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    VTOL Contorls Request/Needed

    Pretty simple. Add a programmable key slot under controls/plane that controls vector forward or vector back as well as on and off completely seperate from flaps while in auto-hover mode. The new VTOLs vehicle while extremely useful are horribly HOTAS Unfriendly ATM (tried typing while using a hotas?) and that would help. And lastly they are half helicopter so why no advanced Flight model for them? And perhaps my first statement was inaccurate calling them planes to begin with. Why are they not Helicopters with fully supported model to go with?
  2. romeo16

    [bug report] Joystick Hotas Problem

    It has been like this forever Do NOT type either disconnects your inputs. Until Bohemia decides to fix it you need to be careful while flying that simple.
  3. Due to the confusion i am getting trying to relearn the Vtol controls Since the last update on sneak preview I have this to say. While using Advanced Flight Model due directly to the recent changes i have a simple request/solution. Under planes controls please add Vtol vector increase VTOL vector decrease for VTOL enabled platforms. This way users can combine their own key commands or hotas inputs for better control of these new aircraft without the need to go back to mouse and keyboard or break out the boring scroll wheel options. Thanks
  4. romeo16

    Weapon tests

    In real life AT type weapons are explosive shaped in some fashion turning a bit of metal of some type projecting it forward into a armor piercing bullet badass. Basically the round itself when it strikes the tank blows up forcing some kind of metal plate to accelerate from that point forward. Assuming a nearly perpendicular strike the perfect angle giving the explosive no chance to "turn" from on side to the other maximizing explosive force on the armors surface. A secondary effect of that if immediate heating softening the metal from the actual impact. And third the actual projectile itself usually travels those last few inches through that armor propelled at much greater speeds than the original "carrying package or projectile" could sustain in flight without breaking apart due to sheer force. These simple things apply to the physics rules of AT weapons. Mortars and HE shells are designed to fragmentize or Concuss a target disabling it that way the shockwave or shrapnel penetration has the killing effect producing only a single effect upon armor not all three. Not to mention the amount of force that is absorbed by the ground. Lastly the sheer size of an explosive renders the need for it to be complex useless the 240MM rocket packs a lot of force and detonates at or above ground level not penetrating it slightly like mortars do thus NOT reducing force. That large concussive wave does the damage literally sheering one inch of armor off of the next and compressing the entire tank. The Circular type expansion of that explosion renders flatter surfaces at greater risk. Much like a car accident one part of the vehicle begins to move and the rest remains still much like a bumper collapsing from a moving vehicle. This is a bit Advanced hope you understand.
  5. All fire teams assemble their squads based on expected enemy contact when you don't know what to expect you bring everything you can subtract from that mobility/duration requirements and shift it to QRF designated units that typically have vehicles designated with ammo and med kit resupply capabilities.
  6. I have an issue with you as a game publisher specifically Arma 3. As a user I understand the need for more content and features as a buisness you have to make money got it. However, could you guys go back and fix the following things. #1 Develop strong anti scripting/hacking capabilities for server hosts. We have to pay out of pocket to keep these things running ourselves (including VON such as TS3 etc.) it would be nice to immediately be informed as an administrator/player when a pesky (I assume 5 Year old) logs onto server and wreaks havoc from an open ended in game script attack (simple fix auto kick/ban unauthorized Zues like action use from server editor options). If it's not written into that particular admins or users authorization to do so have Arma automatically remove them from server or whatever the server host decided to do in Editor. #2 the helicopter DLC (specifically the Taru) was buggy before the last pre Marksman DLC patch in preparation for Actual (Marksman) DLC and had an anti torque bug associated with it's use. The Patch only made it nearly impossible to fly in Regular Flight model Marksman DLC greatly increased it's frequency. That is 50% of your helicopter DLC product. :/ #3 make a useable Side chat VON option in game or include in above recommended admin/editor options the ability to disable individual (Not Global) channel and player VON capability. Tools to prevent 1 person wantonly disrupting the gameplay of everyone else. #4 Make all the tools (grey hawks) available to UAV operators functional. (NOT the buggy mess that blows up as soon as you begin to issue them commands providing fireworks displays to those in vicinity of their spawn perhaps make vehicles within a certain distance of spawn 5M or so immune to damage) #5 it's a military simulation every time I went out on a mission (in Actual Real Life) someone checked my earplugs so that the first time I was exposed to an explosion/gunfire I didn't immediately start bleeding out of that sensitive orifice. Make ear plug use game wide scrolling type option regardless of location or mission and editable volume levels (at least somewhat customizable) in game configure options for that tool. (IE Earplugs in 90% reduction in vehicle and music volume leaving VON levels adjustable and reducing game impact from explosion/gunfire: Earplugs out regular listening levels increased effect from explosions even possibly adding tinnitus in ears for at least a few seconds interrupting regular sound effects). #6 give multiplayer server creators powerful editing tools. Such as being able to remove tracer rounds from helicopter Gatling cannons (which now cause client side graphical lag regardless of location server wide). Specific vehicle respawn script writer tools that could control such things as ammo type, inventory, and spawn rate selection. Add things like friendly player vicinity detection to this tool (which cause vehicles have no players within 300M 1to respawn automatically returning it for use to base for later use without the need to search for it). #7 Also add editor ability of players to see the maps data they have copied from servers played on and edit them without the need to download possibly virus ridden packaging tools. Mod authors to could make some of those files specifics read only/hidden (so things like custom mods and Zues authorized players list can not be modified or read both keeping that hard work of authors safe and scripters at bay as well as protecting the Client/Steam Id's of admins safe) Lastly idea for next feature, if you have advanced flight model why not advanced bullet physics that at least make the wind effects possible (optional of course in game configuration client side so not to be over whelming) Sorry for the length just got a lot to say thanks. P.S. Positively best content to date BIPODS YEA!!!!! Can finally shoot stuff.