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  1. Love the shelter.. the concept and just the vibe, but at times seems a bit dull. Maybe add some weather variations at the shelter(beyond just snow at Christmas)... Maybe some rain here and there ??. Night and day ??. Just an idea.. thoughts?
  2. Since the most recent update I have noticed a lot of visual problems.. Distant areas of the map often have no texture or take a long time to load in even when viewed through an optic. This same problem occurs closer sometimes as well with trees or rocks loading in to view right in front of your eyes. This wasn’t as mad an issue before the update. Potential bug ?
  3. Slicksnelson

    Matchmaking thoughts/complaints

    If this isn’t obvious in the fact you can’t earn crowns anymore through challenges(which mind you can only be spent on aesthetics).. then how about the fact there is barely any loot in the encounters anymore unless you spend said crowns to boost it .. On top of that to earn these crowns without spending hard earned real $$ you have to wait on a slow signal tower which takes days to build and barely produces. It’s an obvious and desperate money grab on their already small player base which will inevitably dwindle.. hope they can hear us.
  4. Slicksnelson

    Matchmaking thoughts/complaints

    I have browsed some other posts on the forum, I don’t have time to link them, but it seems there’s more to this problem than just matchmaking.. Several moves by vigor team in their most recent updates suggest a shift from a fair free-for-all type game to a more(you guessed it) pay-to-win style game.. With valuable blueprints unavailable to new players and other items only accessible through a $20 battle pass. Giving newer players even more of a disadvantage than they were already at. Read into it more.. you’ll notice further that you won’t find any response from developers or the vigor team on this matter bc they are well aware and not do not care.
  5. Slicksnelson

    Devs have ruined a great game

    Well put, new to this game .. relatively. I can say however, I won’t be sticking around much longer.. same for my friends. Seems the developers don’t read, listen, or care about the community. The more I go back on this forum ran by their engine I just see unhappy players.. this game like most is becoming nothing short of cash grab..and as you stated they can’t even get their own game mechanics right to make it worth the money. Quite a shame, was a great concept.. on to the next one I guess
  6. Slicksnelson

    Balancing for Newer Players

    I 100% agree with you and just made a similar post in the same regard before I read this but being new to the game myself wasn’t aware of some of the facts you stated here.. I didn’t know some older blueprints were off the table and all that for new players. I’ve always enjoyed free games and instantly fell in love with vigor..but the shift to pay to play is very much BS. It’s my understanding it’s not the most popular game anyway and at this rate they will never grow. They’ve almost lost me bc I just lose load out after load out to unfair matchmaking on certain days.. and it’s the vets you speak of who go threat and kill the entire lobby of raincoats. If only the devs of this game would listen or care for that matter.. until it’s fair I’ll never spend a dime on Vigor. As a matter of fact if it becomes too much more towards pay-to win I known my friends and I will uninstall off principle .
  7. Slicksnelson

    Loot bug in Fiske encounter

    P.s: if there is a lucky lighter bug it would be nice to see someone make a post about that on here.. I could contribute, but from what I can tell the devs don’t respond much on here ? Or listen ? I am unsure
  8. Slicksnelson

    Loot bug in Fiske encounter

    Ultimately in response to both of you guys.. I do understand the bugs being just part of the game developing but these loot loss/missing bugs are big in my opinion.. I mean what’s the point of playing if you go through all the wear and tear, then make it out with everything just to realize it’s not there.. makes it feel pointless. They already took the crown earning challenges away.. least they could do is let us get some of the loot we work so hard for with confidence to know it will register.. thanks for the replies
  9. IMO the matchmaking on this game borderlines being broken. I am relatively new to the game/moderate skill level player and matchmaking “issues” have urged me to close app more than once and play something else. It’s just ridiculous you’ll have a lobby full of players like me lvl 20 to >20.. some raincoats with one gun some with nothing.. then you’ll have one or sometimes two random lvl50’s with 2,500 outlander kill badges, carrying three gold weapons(they probably have blueprints for) out here just trolling the entire lobby. Some days I can’t even play constantly losing load out after load out to these guys. Putting full mags into someone just to have them turn 180 degrees and hit my head in one bullet.. The skill level isn’t even remotely close. They’ve put all the time in and that’s great, but let’s get a more lvl/skill based matchmaking. These guys get all the loot and I see players go threat almost every game now. Hard life for a raincoat and anybody learning/trying to build really.. I’ve considered uninstalling and I’m sure I’m not the only one for this reason.
  10. Slicksnelson

    Loot bug in Fiske encounter

    I have noticed the items missing at end game as well.. but the specific scenario from original posts I just got back to the shelter after the encounter and didn’t have/gain any of the items or weapons I had retrieved in the encounter. On the topic of the Fiske lighter.. it is the only one I have actually found. I haven’t found any collectible records or lighter really at all. Except lucky lighter which I found on Fiske.. I get repeats of it and the trolls I’ve collected very often. P.s: sorry for the late response didn’t think anyone cared to reply so I haven’t been on here
  11. Slicksnelson

    Loot bug in Fiske encounter

    I see there are a lot views here.. is this a common problem ? Just me ?...
  12. Slicksnelson

    Loot bug in Fiske encounter

    This is not the first time I’ve been shorted loot. I’ve been shorted crates from challenges.. and other loot from encounters. This is just the first time I decided to seek help, and hope there is a ticket system to get these materials back. Also, to be noted I’m on PS4 and am sad to see there are no ps4 discussion forums.. any feedback appreciated.
  13. Just ran an encounter on Fiske.. I had someone come up on me on my way to the exit and killed him, taking all of his loot. It had a kitted AUG and lots of resources I needed to upgrade the shelter(i.e: fertilizer(42)). When I returned to shelter I had neither the weapon or anything else I obtained in the encounter. Is there a ticket system or some way for me to get the loot I am owed ? I have video clip and more to prove it.