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  1. Hello, I'm trying to get a conversation to work between the player and a dummy speaker. If instead of a dummy speaker (game logic) I use a real AI unit everything works fine, but if I call ["MissionBriefing", "OperationMalden", nil, true, nil, true] spawn BIS_fnc_kbTell; the conversation works partially, meaning that the speaker is called "Game Logic" instead of "Base", and his voice pitch is disturbingly low. The wiki mentions that the fifth argument (true) implies that it will create a dummy if the speaker unit doesn't exist: BIS_fnc_kbTell. The sentence is configured as follows: class Sentences { class Base_1_GoodEvening { text = "Good evening, gentlemen!"; speech[] = { "\Sounds\Briefing_1_Base_GoodEvening.ogg" }; actor = "baseCommander"; class Arguments {}; }; ... The speaker identity is configured as follows: class CfgIdentities { class baseCommander { name = "baseCommander"; // nameSound = "Givens"; // Arma 3 only! face = "whiteHead_06"; glasses = "None"; speaker = "Male05ENG"; pitch = 1.1; }; }; The wiki also specifies that BIS_fnc_kbCreateDummy will use the identity from CfgIdentities if an identity with the same name is defined: BIS_fnc_kbCreateDummy. Does anyone know how to fix this voice pitch and name issue? It seems to create a new generic Game Logic instead of using the identity defined in CfgIdentities.
  2. Solved, I think I might have not understood the differences between the chats. It seems that commandChat only displays the message to the squad leader. I've fixed it by using sideChat. The message now shows up to all of the squad members.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to print something in the command chat (I'm quite new to Arma 3 scripting). This works 100% for the player character, but not so much for the playable characters. I have a squad of 4: one player and three remaining playables. 1. In Eden -> Attributes -> General -> Init: [] spawn UTIL_fnc_handleMissionStart; 2. I've setup a function library in Description.ext: // some CfgSounds // ... // Function library class CfgFunctions { class UTIL { class Print { file = "fnc"; class issueRadioCommand {}; class handleMissionStart {}; }; }; }; 3. fnc/fn_handleMissionStart.sqf: private _taskAssignmentDelay = 3; private _radioCommand = missionNamespace getVariable "missionStartRadioCommand"; private _groupName = groupId group player; private _message = _radioCommand select 0; private _duration = _radioCommand select 1; private _radioCommandDelay = 0; private _displayIntroText = { private _introTextDelay = 3; sleep _introTextDelay; [ ["Somewhere on Altis", 1, 1], [format ["Year %1", date select 0], 1, 1], [format ["Grid %1", mapGridPosition player], 1, 5, 3] ] spawn BIS_fnc_EXP_camp_SITREP; }; // --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THESE 2 WORK FINE: // [west, "HQ"] commandChat "hello world!"; // [[west, "PAPA_BEAR"], "Hello world!"] remoteExec ["commandChat"]; _message = format [_message, _groupName]; [] spawn _displayIntroText; sleep _radioCommandDelay; [_message, _duration] call UTIL_fnc_issueRadioCommand; sleep _taskAssignmentDelay; ["retrieveIntelTask", "ASSIGNED"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; 4. fnc/fn_issueRadioCommand.sqf: params ["_message", ["_duration", 0]]; private _radioBeepDelay = missionNamespace getVariable ["radioBeepDelay", 0.5]; ["radio_beep"] remoteExec ["playSound"]; sleep _radioBeepDelay; [[west, "PAPA_BEAR"], _message] remoteExec ["commandChat"]; if (_duration > 0) then { sleep _duration; }; I haven't included the snippet for the missionNamespace variables, they are set in the init.sqf file. When I play as the player, everything works as expected: at some point I get a message in the command chat ([[west, "PAPA_BEAR"], _message] remoteExec ["commandChat"];). When I select a playable however, this doesn't work anymore. I do hear the ["radio_beep"] remoteExec ["playSound"]; but the command message never shows up. If I place the remoteExec directly into the fn_handleMissionStart.sqf file, it works for playables too, I can see the message. I didn't really understand how this remote execution works. Could someone please help me understand why is this working like this?
  4. Hello everyone, I've been thinking about implementing some sort of AI radio chatter based on AI generated voices (for my future maps). I'm fairly new to ARMA scripting but so far I've found it pretty interesting. My plan is to convert some text to voice via any of the numerous voice AI generators available, and then to use it with the Conversations system/framework to give indications or to notify the player about some scripted events, for example. I prefer this alternative to recording my own voice since I'm not the most expressive human being 🙂 and my microphone is not the best. So far I've found an easy YouTube tutorial for creating a basic conversation between AIs, but only for natural voice (with no radio effect). My only issue is that I have no idea how to implement the radio chatter effect. I haven't yet found an AI voice generator which also applies specific effects to the generated voice. Does arma provide any tool for applying this effect or do I have to manually edit the natural voice, in Audacity for example? Also, is it mandatory to have an actor in order to "emit" a voice/radio chat?