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  1. stanhope

    arma 3 won't launch with stereoscopic 3d

    Anything about it in the RPT?
  2. You can use vehicleVarName and setVehicleVarName
  3. That's because you haven't actually port forwarded those ports. You need to either get into your router or a webpage that your ISP offers to open those ports. As I don't know who your ISP is or what router you're using you'll have to figure that one out yourself. I can tell you that you have to port forward the range of ports between 2302-2306 (both included) for UDP traffic.
  4. Hi and welcome to this forum. Do you have all the necessary ports port-forwarded?
  5. Oh I forgot to mention this: put <profileNameSpace setVariable ["SomeUniqueVariableName", nil];> into initplayerlocal. Otherwise that number will be persistent over several game sessions.
  6. stanhope

    UAV won't fly above ~100m on dedicated server

    Have you tried hosting a different MP mission? Because I play a gamemode where UAVs will happily fly above 100 meters that's running on a dedicated server.
  7. You're in the wrong place. This forum is for players to help other players. If you want the devs to help you you've got to make a topic on the feedback tracker. Link is in one of the pins in this subforum.
  8. I don't know by hard, just walk around the map and do "hint str typeOf cursorObject". Sure: { _x hideObject true; if (typeOf _x = "yourStreetlightClassname") then { private _newLight = "newStreetlightClassname" createVehicle [0,0,0]; _newLight setDir (getDir _x); _newLight setPosWorld (getPosWorld _x); }; } forEach (nearestTerrainObjects [[worldSize/2,worldSize/2,0], ["ROCK", "ROCKS","HIDE", "yourStreetlightClassname"], WorldSize*0.7, false,true]); Untested.
  9. That piece of code does the following: It goes to a players profilenamespace and fetches the variable with a given name. If this variable does not exist it uses 0 as a default value. It puts that value into _lifenumber. Once that's done it adds 1 to this value. Then it checks whether or not that value is greater than 2. If it is that ace function is called. If not the new value is stored in the profilenamespace so next time a player respawns when we fetch that variable again it'll be 1 higher than this time. Hope that helps.
  10. stanhope

    laser marker

    Hi and welcome to this forum For me it was by default bound to left mouse button. And the laser is also just in the list of weapons for me.
  11. I'd use something along the lines of private _lifeNumber = profileNameSpace getVarible ["SomeUniqueVariableName", 0]; _lifeNumber = _lifeNumber + 1; if ( _lifeNumber > 2) then { [true] call ace_spectator_fnc_setSpectator; } else { profileNameSpace setVariable ["SomeUniqueVariableName", _lifeNumber ]; hint format ["Life number %1", _lifeNumber]; }; in OnPlayerRespawn. (Untested) An alternative to a var in profilenamespace could be a global variable.
  12. Quick google search for Dijkstra's algorithm brings me to: https://github.com/H0neyCake/findRoute https://armaworld.de/index.php?thread/3885-navigation-system-featuring-dijkstra-algorithm/&amp;postID=35249
  13. stanhope

    Arma 3 is messing my connection

    Is there a way for you to plug a LAN cable into your PC just to be sure?
  14. stanhope

    Arma 3 is messing my connection

    What changed since when it last worked?