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  1. Another bug I can only confirm on the F35 currently as it is the only plane I have flown yet. When using the Service Menu, changing to one of the preset loadouts, for example the SDB loadout, the cannon GAU-22/A will dissappear leaving you with only the missiles and bombs.
  2. Further feedback for the F35: The GAU-22/A has no explosive effect but is only armor piercing despite it using APEX ammunition and having explosion sounds when hitting the ground. Furthermore it is not that effective against other aircraft where sometimes you have to dump like 30 rounds in them. When activating afterburner the “AB“ symbol turns up in the vehicle status however it does not go away after deactivating it. The TGP of the F35 does not seem to have a 360 Degree Radius. The ECM script is working fine and as intended. However when shutting it down prematurely it gives an error message. When lying in wait with engine on and on zero thrust the F35 tends to slowly turn towards the left or the right. I am very much enjoying the new version of the mod! It makes so much fun. Glad that you guys are here!
  3. Hey guys first feedback regarding the F35A. I really much like the new features with the pull up warning and so on feels like a light version of DCS, do you plan to add an audio warning too for this with all the beeping and pull up voice which you can turn on/off? The GBU-53 SBD 2 now hits targets like it should and is effective against tanks as opposed to the 2015 version where sometimes you had to dive bomb good job! Some scripts still have errors like the Spherical Coverage one where upon acticated it will fail with the message saying something like "AIM-120 Missiles run out" even though they are there. One thing that really bothered me was the low speed of the F35 even with the afterburner activated, peaking at about 850 to 900 when doing no maneuvers. With this it is actually slower than normal DLC jets even while using afterburner. You might want to up the thrust strength and maximum speed while using AB to about 1000-1200km/h. Other than that already impressive and I will report more bugs if I find some! Also are the phases chronological in release date? Just wondering since it was said the F35B and C are already nearly done and I have no idea of bomber progress.
  4. Hi Firewill, the new arctic camo looks sick! Very good job! I am happy to hear the next update will include the new cockpit! I have some questions regarding the F35B. Will you add some scripts or features that are unique to the F35 series? I know you already have the ECM script for jamming radar guided missiles which is awesome but how about maybe something like off boresight missile calpabilities? Like for example with the help of the DAS system the F35 is able to lock onto and destroy aerial targets in a 360 degree radius when using for example the AIM-9X. Regardless of the answer I very much appreciate the new update for the F35 series as I think it would realistically be the main NATO Fighter Jet in 2035. Thank you very much!
  5. The Hype! Also very professional pics on the download sites, they look very good!
  6. octop01

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    My god all of this is like christmas come early, thank you guys so much!
  7. octop01

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Awesome work guys! I think all of us have been tried in patience but I knew the wait was not in vain. As I said earlier I have massive respect for you guys doing this and even more for sticking to the development of this mod ongoing for years now. Massive respect to this determination and passion! I see that you have been very detailed in the list about what is about to be released. If I may ask because I can't help myself as the F35 series is my favorite: You said the F35A is going to be amongst the first released aircraft now, is the F35B not too far behind or is there still a lot of work to be done? Seriously thanks again for all this awesome stuff. I am extremly hyped for this. You guys are doing something very noble and you can be proud! Thanks to the entire team!
  8. octop01

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    With the top speed of jets increased to 1200-1300km/h with the jets dlc, will the new release of the USAF Mod also feature improved speed? This might have already been the case in the release version of 2015 but I kinda remember the F35A peaking at only around 800 to 900km/h?
  9. Okay it seems that most of the problems are related to mod folders that have spaces in them, so that explains why only a number of them are displayed by the log file, only exception to this seems to be CBA. I will proceed to make all folder one word and then tell you about the progress. Edit: Okay the problem has indeed been the spaces between the words, by changing all of them to just one word the issue has been fixed. Disabling the server mods command line was also important! Thank you two for your answers, they were one of the main reasons the problem has been fixed! Good day to you!
  10. Okay I will remove the server mod line and see what happens. The Thing is, I really did use this exact command line I literally copy pasted it over here. I am aware of the dependencies and load orders, however the log file seems to completly forget about most of the mods. I do not understand this.... I will also try to contact nitrado support yes. If anything changes I will keep you up to date.
  11. ===================================================================== == C:\SERVICES\ni512644_1_SHARE\ftproot\arma3\arma3server.exe == "C:\SERVICES\ni512644_1_SHARE\ftproot\arma3\arma3server.exe" -mod="@F35B;@F22;@F16;@F35C;" -serverMod="@F35B;@F22;@F16;@F35C;" -ip= -port=2302 -maxmem=3071 -enableHT -malloc=tbb4malloc_bi -profiles=config -config=config/server.cfg -cfg=config/basic.cfg -name=arma3 -loadMissionToMemory Original output filename: Arma3Retail_Server Exe timestamp: 2019/08/03 03:28:07 Current time: 2019/09/05 14:59:09 Type: Public Build: Stable Version: 1.94.145977 Allocator: C:\SERVICES\ni512644_1_SHARE\ftproot\arma3\Dll\tbb4malloc_bi.dll [2017.0.0.0] [2017.0.0.0] PhysMem: 384 GiB, VirtMem : 4.0 GiB, AvailPhys : 86 GiB, AvailVirt : 3.9 GiB, AvailPage : 240 GiB ===================================================================== 14:59:09 SteamAPI initialization failed. Steam features won't be accessible! 14:59:10 Initializing stats manager. 14:59:10 Stats config disabled. 14:59:10 sessionID: 5a4fd9a9d556203bc473cffdd883dbb859844449 14:59:22 Warning Message: Addon 'FIR_F16_77FS_F' requires addon 'FIR_AirWeaponSystem_US' This is the whole RPT file from an example where I used the whole command line and it just "crashed". Sorry for just pasting it but I am not able to upload it as I am currently not at home. Also this warning message makes no sense I had the Air Weapon System load before the F16 and there were no typos. The command line for this was exactly: -mod=@CBA;@FIR_AWS;@FIR_Pilot;@F35B;@F22;@F16;@F35C;@CUP_Weapons;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Units;@3CB_BAF_Equipment;
  12. Hello guys! I have recently tried to host an arma 3 server with nitrado so me and some of my friends can play on our own server with our custom missions without using port forwarding or clients like hamachi. I have some experience regarding nitrado services and setting up servers in general. Server setup went just fine and me and my friends were able to connect and play any mission, whether custom or from bohemia that relies purely on normal Arma 3 Content. However a bunch of problems occured when I tried to activate mods for the server. The nitrado interface has a own settings page where I can add mods that I want to play. To do this I have to specifiy what mods I want to have on the server by defining the folder names as you probably know. So in my case it looks like this: @CBA;@FIR_AWS;@FIR_Pilot;@F35B;@F22;@F16;@F35C;@CUP_Weapons;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Units;@3CB_BAF_Equipment; The mods in question were from the steam workshop. As you may know, steam workshop mod folders have random numbers assigned to them so you cannot really see what mod is behind the folder. I have checked every number folder and then correctly identified the mod behind it. I then gave the folders simplified names so what was formerly maybe folder "225474" with CBA in it is now just @CBA instead of the normal @CBA A3 when dowloading it manually. I then transmitted all the mods I wanted via FTP client to my arma 3 server root folder just like a normal installation of mods. After that I put all the keys from these mods into my key folder and this works, I can now connect with these mods. However this is when all logic begins to fade for me. As you can see I correctly made the command line for the mods, no typos, no wrong folder names and no wrong formalia. I replaced spaces with underscores and tried to add mod= before this command line and nothing worked, not a single mod was loaded in. Now this gets even more illogical. I tried having just a single mod loaded just to test if if is a problem with the mods side but not a single mod is being loaded. For example one mission uses some T72s from CUP_Vehicles but I can see in the logs the exact classnames of the T72 missing even though the mod should be loaded in. If that was all I atleast had a clue of what is happening but no it gets even worse. When I try to use the whole command line with all the mods I wanted it crashes the server or atleast stops initialization so I cannot connect to the server anymore. This follows no logic, I am at the end of my understanding. Like the mods do not load in but some of them load in just enough to crash the server?! What is this? If any of you guys can help me with this it would be greatly apprecitated!
  13. @firewill I recently tried to host an arma 3 server with nitrado and just noticed you use the same bikey for all your addons. So if I understand this correctly I can just for example use the bikey of FIR AWS and your F35 or F22 should be accepted just fine?
  14. octop01

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Unfortunate but good to hear you guys are still on it, respects! Some questions came to mind: As far as I know the fighter pack will be the first to be released, which planes are included in the pack, I know about the F35A and F35B, F22, F16 and A-10? When I played USAF mod now sometime ago, the scripts amazed me. For example the F35 DAS script with 360degree launch coverage was amazing and unique. Are they updated or perhaps even expanded in the upcoming release? What about your missilebox? Are there any drastic changes or just overall improvements in quality? Thank you guys for your work, was seriously doubting this amazing mod would ever come back. But you guys seem to be quite persistent and determined! Looking forward to the upcoming release and wishing you the best!
  15. Looks good mate! Thank you for your efforts and work for the arma community!