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  1. joostsidy

    grenade launcher F not work

    Did you try looking directly into the grenade launcher barrel to see if it is loaded and not obstructed? The key is not to *press* F but to *shout* F*** !!! and then pull the trigger on the grenade launcher. For total success you should have switched weapon mode to grenade launcher, you can find the change weapon mode button in the change controls menu.
  2. joostsidy

    Which discs contain playable missions?

    I think this is an incredibly harsh statement, a shocking wake-up call to reality, why is life so unfair??!! 😆 I think I will take a drive in my go-kart to try to lift my spirits..
  3. joostsidy

    Weird HOTAS Problem

    Is it possible to eliminate all non-arma configs for you like perhaps the windows calibration or the hotas software? I remember having problems with my hotas years ago (X55) and getting rid of the software that came with it. I exclusively used Arma to configure it.
  4. joostsidy

    Discord Ban

    There is no confrontation, there is just one guy, you, that is apparently in need of help. Instead of asking for help you are trying to tell other people what they should do, how to think and that you think you know better how rules should be applied. How about starting with a apology? Also isn't your profile picture a symbol of unhelpful and deceitful behaviour? IMO it does not help your case.. 😉
  5. joostsidy

    Discord Ban

    I like the casual 'we' thrown in, since you are the only one with a problem. Maybe clean up your attitude a little before participating in the adult world, it will work much better, I promise 😉
  6. joostsidy

    Eden Objects

    The internet says it's a Wednesday. Arma 3 is basically out of development, but I heard newspaper shaders and physics are better coded in the Enfusion engine, so hopefully we won't see this in Arma 4.
  7. joostsidy

    Future plans to continue "The legacy"

    I am positively inclined. BIS still has a kind of monopoly on the 'serious military game' with infantry and vehicles together. I can see them going the 'don't fix if it aint broken' route. That excludes going to console or or changing the whole setting again. They had some failed experiments in the past with going to console and a (too) fantastic setting (aliens and railguns (not Contact, that one is cool)). Joining the AAA trends with futuristic gameplay while maintaining the serious aspect is a solid niche for them, with high profit potential and low risk. It will probably take time though, I wouldn't be surprised if it takes a couple of years and I don't mind honestly. I fully expect delays due to staff getting captured on spy missions again or their tank stuck in reverse driving through their HQ, etc.
  8. joostsidy

    ROTC Training Aid

    I would say: play some of the general gameplay tutorials to get on how the game works. At the same time, get acquainted with the editor, there are lots of tutorials on youtube and elsewhere. If not everyone is able to play Arma I would k̶i̶c̶k̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶m̶ ̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶p̶r̶o̶g̶r̶a̶m̶m̶e̶ setup some kind of interactive viewing session where an instructor can show for instance some manoeuvres on the map and using first person perspective, based on a mission that he created. So basically you would need teaching software that the students can see the instructors screen (there are multiple options for this, I hear a lot of talk about Zoom for instance). At my university we use Blackboard Collaborate. If you have some other guys and girls who also have Arma, and who are obviously your most elite soldiers, they can be part of the training session as demonstrators. Lets say the instructor gives the students some scenario's to think about, they choose a scenario, and then the demonstrators would act out the scenario in Arma. You might also be in interested in Zeus, a system in Arma where the instructor can be a kind of Dungeon Master and control the complete setup and progress of a mission. Perhaps this works even better than using the editor (unfortunately I don't have experience with Zeus). Because of the circumstances I have to teach online now as well. A basic advice is to try to keep it simple, add a lot of structure and lower the learning goals, as online learning is often a bit harder compared to working with a live, physical instructor. Hope this helps!
  9. joostsidy

    Admin banned.... for what?

    ..decided to troll... kill team mates.... admin banned me.. It's the short version, but at least it makes sense. Even with your polished story, you and your friend sure seem like a real fine addition to the Arma community.. /s
  10. The news paper itself is an older easter egg from years ago not specifically related to Contact. The combination of the article and the big pile of furniture is a nice addition to the missing furniture joke, good find!
  11. joostsidy

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    AI 1: Just trust me. He's there.. at heading 231.23, distance 45.32m, heightASL. 1.72m. AI 2: Got it.. <cocks charging handle>
  12. joostsidy

    IFA3: german sniper rifle

    It is due to the way the rifle is created and configured, there is no easy solution for a player to 'setManualReload true' or something. You would have to contact the creators of the rifle or IFA3. Since the rifle has probably been around a long time, there is only a very low chance of the creator actually updating it with your wish.
  13. B_Boat_Transport_01_F, 'boaty mcboatface'. 😉
  14. I'm afraid you are a little bit late to the party. There is no active development on the game anymore in terms of new features. Which makes sense since the game is many years old. Perhaps beautiful tank bushes in Arma 4!
  15. joostsidy

    [Criticism] Arma 3 shouldnt exist?!

    After careful consideration of the OP's arguments I can only come to one conclusion as to the origins of his misgivings about the game. Jana, his cool girlfriend, invited him online for a cooperative mission in Arma 3, but when he joined the game there was nothing but scripted white smoke grenades forming a text indicating she broke up with him. He recoiled from this shocking message, inadvertently shoving his Thrustmaster Warthog flight control stick off the desk, falling on the floor, crushing his hamster.