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  1. Well okay I guess that is the reason xD
  2. Is there a reason why i can not change the HMD color in the F35B but in the F16 for example?
  3. Do you plan on adding more custom decals? Like an CDF or AAF Insignia to simulate your jets on their side?
  4. Just out of curiosity, is changing the cockpit of your F35B a priority right now or are you focused on other stuff?
  5. @firewill What is the Radar-Cross Section of your F35B? Is it higher or lower than the 0.6 of the stealth dedicated F/A-181?
  6. Are you still around? It has gone quiet about this project for over a month.
  7. @firewill Do you plan on using the FC-37 cockpit from Saippua? It is a very well made cockpit and fitting to the F35B. He released his assets under the by-nc-sa license so you are free to use it as long there is credit given.
  8. Thank you very much for your F35B Firewill, you are doing god's work my friend. I am not gonna lie, you just made me play Arma 3 again. I was waiting for the F35B to be released by the USAF mod team but it seems that they have few spare time to work on their excellent projects so unfortunately no update has been released yet. Your F35B has excellent handling and in this case reminds me very much of the one i frequently piloted in Arma 2 which is awesome. I also like that, similiar to your other aircrafts, it has quite some speed and acceleration so it really feels like a powerful jet unlike the vanilla jets. In the steam workshop you mentioned: "i know this is "NOT A REAL F-35B", but i've try to more closer to real one." What exactly do you mean with this? Apart from some very minor details, your F35B seems quite accurate to me. Thank you again for your awesome work.
  9. octop01

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Ok thank you! Something that would be interesting concerning the F35B Project is that it's auto-hover could be screwed by the update. I do not know exactly how your F35B vertical take-off works but it seems that the current F35B from the CUP-Vehicles Pack is crashing right after it disengages VTOL mode. Just for your information.
  10. octop01

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Is the new upcoming Jets DLC going to cause an delay to the new update? I know that some things definetly need to be tweaked after the DLC's release. Are you planning to include some aspects of the new DLC to the next update?
  11. octop01

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    I am so glad that you did not abandon it. :D
  12. octop01

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    You mentioned updated bombs and missiles. Hopefully this will include the GBU-53 as it is ineffective against heavy armor in both power and accuracy. The JAGM of the F35 takes a while to lock on the targets and is easily confused by smoke discharges of tanks. If anyone else can confirm this, please do so. Otherwise i look forward to this promising update :)