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  1. FlyingTarta

    HeadlessClient and Scripts

    yup, was that, when they join to a new group, the locality changes, taking out that is solved... i need to change the script, but with that in mind will be much easyier... thank you!!
  2. FlyingTarta

    HeadlessClient and Scripts

    im using this script : if (hasInterface) exitwith {}; _grp = _this select 0; _son = count (units _grp); if (_son < 4) exitWith {}; _r = (round (_son/2)); while { true } do { _quedan = {alive _x}count (units _grp); if (_quedan <= _r) then { { sleep 10; [_x] join grpNull; sleep 0.1; //(group _x) setgroupowner 2; //waituntil { groupowner (group _x) == 2}; _x enableai "PATH"; _x setunitpos "AUTO"; _x setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _x disableai "AUTOCOMBAT"; _x disableai "AUTOTARGET"; _x disableai "WEAPONAIM"; _x setspeedmode "FULL"; _retipos = [4423.02,5976.91,-0.000244141]; _x domove _retipos; }foreach (units _grp); if (_quedan <= _r) exitwith {} }; if (_quedan <= _r) exitwith {}; sleep 1; };
  3. FlyingTarta

    HeadlessClient and Scripts

    Thanks! It’s well written in the script... so the problem ain’t that 😞
  4. Hi there! im having some locality issues when using headless clients, i tryed with if (hasInterface) exitwith {} so it only should be executed on HC or Server. i made an script were if 4/9 units from a group are killed they run away... but using a script from werthless, i saw the locality changes to the server when a unit dies, and in the next cycle, it goes again to the Headless, so units stop moving. any ideas how to have less problems with hc? Thankyou!
  5. Hello, i just make a script to call a truck to my position via menu action, and when i test it in SP works perfectly, but when i try it in MP it donest work and i dont understund why ( i even tryed in TASDT) and in both has the same error: Error undefined variable in expresion: chof <- variable which is defined in varinit.sqf. to test the script, just execVM script/sumi.sqf in a vehicle with a driver. https://github.com/Flyingtarta/SupplyiesScript-/tree/master/Supplies