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  1. Just screw that part of my post then. It got into my mind as I was giving feedback and my huge crush on the F35B made me do it xD. Did not intend to be impolite I can understand the dislike of this question from a modders perspective.
  2. Just a heads up even though I already mentioned these. Concerning the F35A the Cannon still does not have an explosive effect even though it has explosion sounds when hitting the ground. It also overpenetrates other jets in air combat because of this. The Spherical Coverage Script does not work and says "AIM-120 Missiles" depleted even when having them loaded. Other than that the F35 feels amazing especially the speed buff and flight model is amazing! May I ask on the progress of the F35B and F35C Versions since it has been said they were pretty much ready apart from some minor things?
  3. Will the "new" F35B Cockpit get some priority soon? I know you are working on a lot of stuff but your F35B is really good and the arma 2 cockpit does not do it justice right now I think.
  4. Hey Guys! Just wanna say thank you for all the hard work culminating in the release 2019! You made me play Arma 3 again! Take care guys and looking forward to the next assets and features we can see in the new year!
  5. Hyped for F35B and F35C! F35A already has amazing feeling to it especially when looking at the flight model!
  6. I have a question about the release phases. Will they be chronological in release? For example I heard the other F35 versions were pretty much ready and just need some fine tuning so maybe they come first as opposed to Phase 2 which has much more content to cover?
  7. Please also look into adding HE effect for the F35 gun. It overpenetrates frequently when shooting planes/helicopters thus doing only little damage and already makes explosion sounds when hitting something.
  8. Wow thank you guys so much! This hotfix fixed most if not all of the problems faced with the flight model/speed/thrust of the F35! It is actually amazing. It feels much more powerful now and you can actually kind of feel the power transition between normal flight and afterburner this is awesome! Very nice indeed! Now there is only the clipping of some weapons like AIM-120 and the spherical coverage bug aswell as the missing HE of the gun which seems to overpenetrate frequently against other jets that personally come to mind. Feels really good now a marked improvement without doubt!
  9. Okay guys thank you for new update. There are some new bugs/things I noticed. With the F35 there is now some clipping for example the AIM-120 now clips through the weapons bay I assume this is because of changes made to open the bay only when firing. The flight model was changed with the F35 I am fine with that but I notice very often that now the F35 kinda gravitates towards the ground a lot. Previously you had a course and it remains this way now the F35 sometimes goes towards the ground on its own. Kinda similar to the very old afterburner bugs where at very high speed the nose would pitch towards the ground except this time no afterburner or high speed required for this to happen. This resulted in me having some crashes into trees when not actively working against it. Edit: Also while I said the F35 has not enough speed at all to compete with Jet Fighter DLC jets now there is a problem that it won't even really reach the speed required to take off a runway probably because of the new flight model. I don't want to request anything but I personally think you should make the F35 way more powerful speed/thrust wise it does not feel very strong at all unfortunately and the update made it even weaker now in this regard. Keep up the good work! When most of these bugs are taken care of, what remains is probably one of the most detailed and amazing aircraft mods available to arma 3!
  10. The weapon and master arm were gone completely. So no select I guess.
  11. I noticed that when using the F35 not only the gun disappeared when changing loadouts but also the master arm switch. This applies to both changing the loadout with service menu or when using eden editor pylon settings.
  12. Another bug I can only confirm on the F35 currently as it is the only plane I have flown yet. When using the Service Menu, changing to one of the preset loadouts, for example the SDB loadout, the cannon GAU-22/A will dissappear leaving you with only the missiles and bombs.
  13. Further feedback for the F35: The GAU-22/A has no explosive effect but is only armor piercing despite it using APEX ammunition and having explosion sounds when hitting the ground. Furthermore it is not that effective against other aircraft where sometimes you have to dump like 30 rounds in them. When activating afterburner the “AB“ symbol turns up in the vehicle status however it does not go away after deactivating it. The TGP of the F35 does not seem to have a 360 Degree Radius. The ECM script is working fine and as intended. However when shutting it down prematurely it gives an error message. When lying in wait with engine on and on zero thrust the F35 tends to slowly turn towards the left or the right. I am very much enjoying the new version of the mod! It makes so much fun. Glad that you guys are here!
  14. Hey guys first feedback regarding the F35A. I really much like the new features with the pull up warning and so on feels like a light version of DCS, do you plan to add an audio warning too for this with all the beeping and pull up voice which you can turn on/off? The GBU-53 SBD 2 now hits targets like it should and is effective against tanks as opposed to the 2015 version where sometimes you had to dive bomb good job! Some scripts still have errors like the Spherical Coverage one where upon acticated it will fail with the message saying something like "AIM-120 Missiles run out" even though they are there. One thing that really bothered me was the low speed of the F35 even with the afterburner activated, peaking at about 850 to 900 when doing no maneuvers. With this it is actually slower than normal DLC jets even while using afterburner. You might want to up the thrust strength and maximum speed while using AB to about 1000-1200km/h. Other than that already impressive and I will report more bugs if I find some! Also are the phases chronological in release date? Just wondering since it was said the F35B and C are already nearly done and I have no idea of bomber progress.
  15. Hi Firewill, the new arctic camo looks sick! Very good job! I am happy to hear the next update will include the new cockpit! I have some questions regarding the F35B. Will you add some scripts or features that are unique to the F35 series? I know you already have the ECM script for jamming radar guided missiles which is awesome but how about maybe something like off boresight missile calpabilities? Like for example with the help of the DAS system the F35 is able to lock onto and destroy aerial targets in a 360 degree radius when using for example the AIM-9X. Regardless of the answer I very much appreciate the new update for the F35 series as I think it would realistically be the main NATO Fighter Jet in 2035. Thank you very much!