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  1. Works perfectly ! I guess that I can copy my existing repository file ./resources/ftp/localrepo.a3s.repository into fresh Arma3sync setup to skip the repository creation.... thanks a lot !
  2. Hello, First, thank you so much for this AMAZING tool, my friends and I cannot handle mods without ! I am setting up a remote FTP server and installed also a local Arma3Sync instance: the aim is to download mods, then build the repo locally, in an automated way on linux. A cron job should be able to rebuild the repo daily if needed, so, I am looking at the command Java -jar ArmA3Sync.jar -BUILD "NomDuDépot" But I don't know how to specify the parameters (the ones provided interactively with Arma3Sync-console.sh script), do you have some advise ? I am very sorry to bother, but I actually failed to find my answer. Thank you !
  3. Congrats for the new awesome release :) EDIT > fixed, my bad
  4. Hello Icebreakr, Do you plan to release a new version soon ? I plan to create a 3-months campaign on this awesome map starting from September, so I would like to know if there is something in the pipe or not yet :) Thank you
  5. Thank you so much for your work dude ! Both are amazing maps :wub:
  6. Yet another badass map :wub: Can't wait !
  7. galevsky

    Arma 3 Units - Closed Beta Feedback

    Hi, I am currently facing HTTP error code 500 when saving my characteristics changes about gameplay focus.
  8. Hi, I am used to check time with in-game watch but I face desynchronization between serverTime and my local daytime (in-game watches display daytime, right ?) : after 2 hours, clients time differs about 15 min. :confused: Is there any trick to make in-game watch time equal to the server daytime ? Thank you for your help... ;)
  9. galevsky

    [RELEASE]Zeus Mission Builder

    Looks like to be a great alternative to MCC, does'nt it ? I will try it soon.... :)
  10. galevsky

    Access by object name

    Does the job ! Big thank you @Schatten: thks too, but I was looking for optimized code, with no loop...
  11. galevsky

    Access by object name

    Does someone have the solution ? I am still blocked on this issue: _myObjectName = "first_laptop"; _myObjectInstance = ?????? ; // Looking for something like BIS_fn_GetObjectByName _myObjectName _res = alive _myObjectInstance; // if I use _myObjectName instead, there is an error: Error alive: Type String, expected Object
  12. Hello, I want to create a mod that provide additional groups into the editor to make mission making faster in my team. Do you know how ? By default we have: And I would like to have mine in the list.
  13. Hi all, for PvP purpose, I need to stop the mission for all clients at the same time, and display a score-board. I think I need to execute a function like the one below at the end of the duration (2 hours), on all clients due to the call to the UI resources call: ofcra_fnc_clients_side_mission_end = { // Open scoreboard cutRsc ["ScoreBoard","PLAIN"]; }; So, I want to use a trigger to plan the ofcra_fnc_clients_side_mission_end call on each client when the mission will time out: It looks like I cannot use the serverTime, but I can consider the in-game current time thanks to daytime on the client side when joining, then compute the remaining-time-to-play value, and use it in my trigger. My question is about daytime : wiki says That means that clients don't get the same in-game time ? Sounds weird.... Maybe I miss the right way to do what I want to ? Any advise ? Thank you for your help :)