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  1. Co? Może masz w przeglądarce wtyczkę (albo opcja jest domyślnie włączona, jak np. w Chrome), która tłumaczy ci forum z angielskiego na polski i przy okazji przekłada sam polski "na nowo". Swoją drogą, forum jest po angielsku i korzystają z niego nie tylko Polacy, to wypadałoby pisać też w ingliszu, możesz wrzucić sobie w tłumacza żeby się nie męczyć. Zresztą od zgłaszania problemów są prywatne wiadomości do moderatorów, tutaj tylko spamujesz.
  2. honger


    You can press Ctrl+A to brace rifle on left shoulder. More than hope you will need knowledge, this will be a ton of work as every animation for every gun is made right-handed, and most of them are obfuscated, meaning you would have to make literally everything from scratch. If you've never made an animation mod or animation at all, then it will take you way more time than you think you can spare. Not worth IMO.
  3. It's coming in April according to the IB's teaser video:
  4. honger

    Arma 3 Capped at 50 FPS

    Then revert all the changes you've made according to that "optimization video", make sure you don't get the FPS wall in completely non-messed environment. If you don't get that issue anymore and you still want to follow this... guide, try doing it step by step and make performance checks between each of them to find which thing causes the issue. I'd blame custom launcher parameters first, Process Lasso does not seem like it would lock frames in such weird way.
  5. honger

    Arma 3 Capped at 50 FPS

    Have you tried without mods? FPS drop that doesn't happen on pause usually means there's a script or a bunch of scripts running that take your precious performance away.
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    Ravage seems to be removing environmental sounds from the Chernarus 2035 map, any ideas why would this mod do that and how to fix this? On it's own the terrain works perfectly fine, once Ravage is added - with or without needed modules - every ambient sound except footsteps is gone.
  7. I'm trying to display a rather long paragraph on screen during mission intro. I'd like to maintain the typing effect during it, so I tried BIS_fnc_typeText and BIS_fnc_typeText2. Unfortunately BIS_fnc_typeText2 has an artificial and, to my little knowledge, hidden/obscured character limit causing lines to not show up on screen after a certain amount of characters has been displayed, no matter how short each string would be. I decided to use BIS_fnc_TypeText instead, but it also has a culprit I don't know how to bypass, and it's the width limit being of about half of the screen. Don't know if it has to do something with safeZoneX/Y or pixelGrid, but the width is rather small and a lot of space is ultimately wasted. How can I increase the width of text displayed in this function (other than making the structured text's size smaller)? Below is simplified code of intro I'm making:
  8. So every scenario every singleplayer scenario has an Intro and Outro Win/Lose phases. I get it that I can use the initIntro.sqf file just like I would use init.sqf for Scenario phase to add a code executed right from the Intro phase start. But how do I do the same for any of the possible outros? Wiki says that initIntro.sqf is used both for Intro and Outro phases but then how do I set up the file so game distinguishes which part is supposed to be played on Intro, and which one on Outro - Win? InitOutro.sqs existed only until Arma 1 or something so I can't use that. How do I make an init for my outro then? So far I've been just using a trigger within the Outro phase to start my code but there will always be a minimal delay between the Outro and my "post-Init". I need to know how do I include an init for my Outro and rewrite this damn wiki because it's amazing it hasn't been corrected in any readable-for-noobs way.
  9. honger

    Scenario outro?

    Bumping this up in case someone knows an actual, proper way of executing the outro phase. As of now I set my scenario(s) in following way intro phase with code executed through initIntro.sqf (Arma 3 reads it automatically) the playable scenario part with init.sqf for startup code (obviously) outro phase with any unit/object placed and code in its init field: execVM "outro.sqf" I found somewhere deep in webs that Arma is supposed to run outro through initOutro.sqf but it probably is obsolete ever since the Outro phase has been split into Win and Loose. Good thing that initIntro.sqf is not checked twice (at least I think so? Not sure how to verify this) for Intro and Outro phases.
  10. honger

    Lost progress

    Pretty late seeing this but you can use built-in cheats to unlock all missions (campaigns or scenarios) and then revert from the mission you have played last time. You could have installed a mod that messed up your profile (or used a cloud saving app or was cleaning junk files and save folder got caught in the crossfire). There are a few possible causes but losing saves is not critical, your Steam achievements and time trial records are saved outside anyway.
  11. Should've made it public 🤠
  12. honger

    problems with aws

    Don't load them together. Instead, check if the canopy is still there with either Aegis or FIR mods and then contact their authors to fix this. Delving into vehicle config is a time-consuming process, especially if your coding knowledge is basic.
  13. Because your RemoveEventHandler syntax is wrong. You have a _group param, so you should write _group removeEventHandler [...], not _garrGRPB.
  14. honger

    Server dont starting!

    prove* This game is not abandoned, it's being updated and issues are addressed every day, it's just the forums are rarely used now as the ARMA Discord server is the main communication channel now, and the Feedback Tracker is the official tool for posting feedback and reporting bugs or issues. And if you want to be helped instead of being treated like a furious child, try being polite and ask your questions on Discord/make a ticket in Feedback Tracker.
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    Someone made a comment about that on Steam Workshop, so I'll address the issue here too, especially since now I am not the only one noticing this. For some reason, while the zombies are seen as hostile and being fired at only by OPFOR - immediately, BLUFOR and GREENFOR don't do that. They can call out the contacts and look at them, but they will not shoot until a unit within the group receives damage. It doesn't have to be damage dealt by the zombie itself, I could kill one guy as a person from hostile side and once they go into combat mode, they start recognizing zeds as enemies and open fire. I haven't made any reliable testing to verify if this is the same for the spawned agents and normally placed civilian-zombie group equally, but there definitely is a significant delay for non-OPFOR guys to open fire. Right now using non-OPFOR AI as a manner of defense does not make sense unless they are made invulnerable, otherwise most of them would die before opening fire. Could this be looked into in the nearest future?
  16. It's not CBA's fault because every other mod depending on it (and also is that old) simply works, it's just GCam being a piece of shitty code. If you want to fix it, either start the game in profiling branch with logs enabled to see where and what breaks and then remove or rewrite the pieces of shitty code. Of course to reupload this back on Steam you would have to get the original author's permission. Or what could be easier, just write it from scratch, you will have easier time understanding the code you write rather than spaghetti "leftovers". Or the easiest way, just wait until someone else makes the new version.
  17. This raport does not mean anything, you should provide a full RPT log generated by the game upon crash. Refer to the BIKI to see how to access it - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Crash_Files Make sure you're not using mods to exclude everything actually not related to the crash. If your game does not crash when running it totally vanilla, and only that RIS thing is the one being culprit, contact the mod author.
  18. honger

    Arma3 Videos

    Commandos from Orel 4 are assisting Czech levy en-masse that is under active attack of GCM rebels. During the exchange, special forces receive intel about a television centre crew taken hostage by the Germanic Confederation Movement...
  19. honger

    Arma3 Videos

    GCM insurgents managed to steal a significant number of military equipment during their last ambush, now all Orel units of Czech Armed Forces are on a hunt for these supplies - before rebels manage to exploit their advantage.
  20. honger

    Arma3 Videos

    Facing slow and insignificant progress in GCM-led skirmishes, the former German soldiers decide to carry out an ambush on the weapons convoy to tip the balance of power in their favor.
  21. Have you tried putting it into an while (true) loop? Just check how many seconds does this sound last so your loop doesn't overlap or anything, then after that playsound command put a "sleep XX" and replace XX with seconds.
  22. the first one you can put either in vehicle's attributes (RMB -> Attributes -> Init field) or in init of your mission Attributes -> General (if it's multiplayer environment you should create an initPlayerLocal.sqf file in your mission folder (where your mission.sqm is) and put it there, since the setEffectiveCommander is executed locally -> per user). Not sure about 2nd one, in multiplayer it should be in initServer.sqf I guess, I'm a rather singleplayer-oriented person. If you end up using the 1st one, make sure to give the vehicle and its driver variable names, so the command actually works.
  23. Are you playing with ambient occlusion enabled (it's called AO in graphic settings)? Try disabling it and see if that effect goes away. I am pretty sure that these props have some weird texture assigned and cause PiP to go semi-transparent and noisy.
  24. Have you tried this command: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setEffectiveCommander? I used it to not allow player command an AI-driven vehicle from SOG while in front passenger sit and it worked. Alternatively you can just script your driving through https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setDriveOnPath. This will make AI drive from marker to marker and should ignore user commands and FSMs.
  25. honger

    Arma3 Videos

    A Czech checkpoint is attacked by suprisingly numerous groups of GCM militants. Orel 4 is sent as a quick reaction force to repel the assault and find out how the enemy managed to plan and execute such strategy.