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  1. mc sonar

    MP Free Flight.

    Hi Mjr Hassle, for me as TOHeliNoob the perfect thing...Thank you.
  2. hi, what is the problem with my download? after i started the setup there is an crc error. error while copying file (crc doesent match). any help would be great.
  3. something like CWR2 and the full OFP campaign
  4. @ cwr-team and wolle- i wanted to thank you for the great work. the worst is not arma3 + steam but when the cwr2 team gives up and stops this incredible mod, that would be the worst thing for me as arma 2 player. good to see you all are doing the best to get it out for us .... Thank YOU ALL! all begun with Operation Flashpoint and it seems that it ends for me with the CWR2 mod and i´m fine with it. everything is better then my english .... sorry
  5. mc sonar

    New ArmA 3 ARG started?

    THERE IS SECRET ARMA 3 in 2 months who preor?​ the game get ALPHA ACCES
  6. sorry for not being able to be constructive- just want to say great work!
  7. mc sonar

    Poll: Will you buy Arma III?

    NO! i´m waiting for an arma3 to arma2 conversion
  8. or is there a way to get the OFP Campaign into Arma 2 OA? I know caa but i can not manage it to run with arma 2 oa.
  9. don´t remember when i last played more then 8 houres w/o sugar and coffee...thanks for this project and for these missions.
  10. mc sonar

    Things you wish NOT to have in the game!

    "I solved this by closing and re-opening Steam.... but now i have other problems. F***"
  11. there is no change. i wait for a new patch and we will see....
  12. ok, i try to downgrade my rig to default and have a look if somthing changes....would be great if the game is ok and im wrong here. perhaps it´s an AMD Card Problem. But why is there no problem with Arma OA? this game runs with high to veryhigh settings very well and there are no texture problems. is there a big difference in the rv engine between IF and Arma2OA?
  13. i dont think so bcause i changed from 1GB to 2GB and there was no change at all. my system runs under win7 64bit fresh installed and a new 512GB ssd. i guess not our pc is the problem here...