in game money? For all that I'll buy a real game on steam. Good fucking day, fix your shit and maybe you'll get less people like me shitting on your already buggy ass games you never seem to want to fix. Couldn't get your other games right, why would I expect this one to be any good? Saw a meme that showed the report problem screen with the description as, "Do I even bother? What's the fucking point?" Like why the fuck does almost every map make the game bug the fuck out? And you want people to buy your PURELY COSMETIC shitpass? FOR $20???? YOU REALLY THINK THATS HOW MUCH THE SHITFEST IS WORTH? Just couldn't keep the battle pass at a $10 cost like all the other games right? Go fuck yourself your greedy fucking bastards. Fix your shit of a game. And less people will delete it like I am.