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  1. In that last rpt you started loading at 16:48:05 and finished at 16:49:06, doesn't seem unreasonably long to me.
  2. Does it also take a long time to load when you don't have all of those mods enabled?
  3. stanhope


    Contact steam support and/or paypal
  4. stanhope

    My launcher is so broken please help

    What hardware do you have? Does it support directx 10? Have you verified your game files through steam? Has the launcher previously worked on your system? Can you still run arma while going around the launcher? (go to wherever your arma is installed and run the arma3.exe instead of the armalauncher exe)
  5. stanhope

    Arma 3 keeps crashing and freezing for me

    Could you put that rpt in a spoiler? You've also tried rolling back graphics drivers right? Maybe check if your directX needs repairing?
  6. stanhope

    Arma 3 keeps crashing and freezing for me

    Did it give you an error when it crashed? If so, which one? Is there anything of interest in your RPTs? (can be found here)
  7. stanhope

    SPMG as grenade launcher?

    You're aware that that title is clearly clickbait right? And he's using a sidearm from a mod at 05:43, you don't even have to look closely to notice this.
  8. stanhope

    Returning player, need help...

    Start by trying to get vanilla arma, without mods, running. If that works you can start with mods. But which errors are you getting exactly?
  9. Did you make an account only to tell us this or do you want to contribute meaningfully? Also who are you addressing with "you people"? Because I have never written a line of code that has ended up in any arma game. I'm just any other player trying to help another player.
  10. Hi and welcome to this forum Have you verified your game files? Are you running any mods? If you are, does the problem persist when you aren't? Is this happening in all missions or in a specific mission? Could you share a video of the problem if possible? Is there anything strange in your RPT file?
  11. stanhope

    Reset profile KOTH

    This isn't a KOTH forum. Those servers are not hosted by bohemia and bohemia cannot restore your profile on them. Contact the server host if you want this to happen. You'll probably find the website or discord of the people who host the server you play on in the server itself.
  12. stanhope

    Engine failure

    For 1: setHit in combination with maybe createvehicle "SmallSecondary". For 2: setFuel, just set it to 0 For 3: a combination of the 2 above? Or engineOn but the pilot can restart it
  13. stanhope

    Multiplayer Weapon Firing Issue

    You're aware that it is, in all likelihood, a mod causing it right? Have you been able to reproduce it without mods running?
  14. First verify the integrity of your game files through steam. Then run down that path and see if all of it exists.
  15. stanhope

    Can't play game

    Hi and welcome to this forum. If what beno_82au suggested doesn't work you can go over this list: See https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Unusual_process_exit#0xC0000005_-_ACCESS_VIOLATION for more information