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  1. joostsidy

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    I visited Lemnos (Altis) to have a look at the real thing. I had similar feelings as you: it looks creepily familiar! Even things I thought about as unrealistic in Altis, such as the numerous car wrecks, old fashioned phone booths, or all those little beach places; they are there on the real Island. Main airport, Kavala, Ghost hotel: exellent work. After the church, turning right at the gas station in one of the towns really gets you to the docks! Now I'm cursed with weird overlapping memories 😆
  2. joostsidy

    AI won't respond to commands

    I had this problem as well in the past with my AI squad mates. Some suggestions: - Don't command everyone to move forward under fire while you stay behind - Make sure your squad mates are well paid, especially in specops missions - Make sure you have a beer with your squad mates once in while after a mission so you're not just the 'bossing everyone around all the time' guy
  3. joostsidy

    Laws of War DLC Leaflets

    Well, a script would look something like: _drone = _this select 0; _target = _this select 1; _distance = _this select 2; _drone doMove (getPos _target); waitUntil {sleep .1; _drone distance _target < _distance}; _drone fire "Bomb_Leaflets"; In this situation you added the leaflets to the drone via the pylon editor (where you normally select which bombs to put on planes). The _target could be a Game Logic. Call the script with something like: [myDrone, myTarget, 10] execVM 'dropLeaflets.sqf'; https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Leaflets
  4. joostsidy

    The effect of weapon on AI accuracy

    A tip for the investigator: see if you make graphs from your quantitative data. They are easier to read, you can spot differences immediately, and hopefully draw more people to the discussion. Nobody (or is it just me?) likes reading lists of numbers.. 🙂
  5. joostsidy

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    Wow, looking quite good (for its time), completely missed it at the time!
  6. joostsidy

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    Before OFP I loved Novalogic's Delta Force. A 'realistic' shooter introduced to me in the following way: 'you are good at shooters aren't you? there are enemy's over that hill, walk over the hill and try if you can shoot them. My character walked over the hill and sank gurgling to its knees killed by a sniper bullet. I was blown away by a game with real bullets that could kill you in one shot. Then came OFP. The same, but with more weapons, vehicles, controllable squad mates and a mission editor. Hooked for life!
  7. joostsidy

    How to force AI to holster weapons?

    Sure, here is the same thing, broken down and explained a little: this removeWeapon (primaryWeapon this); null = [this] spawn { _unit = (_this select 0); sleep 1; _unit action ['SwitchWeapon', _unit, _unit, 100]; }; // this (the player in this case) remove rifle, the unit will automatically draw pistol // create (spawn) a little script on the fly, no name (handle) is necessary so it's called 'null' (nothing): no handle is created // the first (and only) parameter 'this' (the player) is assigned to the variable '_unit' // wait a second to give the game a chance to do rifle removement and pistol drawing // _unit do switchweapon action by yourself on yourself on weapon ('muzzle') nr. 100 which does not exist which results in holstering current weapon // the game only understands that 'this' is the player because the code is run from the player's init More info on: switchweapon If you think the switchweapon action is weird and hard to understand, it's not you, it's supposed to be this way. ;-)
  8. joostsidy

    Arma3 Videos

    CSAT Specops: To remain undetected requires some ice-cold neutralizing..
  9. joostsidy

    Can this AI behaviour be fixed?

    This is indeed one of the crudest and definitely failing AI behaviours. It seemed (at least at the start of Arma 3) that vehicle group AI was just copied from infantry AI, so the vehicles try to act as if they are people. Something went horribly wrong in the design as vehicle groups were behaving better in OFP. I'm not sure if this is related to OP's topic however (vehicles driving over people)..
  10. joostsidy

    Can this AI behaviour be fixed?

    The vehicle killed you because he thought you were an idiot and a coward standing in the middle of the road with your back to the enemy. The medic couldn't be bothered to help you, because you seemed insisting on getting killed. ;-) Jokes aside, I don't dispute the AI is sometimes crude, but I don't think this is a good example. The problem is more serious with multiple vehicles and infantry moving up together or moving in non-combat situations. I tend to separate them (even on different roads :-( in order to prevent accidents and holdups. What helps is to decrease the speed of the vehicle in certain situations. If the AI has better speed management in Arma (4) that would improve the situation IMO.
  11. joostsidy

    Giving my first shot on creating a mission

    I agree with target_practice, the most natural way to learn is first try what you can do with the editor. Then you will run into some limit which you can try to solve with SQF. Then you have a very specific problem to solve. It will be more clear and motivating. Also my #1 tip: work with the game and not against it. There are awesome things you can do and some mundane things you can't. Don't spend too many hours trying to solve impossible problems, just change your mission to fit the game.
  12. joostsidy

    effects of camera movements to a direction

    Have you tried addressing the estimated in one direction, up and down?
  13. joostsidy

    Please, fix this!!!

    There is no denying that there are lots of little things missing or wrong. For the medic I use a simple scripted solution: I attach a 'Heal' action to all friendly medics on the map, so that any medic can heal me when I use the action.
  14. joostsidy

    Thank you BI [2018 Roadmap Update]

    I think the news update is fine. Unless you're a newcomer, you know the drill: arma 3 is complicated, there are issues, but there are also many cool things that you don't find in other games. Just take it as it is and have patience. Next year we'll see what they come up with.
  15. joostsidy

    A Arma Webseries

    Are they award-winning actors? It's hard to get excited about a text that can mean anything.. You should have waited until your movie trailer is ready and start your promo with that IMO.