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  1. lingus

    Team vs. Team: Island Hopping

    If you come to our Teamspeak we upload the latest version on the File Transfer under the Off-site Server channel. The TS3 server info is listed on http://themedicstation.net/
  2. lingus

    Team vs. Team: Island Hopping

    I linked the Workshop file on the original post. The latest version is always updated so that people can host it on their own servers since we have had foreign players try to connect from as far away as Asia and Australia where pings are too high. Our dedicated server is the United States at: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=720699276
  3. lingus

    Team vs. Team: Island Hopping

    We have been testing since last week with a public Alpha, and just went Beta Monday night after putting the mission up on the dedicated server at http://themedicstation.net/ .
  4. Beta-testers and cannon fodder are needed for a new Team vs.Team Sector Control scenario that is currently being developed for APEX Tanoa! Currently, we are stable with 5 Island Sectors, but wish to expand this to 7, 9, and 11 Sectors provided we have enough players to test the flow and ebb of the gameplay. Upon the stable release of APEX, we will be hosting Island Hopping on a dedicated server at http://themedicstation.net/ If you like tactical military gameplay please help us get this scenario finished by playing it through for us so we can make the appropriate edits. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=720699276
  5. lingus

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Since the last update performance has suffered worse than anything I've seen since, and this was on a BI Official End Game Server with only 3 players. BIS you are earning a bad reputation by moving on to new content without optimizing what you have released thus far. Please do not advertize any more work on an Expansion or DLC until you completely overhaul the code as many will not purchase anymore until this game is fixed.
  6. One of the Random kits in the Arsenal had me in just my undergarments! In addition some have taken to stripping off the uniform to get a speed advantage while moving on foot. I was wondering if any elite players without the benefit of group markers would be able to identify NATO Jockey shorts from the CSAT underwear?
  7. These are public servers open to everyone regardless of experience, or even the desire to join any Group Management Squad, and so yes it really has been a problem for Pub servers. I think it's great that you have no difficulties with TK's on your server, and I still want everyone to be able choose various custom settings to taste. The suggestions that were made doesn't mean that others or myself want to take any settings away from you, or nerf your l33t gameplay in anyway, shape or form.
  8. Experienced this last night, with also no option to respawn except automatically to the very Start Spawn in both Stage II and III.
  9. This issue has been posted about from the very inception of this gametype as even teams on comms are having an alarming amount of accidental TKs each and every round. Please implement the excellent suggestion made by NoPOW, and make it a default setting with an option to disable it for those Administrators who actually enjoy trying to determine whether a Team Killer really made a mistake, or is just a Griefer who needs to be banned.
  10. I watched with interest and was very impressed with the Livestream presentation by you Devs. However, I was somewhat amused by your accidental Team Kills as you have not yet addressed this issue that was previously pointed out by others and myself. It would seem that a fix for this would be to have a different geometric icon identifying all the players on your side, changing to the Dynamic Group symbol as they are formed, then reverting back as they leave that group. Unless of course, Team Killing is a actually a realistic feature for this new gametype, then no further improvements are necessary!
  11. After a full day of running this on The Medic Station dedicated servers, I had the following observations: Group Management and Identification The idea of forming and disbanding groups in a given location, and tasking separate teams for various objectives is brilliant! However, I fear the only reason people joined a group was to distinguish who was Friend or Foe! Since there were no names visible when aiming at a character, anyone outside a Group was often mistakenly team killed. I think that there should be distinct differences in the Uniforms to distinguish between OPFOR, BLUFOR and Common Enemy AI, ---perhaps Tan, Green, and Black? An awful lot said they had trouble seeing the difference. Also, bearing in mind that a large percentage of men are colorblind, there should be some differences in silhouette. Ammo Box After saving some loadouts, once a new match started the saved loadouts were visible but unavailable at the box, but did notice that a couple of my saved fits were availble to load on the dead bodies! Because of the fluid nature of spawns and groups, I do not agree with a previous player that there should be any class restrictions on gear. Spawn Points On the respawn map, the spawn points don't always correlate to the names of the spawns, particularly the FOB during the Intel stage. Timer for competitive match play Games can be over rather quickly, or they can drag on indefinitely when Schematics are turned over again and again. For competitive best of five series for ladders or scrimmages, there should be a server set Timer with the possibility of a match ending in a Draw. Apologies, if any of these issues are already in the works.