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  1. Thank you, but it is not my use-case, here I am creating a tool to manage arma3 servers with containers, and I would like to build (with podman, but similar with docker) a new image whenever there is a change and tag it with the right version... to make them available to the tool. I also would like to read the version to trigger the new build, instead of an additional checksum or whatever on the directory to detect the changes. Everything is automated, steamcmd updates the Arma3 server every morning (among mods and so on), and take the necessary follow-up actions. Thank you for you comment anyway 👍. Gal'
  2. Hi all, I fail to find out how to get the current server version... I see no specific file like version.txt or changelog.md that I can parse, I tried this: galevsky@vladivostok:~/ArmA3containers/arma3srv$ ./arma3server_x64 --version 16:04:58 SteamAPI initialization failed. Steam features won't be accessible! ArmA Linux Server, ver. 2.08.149102 16:04:58 ../lib/Network/networkServer.cpp ClearNetServer:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing! 16:04:58 Critical:Destroying running thread! 16:04:58 Critical:Destroying running thread! 16:04:58 Critical:Destroying running thread! Segmentation fault (core dumped) which looks to be the right thing to be done, any idea why it is core-dumping ? Any trick ? Thank you for your help ! Gal'
  3. Works perfectly ! I guess that I can copy my existing repository file ./resources/ftp/localrepo.a3s.repository into fresh Arma3sync setup to skip the repository creation.... thanks a lot !
  4. Hello, First, thank you so much for this AMAZING tool, my friends and I cannot handle mods without ! I am setting up a remote FTP server and installed also a local Arma3Sync instance: the aim is to download mods, then build the repo locally, in an automated way on linux. A cron job should be able to rebuild the repo daily if needed, so, I am looking at the command Java -jar ArmA3Sync.jar -BUILD "NomDuDépot" But I don't know how to specify the parameters (the ones provided interactively with Arma3Sync-console.sh script), do you have some advise ? I am very sorry to bother, but I actually failed to find my answer. Thank you !
  5. Congrats for the new awesome release :) EDIT > fixed, my bad
  6. Hello Icebreakr, Do you plan to release a new version soon ? I plan to create a 3-months campaign on this awesome map starting from September, so I would like to know if there is something in the pipe or not yet :) Thank you
  7. Thank you so much for your work dude ! Both are amazing maps :wub:
  8. Yet another badass map :wub: Can't wait !
  9. galevsky

    Arma 3 Units - Closed Beta Feedback

    Hi, I am currently facing HTTP error code 500 when saving my characteristics changes about gameplay focus.
  10. Hi, I am used to check time with in-game watch but I face desynchronization between serverTime and my local daytime (in-game watches display daytime, right ?) : after 2 hours, clients time differs about 15 min. :confused: Is there any trick to make in-game watch time equal to the server daytime ? Thank you for your help... ;)
  11. galevsky

    [RELEASE]Zeus Mission Builder

    Looks like to be a great alternative to MCC, does'nt it ? I will try it soon.... :)
  12. galevsky

    Access by object name

    Does the job ! Big thank you @Schatten: thks too, but I was looking for optimized code, with no loop...
  13. galevsky

    Access by object name

    Does someone have the solution ? I am still blocked on this issue: _myObjectName = "first_laptop"; _myObjectInstance = ?????? ; // Looking for something like BIS_fn_GetObjectByName _myObjectName _res = alive _myObjectInstance; // if I use _myObjectName instead, there is an error: Error alive: Type String, expected Object
  14. Hello, I want to create a mod that provide additional groups into the editor to make mission making faster in my team. Do you know how ? By default we have: And I would like to have mine in the list.