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  1. Salvatore Ferro

    signal detector are bugged.

    it says " Show the nearest radio signals it detects" it's completely false. It never, ever show signals close to me. Even when there is multiple players close to me. it shows a random point far into the map.
  2. Bring them back, I don't get much for first place and basically nothing for second place, bring the rewards back. Punish the boosters not the players. Fix the out of bounds part of the shootout map and decrease the points for melee so anybody boosting will have a hard time. Why should good players get punished because of cheaters? Not fair.
  3. Salvatore Ferro

    Vigor Game Suggestions

    Clean and more usable scopes, a "Scrap Bin" worth upgrading, accesible plans for the plates/shields. A recoil patern that make sense.
  4. Salvatore Ferro

    How to make Vigor more inviting for new players

    I'm ok with the current matchamaking but I agree with armor plates. I grinded so many Crates but haven't found the blueprints yet, it's too much of an advantage for people that have them when the majority of players can't craft them, even if you can receive them from the battlepass, it's a limited amount.
  5. Salvatore Ferro


    I agree, shootout rewards have been too much nerfed.
  6. Salvatore Ferro

    Shootout rewards broken

    I agree, last season rewards might have been a bit too much but this season they are completely useless.. I'm not playing nowhere near as much as I use to now. Make shootout rewards better please and keep the booster and out of bounds glitcher out of the way.
  7. Salvatore Ferro

    Shootout reward bug

    Recently, after every match I play, I don't get the full reward. I always receive 2 or 1 crate when I'm going first place. Ok, I've seen a few posts on reddit and it's an update. I just want to say that's it's disgusting to punish good players because some people are boosting in shootout. I always played this game mode because I was good at it and consistenly first but now it's not worth because of people abusing it. And I get punished for it? I'm disapointed.
  8. Salvatore Ferro

    Trophies "World Traveler" and "Safecracker"

    Thanks for acknowledging this issue.
  9. Salvatore Ferro

    how to deal with campers and cheaters

    They are no such things as aimbots on console. Either lucky or skilled players.
  10. Ehi, I just want to adress the fact that even after the new season, the trophies ( World Traveler and Safecracker ) are not showing achieved even if I meet the requirement. This is an issue that bothers not only me, but a lot of people too. ( here's players complaining about it on one of many online forums : - https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/100197-world-traveler-trophy-glitch/ ) It really doesn't seems like much but as a completionist it is annoying, I really hope the devs can fix this issue since it's not that big of a bug. Thanks.