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  1. stanhope

    Stan's Server Monitor bot

    It's an issue caused by the library I use to talk to the steam API, there's nothing you can do to fix it, I have to find another library to implement into the bot but I recently started working full time so I haven't had time to do that yet.
  2. stanhope

    setDamage not working.

    Well, I was in a meeting at work while writing that so It's surprising to me that that's the only mistake I made 😄
  3. stanhope

    setDamage not working.

    I'm assuming you want this check to run every time the units get damaged and not just when the server starts so: { _x addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", { params ["", "", "_damage"]; if (_damage > 0.1} then { _damage = 1; }; _damage }]; } forEach [test1, test2]; Untested
  4. stanhope

    Chinese Player Names Causing Problems

    Well no, you just said yourself that it's a MySql extDB3 problem. As for how to fix it: this command might help. If it doesn't change the code of your mission to not persist player names and instead persist UIDs (or escape certain character from names when persisting). Or alternatively don't allow people with special characters in their name on your server.
  5. stanhope

    Cannot Play/Edit this Mission

    How did you buy your server? Do you get access to a virtual server on which you can do anything or just a website with buttons and textfields to configure an arma server?
  6. stanhope

    Cannot Play/Edit this Mission

    From the looks of it that's an RPT from a client, not the server? In any case it stops before any mission is started. All the addons listed in your original post are there and as far as I can tell they're all loaded successfully.
  7. stanhope

    Cannot Play/Edit this Mission

    Could you share the RPT of when this happened? Use something like pastebin.com or at the very least a spoiler.
  8. I've in the bast made under-barrel launched grenades less bouncy using the FiredMan eventhandler, checked for the type of projectile being fired and then did a set velocity 0 on them once they were bellow 0.2 meters AGL. You can probably do something similar but instead of completely removing their velocity just slowing them down a bit
  9. stanhope

    Mic not registering, please help!

    It's most likely a driver issue then. Some people have some luck with using different versions of the driver software but there's basically no guarantee that you can get it working.
  10. stanhope

    Arma 3 Everything got reseted

    Did you make a backup of your profile?
  11. stanhope

    Mic not registering, please help!

    Is your microphone connected to your PC with a 3.5mm jack or via a USB connector?
  12. stanhope

    Reporting a team killer

    Moderation of servers is the responsibility of whoever owns the server, it's not something that's handled here.
  13. I guess with the handle damage event handler?
  14. stanhope

    No damage script

    Are you using mods and/or is the unit on which you disallow damage in a vehicle?
  15. stanhope

    No damage script

    What's wrong with allowdamage? Do you only want to disable damage from certain sources?