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  1. Helicopter physics seem to feel closer to a rail system recently. I've got all the difficulty options up, but they still feel too responsive and with less aerodynamic effects. Vortex ring state is still a new term to me , but other shaking and wing noise seem to be gone. Also the turn rates on everything seem to be really fast now. Pitch, roll and yaw is faster to accelerate even with controller curves turned way down. I noticed RHS has way lower stress damage tolerance, but the VRS and accelerations seem to be the same. I realize Arma isn't trying to be DCS world with future equipment, but I also can't find much in the patch notes about it changing so much. Would be nice to see some more options in the advanced flight model for noise, max turn rates or VRS effects just for making vanilla stuff more difficult. I'm enjoying the easier flying, but feels like the heli challenge has a low upper limit (if that makes any sense). Atorq damage was something I struggled with for a while, but the other helicopter atmospheric effects I remember seem to be missing or really reduced influence on flying. Anyone else notice the change?