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  1. Do you have an analogue stick plugged in that's bound to zoom in/out? Do you have some kind of headtracking like trackIr?
  2. stanhope

    i can't disable addon

    You can disable any DLC through steam if that's what you mean. In your steam library it should say "manage my x DLC" on the right somewhere, that's how to manage them. Or do you mean mods that you installed? If so, how did you install them? Just through steam? Then you can disable them in the launcher.
  3. stanhope

    RCO Scope out the Screen

    I don't know, but as there's clearly a solution I don't see what needs troubleshooting
  4. stanhope

    RCO Scope out the Screen

    And what exactly is the issue you're having that needs troubleshooting?
  5. The guys of ace can probably help you best, they have a slack that's linked on their twitter which is linked on the workshop page where theyll be able to help you.
  6. Does the problem also occur if you run without any mods? If so, reinstall ace, your local version of it seems to have gotton corrupted.
  7. stanhope

    Arma not loading past logo

    Could you share an RPT from when this happened with us? Use something like pastebin or at least a spoiler.
  8. We can't really help you with that unless you ever made a back-up. Stuff can go wrong, always make back-ups.
  9. stanhope

    Server Addon issues

    One of the mods you're using requires you to use another mod that you're not using. Go to the workshop page of the mod that is causing the issue (or any other place where the author of said mod hosts his/her mod) and look for what the required mods are.
  10. I can tell you that there's a pretty good chance one of the mods you're using is to blame. You'll have to figure out which one and inform the developer of said mod to fix whatever issue it is to have a definitive solution though. To figure out which one: remove all the mods, play enough to ensure the issue doesn't happen, add a mod, pay again to ensure the issue doesn't happen, keep repeating until the issue happens again. The last mod you added on its own or in combination with any of the other mods you have loaded at that moment in time is/are the culprit(s).
  11. stanhope

    Help with some code

    Ah, replace hideObject with hideObjectGlobal and remote exec it to the server
  12. stanhope

    Help with some code

    The addactions will only show up to the person that executes this script, so either put this script in initPlayerLocal.sqf (or just init.sqf) (this will give literally everyone on server access) or remote execute it.
  13. stanhope

    Return Damage ACE 3

    Maybe the treatment succeeded eventhandler can help?
  14. stanhope

    Start Up Trouble

    Have you verified the integrity of your game files? (in steam, right click on arma, properties, local files, verify integrity)
  15. Could you enlighten me as to what that error is? As I just took your code, wrapped it in a spawn so I could add a sleep to it.