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  1. Hi As the new 2.0 patch said, there is now a 64 bits Linux dedicated server and I would like to know how to install it, if it is the same as the 32 bits installation or if there are some documentation about it. I used to have memory problems with the 32 bits version (it only gave to the server 3 or 4GB RAM max when I had much more available), and now I hope it wont give me that problem. One more thing, I heard that HC default values works well until a server reaches about 70-80 people, is that true?
  2. Hi all I'm quite new with this kind of servers so I need some help with creating one. First, I have bought a VPS with 24GB of RAM (Ubuntu 64 bits 18.04) to host an Arma 3 dedicated server because the one that I use (which is not a VPS) runs out of RAM since we are about 60 people doing missions and stuff. The thing is that I need a panel or something that helps me with maps and mods, because they will be in constant change. I tried OGP (Open Game Panel) but it limits, for some reason, my RAM usage to 4GB only, and that is far from being enough. So... How do I create a server using a VPS? Are there some tools that can help me with that? Thanks in advance for your answers