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  1. it will be nice to have, also being able to use .dll extension... but ocap needed an extension because you are not being able to write and save files, now you can
  2. Trigger Debugger This mod is a little extension to the zeus who with a button on the top right can toogle this tool that allow it to see all triggers on the map, and with right click on it being able to activate it, delete it or just see information about it. Core features See all triggers on the zeus map. See all modules sync to the trigger. See all things sync to the modules. Compatible with Zeus enhanced / Achilles. LOCAL MOD so no need to be installed on the server. How to use: On top right corner you will see this button: After that all triggers will appear on the map, with all syncornized things to the trigger, and modules syncronized to it With right click on the area of the trigger this menu will appear: Known issues Triggers with no area cant be interacted Plan to the future Make Triggers visible on zeus interface Edit Triggers Links Workshop GitHub
  3. FlyingTarta

    [BETA] Night Vision Battery script

    yea, ill do a version with no ACE in the future 😄 i wont be really hard just a little bit more unconfortable
  4. Adds battery to night vision googles, it uses "desiganator battery" from ACE3 and it can be changed via ACE action menu. Requires ACE3 Feactures: - Adds battery to NVGs - Thermals consume double - Time acceleration how to use: - Download Script from here: https://github.com/Flyingtarta/clv_nvg_battery - Paste folder on mission root - add to description.ext: class CfgFunctions { #include "clv_nvg_battery\functions.hpp" }; class RscTitles { #include "clv_nvg_battery\gui\interfaz.hpp" }; Battery last 5 hours. Script is under developement and ill be a mod in a future if there is some problem when using it you can disableit midgame with: missionnamespace setvariable ["TARTA_NVB_BATTERY_EXIT",true,true];
  5. FlyingTarta

    HeadlessClient and Scripts

    yup, was that, when they join to a new group, the locality changes, taking out that is solved... i need to change the script, but with that in mind will be much easyier... thank you!!
  6. FlyingTarta

    HeadlessClient and Scripts

    im using this script : if (hasInterface) exitwith {}; _grp = _this select 0; _son = count (units _grp); if (_son < 4) exitWith {}; _r = (round (_son/2)); while { true } do { _quedan = {alive _x}count (units _grp); if (_quedan <= _r) then { { sleep 10; [_x] join grpNull; sleep 0.1; //(group _x) setgroupowner 2; //waituntil { groupowner (group _x) == 2}; _x enableai "PATH"; _x setunitpos "AUTO"; _x setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _x disableai "AUTOCOMBAT"; _x disableai "AUTOTARGET"; _x disableai "WEAPONAIM"; _x setspeedmode "FULL"; _retipos = [4423.02,5976.91,-0.000244141]; _x domove _retipos; }foreach (units _grp); if (_quedan <= _r) exitwith {} }; if (_quedan <= _r) exitwith {}; sleep 1; };
  7. FlyingTarta

    HeadlessClient and Scripts

    Thanks! It’s well written in the script... so the problem ain’t that 😞
  8. Hi there! im having some locality issues when using headless clients, i tryed with if (hasInterface) exitwith {} so it only should be executed on HC or Server. i made an script were if 4/9 units from a group are killed they run away... but using a script from werthless, i saw the locality changes to the server when a unit dies, and in the next cycle, it goes again to the Headless, so units stop moving. any ideas how to have less problems with hc? Thankyou!
  9. Hello, i just make a script to call a truck to my position via menu action, and when i test it in SP works perfectly, but when i try it in MP it donest work and i dont understund why ( i even tryed in TASDT) and in both has the same error: Error undefined variable in expresion: chof <- variable which is defined in varinit.sqf. to test the script, just execVM script/sumi.sqf in a vehicle with a driver. https://github.com/Flyingtarta/SupplyiesScript-/tree/master/Supplies