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  1. Welcome you to Cytech industries What is Cytech industries? Cytech industries is a new project where the core aim is to bring an underground terrain and a survival mp game mode to ArmA 3. We aim to have the first fully underground terrain that uses a wide range of custom assets exclusively for this project. How will the 2 terrains work in MP? Our plan is to allow players to utilize both terrains in our MP game mode. We will do this by using KillzoneKid's server transfer script, this will be embedded into the MP framework allowing for a semi-seamless server transfer, something similar to how S.T.A.L.K.E.R. handles map transfers. This will allow for players to continue their survival experience across both terrains. Rawr-Tech has already tested and implemented this feature into our MP Framework. Set in a post-WW3 apocalyptic dystopian world This underground world of wonders will be based on research facilities, researching top-secret weapons technology and biotech, It will also feature a network of tunnels, caves, mines, sewer systems and, much more. Alongside this will be an a16x16 above-ground terrain with various tunnels and bunkers leading to the underground facilities. How will this be achieved? Due to RV engines lack of underground lighting support, night time will be hardcoded into the map to give the desired effect of being underground. We are also designing the underground areas in a way that players will never need to view anything further than around 200 meters while being in tight and confined spaces at all times. This means we can also hardcode the object render distance giving players a big fps boost compared to that of an average open-world terrain where you need larger view distances. This also gives us a lot of room in performance for an extra layer of highly detailed work within the areas being created as well as using optional scripts to enhance the gloomy atmosphere and boost immersion using scripts to produce various particle effects all while keeping a high level of performance. Other Features - Custom Models - Custom Audio/Sound Design - Custom Textures - Custom Multiplayer Game Modes - Optional Particle Effects Video's Lore/Backstory Timeline: 2030: Dystopian Societies (Setting the scene) The year is 2030: Tyrannical governments run by police states, rule the world's population in a time where international unrest, environmental disaster, and the cataclysmic decline in society are all growing at alarming rates. Earth's technological civilization is collapsing. Natural resource depletion and runaway climate change, make the world a very hostile place. The world's population in 2030 is double that of 1980. The oil Reserves are currently 90% less of what they were in 1980. This results in a halt in international trade, mass poverty, a malnutrition epidemic, and global unrest. Civil wars across the globe follow. The United Nations calls an emergency summit with all national leaders to take extreme measures to regain full control of the globe's increasingly hostile population. The secret meetings codenamed (OP KUHL) resulted in a new alliance between all nations involved resulting in a new Intergovernmental Organization. The UIA (UNITED INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE) The UIA is an intergovernmental organization tasked to promote and secure international co-operation and to create and maintain international order. A replacement for the ineffective United Nations, the organization was established on the 24th of October 2030. Its objectives include maintaining international control and security of the global population, protecting the oil reserves, and eliminating all resistance groups to regain full global control over the world's resources. A Sinister Plan The UIA’s main objective was to cull the globe's population in order to regain balance with the ever-decreasing oil reserves and the increasing global population. At first, the UIA advocated for a form of airborne Sars as its preferred method of exterminating the necessary 90% of the population. This method was rejected by the council committee in favor of a new form of an atomic weapon being developed by the Russian military. under the false illusion of a fake, staged world war, the plan was set. 2031: CYTECH INDUSTRIES CYTECH INDUSTRIES was formed by the UIA to study and produce the new Russian weapons technology in order to achieve their main objective. The new weapons made up of radiation and a new weaponized substance known as 1168b were to be used on the global population. Anyone who survived the radiation outbreak would be sure to come into contact with the weaponized substance over the coming years after the war. 1168b is a man-made virus that would cause humans to turn on each other in fits of rage, with the virus growing inside the brain tissue and killing the brain's cells. This erases their memories and drives them insane, modifying their instincts to seek no goal other than the killing of anyone un-infected by the virus. While still living, they appear to be dead. 1168b has become to be known as The Fury Epidemic. It is thought that only 10% of the population is partially immune to the virus. CYTECH INDUSTRIES also produced an antidote to the virus in order to control the remaining population after the war. 2035: The stage was set The big red button was pushed, The world burned brightly and life as we know it vanished into the pages of history. [More Screenshots] https://imgur.com/a/3TrstAV RECRUITMENT - Active terrain makers/builders - 3D modelers and those with skills in porting models to A3. - Texture artists If you are interested in joining our team please DM me. Thanks Development Team Dan Tronic Atom Monky Axios.exe ALIAS Discord https://discord.gg/AVCBkCh
  2. Performance is rather good considering the amount of detail across the terrain. We have done a lot of testing and work under the hood to make sure the terrain runs at higher frame rates than you might expect, for example, our model's LOD's change at much faster rates than normal, depending on the object's size. We have a limited view distance of 180m, meaning anything past the set distance won't be rendered. We have disabled most of the skybox as it's totally unneeded. None of our assets have Shadow LOD's and we have our own custom geometric occluders to help stop objects from rendering outside of the tunnels/rooms you are in. This all adds up in helping to keep performance high while still having room to add a lot of detail into the terrain.
  3. Time for a long-overdue announcement First off, we apologize for the prolonged radio silence. Secondly, the good news is that Cytech is still very much in development. The reasons below will help explain the rationale behind the silence. The reason's for the Radio silence As a mod, I think it's fair to say that this project has grown exponentially in both vision, scale and workload since its initial inception. A quote from our team member Alias explains this perfectly "We went climbing Mt Everest in shorts". Producing this modification has proven to be very hard and time-consuming for a small development team, given that Cytech is a passion project that we choose to work on in our free time around work and our personal lives. Therefore, we recently decided to apply to BI for CLDC to assist, speed up and give us a much-needed lift with further development opportunities. Preparing the application took some time. Once we applied, we had much back and forth with BI regarding our proposal, which also took some time to process. The project caused quite a bit of discussion within BI Studios. However, sadly, we just fell short in our attempt to land a deal using the CDLC model. However, BI was very impressed with our application/working demo. Furthermore, they were kind enough to give us much praise for our efforts in our project overall. Future Plans The good news is that this project Is still alive and well, and we plan to continue working towards some public release to some degree. This will most likely come in the form of a tech demo for the underground terrain sometime in the near future. However, we understand that the waiting game has been long and feel it is only fitting to put something out to give back to those waiting patiently to explore our terrain. We also owe this to ourselves to know that our love, passion, and time spent on this project can be enjoyed by those patiently waiting. Once released, we aim to continue work on the project with the vision of working towards a more complete and final release later down the line. New Content We already have lots of new content that we can share with you; however, we don't wish to spam you with screens and videos, so we will be drip-feeding new content to be shown over the coming days/weeks. Once again, we apologize in regards to the long hiatus and we would like to thank you for sticking with it.
  4. CYTECH INDUSTRIES a unique and ambitious project in its complexity and settings. For more info check out the link to the BIS forums below DISCORD Forum Post What are we looking for? - Level Design/Composition: [Eden editor/ Xcam/Plopper/other]. - 3D Modelers: [blender/3dmax/other]. - Model porting: [experience preferred] porting UE4, Unity assets, other / making models ArmA ready - Texture artist: [For re-textures, HD texture editing, etc.] - Audio / Sound: [Someone who has knowledge of the Arma 3 audio tech] - Weapon porting [experience essential] - Animations: [Experienced Animation specialist] What's in it for you - An exciting project to showcase your work - Full credits - A friendly team to work with and learn from Please contact Dan Tronic for more info.
  5. It's been a while so here is a brief update of some of the new things coming to Cytech. Enjoy Discord: https://discord.gg/AVCBkCh
  6. Here is a brief update on some recent work. Models: Textures/Decals: Video: Discord: https://discord.gg/AVCBkCh
  7. Seeing as our forum post has not been updated in a while, here are a small number of screenshots from the recent development. To keep fully updated, our discord is fully updated with information and screenshots, etc. Discord: https://discord.gg/AVCBkCh
  8. I think you might be confusing this project with Chernarus Redux That video shows nothing from this project. Some of us once worked on Chernarus Redux in the past but other than that, CHR and Cytech are not connected.
  9. Time for another brief development update. This includes Models - CCTV - Tunnels - Dead Body Textures - Light Beams - Road Texture/Decals - Key Card [Textures by NFC3SPECTRO] Models CCTV Tunnels Dead Body Textures: Light Beams Roads/Decals Key Card
  10. ArmA 3 - CYTECH INDUSTRIES - New Area [WIP
  11. Time for another brief development update. Here are a few new models I have been working on over the last week. This includes - New Electrical Props - Weapons Scanner - New Industrial Props - Keycard Points - Morgue - In-Game Screenshot Electrical Props Weapons Scanner Industrial Props Keycard Scanner Morgue In-Game Screenshot
  12. Thanks! I don't think it's possible for light sources to create shadows at night unless I'm mistaken.
  13. This is a brief development update. Unfortunately most of the team have been busy doing their final exams over the past few weeks, however, I have managed to get quite a lot done myself during this time. This includes - New models - New textures - Lighting/atmosphere - New underground area's (completed) New Models - [Lights-Windows-Electrical] Wall Textures New Underground - Screenshots
  14. We will be keeping the underground terrain sperate from the above ground terrain. As for how this will work in terms of our MP game-mode, We will be using the server transfer script made by KillzoneKid to teleport players between each map via the many entry and exit points made for each terrain. The front page has just been updated will the correct information regarding the above as it was somewhat unclear, for the reminder. AI pathing for the underground terrain is something that we will be looking into in the near future.
  15. That is also on the list along with something like this maybe?
  16. Fully flooded Rooms/tunnels are on the to-do list, these areas will be for that high-level loot