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  1. Since the M16 carbine is based on the Colt model 727, i wonder if this isn't a anachronistic for reforgers time frame? If one looks at a real life conflict that began in the same year of 1989 , the panama Intervention, the Carbines that were used by various US Army Special operations forces deployed there seemed to all be older colt model 723. Colt 723's are different as they have M16A1 upper receiver instead of an M16A2 upper like the colt 727. Early Colt 723's also had a A1 pencil barrel but it seems by late 80s most 723's had the new m4 barrel from the XM4 program, like the colt 727. It should also be noted that according to colts own nomenclature Colt 723's were Colt M16A2 Carbines compared to a colt 727 Images of various Army SOF in Panama 1989 Delta force with colt 723's. US army special forces ( green berets) also appear to use colt 723's in Panama ( ODA 793) Army Rangers in Panama have mostly M16's but some are equipped with carbines, but these as well appear to be colt 723's given the A1 style sights. The earliest pictorial evidence i was able to find an army unit using Colt 727's was Rangers in Mogadishu circa 1993. SO if we entertain that colt 727 fielded in 1989 there appears to be no evidence of such. it would appear Army special operations were all using COlt 723 ( some may have been older colt 653's) in the late 80s, and that 727's would not have appeared until the early 90s, with army rangers. Ive read that Seals also adopted it but The faction being represented is the US army not the navy. The only military unit that was known that had combined aimpoints and carbines together in 1989 would have been Army Delta force, but they used COlt 723 until the adoption of the M4A1 carbine.
  2. ever since patch 1.1 The US faction has had "m16 carbines" which looking at thier 3d model are clearly based off the Colt 727. the Grenadier version of the 727 may as well be fiction, as the heat sheild that resembles a cut down version of the M16A1/M16A2 style heatshield was not known to be used on colt 727 carbines with M203, or even the older Colt 723 models that other SOF units continued to stick with until adoption of the M4 carbine, such as delta force The only evidence of heatshields i saw on carbines was from old Vietnam era XM117e2 carbine floating around on the internet, but still not any in any actual persons hands from respective time period, implying this could be someone taking artistic liberties with thier own custom AR builds. to compare to reforger https://lmtdefense.com/product/m203-carbine-length-heat-shield/ LMT defense apparently still manufactures these heatshields but again there is no photographic evidence of them being in circulation in the 1980s era carbines in SOF units, or even post cold war. Any images of carbine grenadiers you can find are instead using the standard circular handguards, without or with the leaf sight that can be mounted through the top holes of the circular handguards. So the M16 grenadier carbines in reforger aught be remodeled to have standard handguards like this : Below example is an older carbine. a Colt Model 723 With standard handguard instead of a heatshield. This is from ARma 3 CDLC's CLSA. Real life images, Colt 723 with standard handguards in the hands of a delta force operator: a Colt 727 with M203 handguard with leaf sight attached If one looks at the successor to the " M16 Carbines" which US officially adopted under the M4/M4A1 designation, US forces be it SOF or Regular troops continued using circular handguards, never using heatshields until circular handguard was replaced for a picatinny railing handguards in more modern M4 builds.
  3. kev2go

    M1 Helmet Removed From U.S. Arsenal?

    M1 just got re-added with recent experimental along with a M1 variant without the M81 woodland camo helmet cover.
  4. kev2go

    M1 Helmet Removed From U.S. Arsenal?

    Im only speculating for thier reasoning but the game takes place in 1989.. By that point the M1 steel helmet had been withdrawn from US military service. 1983 invasion of Grenada is the last war it saw use in. That being said LAV is planned for the US army which was a USMC vehicle, so it would not be a significant transgression to keep the M1 steel helmet for the US army since it is something that was already developed.
  5. kev2go

    Helicopters in Arma

    Yeah in SOG prarire fire its neat being able to also slingload supplies/ cargo That being said Uh1H is a incredibly lightweight. Realistically It wouldn't be able to haul vehicle besides a Jeep or a UAZ. if memory serves its max external load capacity is 5000 pounds. A M998 humvee weight 5200 pounds. So even the lightest humvee is too heavy. mi8 is a medium tier helicopter that can carry like 8800 pounds. But a BTR is still way heavier then that. In any case the US team would need to have a Uh60 blackhawk to have something within the same class of lift capacity. For the truly heavy duty lifts you really need something in the class of the ch47 chinook, but even then actual main battle tanks are too heavy, and even most IFVS or apcs. maybe some lighter APC's like M113 or a Lav25.
  6. kev2go


    yeah its nice to see a long anticipated milestone feature finally get added. Cant wait till its on "stable" build so the rest of the players reforger community can enjoy it, But i would be surprised if this experimental build is there fore a while. the new supply system has some noticable bugs that need to ironed out before launch.
  7. kev2go


    I haven't had any crashes or disconnects yet happen to my since the latest 0.99.97 patch. Games more stable then its ever been. I cant wait till 64 player servers are done on everon. Developers invited players to join in to do a couple stress tests experimental branch with 64 players preceding the current patch launch and all went well. Although we still don't have official 64 player servers, ive been playing on power bits 64 player server, i haven't had any issues there yet, so maybe next patch
  8. kev2go

    Lack of singleplayer is a mistake

    I spent most of my hours in conflict or similar type multiplayer game modes in prior armas. SO I am right at home with what is a Arma 4 Tech demo focus being on multiplayer, rather then a singe player campaign. So for me my priority for confidence for future of A4 first and foremost is seeing the game be stable enough to support at least 64 player servers, if not 128. But im pretty sure A4 will have single player scenarios even if its not included at launch, IF a3 ALPHA was anything to go by.
  9. kev2go

    Lack of singleplayer is a mistake

    lol the hardcore servers of dedicated milsim severs where its always been at. Not casual play on official servers, if thats what you are looking for. I personally find this kind of banter amusing.
  10. except for a modest FPS dip ( i only lowered my environment settings from ultra to high to get my frames back) this update seems to have improved stability. most stable patch since a long while. played for multiple games for many hours straight crashes are now seemingly uncommon now at least relative to last stable build patch. Only had 1 so far. the only disconnects i had so far was either server restarting or issues on my end ( wifi automatically changing channels from interference, and thus briefly loosing connectivity), but apparently this be my experience since some people are complaining from more commonly occurring crashes. as to new content added Love the health update , the ballistics system, and the overdue ability to deploy bipods on weapons. Also nice that sandbags are now destructible if rammed hard enough with a vehicle. I by accident clipped a road checkpoint and instead of vehicle coming to a halt i bumped past it with part of the sandbags crumbling.
  11. So on the experimental build the older M69 Flak vest is added for variety for the US faction? But why is it offered in Woodland painscheme? I havent been able to find images of M69 issued to US army using that camo scheme. Instead M69 was issued in Olive green. Here is a image of US national guard units being deployed during 1992 LA riots. They have M69's. all are olive green. comapre to texture and camo of m69 in reforger at the moment
  12. kev2go

    just a small suggestion

    I played for like 4 hours straight on the latest experimental build when that 1st launched due to the hype of the content ( body armor and revive system) and i didn't crash to desktop or have any session errors that forced disconnect to desktop. I wouldn't even complain that much with the current stable build relative to the state it was in at release. Based on my experience its clear to me that whenever the current experimental build gets greenlight to be update it to stable build, Reforger has finally reached a place where you can play for hours on end and not have to worry about disconnects. that if they do occur i assume they must be a uncommon occurrence now. its clear that Reforger initial release date was simply a very premature release, and devs have been slow to fix things. it needed another 10-12 months in the oven, for the game code and networking to be sorted out.
  13. I think recoil is fine especially when you consider that interim calibers like 5.56 or 5.45 are supposed to be pretty low recoil and be able to shoot pretty tight groupings in semi auto. Instead of comparing to other games that use "balance" go shoot a AR15 or Ak74 family IRL, and realize why the recoil is as low as has been so far. This has changed in the experimental build, and i noticed a increase in recoil even when stamina is fully rested, as well as additional weapon sway when you have low stamina or have injuries on the arms. So congrats those who wanted more recoil will get it.
  14. I find it interesting that the LAV25 was chosen since the faction specifically represented is the US army, not the usmc. But a LAV25 would be expected to be vastly superior to a Btr70 in many regards. It has a 25mm autocannon. This would be superior firepower to the russian 14.5mm gun . the main canon is also stabilized, which would allow for shooting on the move. LAv25 also has proper night fighting equipment. LIke not just passive night vision but thermal optics as well, which are paired with a laser rangefinder and fire control system. So with the primary gunners sight you can just laser designate a point, recieve accurate distance to targert and have the Fire control compensate for the ballistic drop thus not even need range scales for long range gunning. The fire control can also calculate the necessary lead to hit a moving vehicle.
  15. there used to be at one point a sh68 with a Khaki helmet cover in the equipment boxes but was removed some time ago? why the removal? IS it going to come back in any form?