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  1. stanhope

    Can't join official servers

    It means you've been banned from the official servers, contact BI, this is a community forum.
  2. Please put that RPT in a spoiler That's not good You should probably report this to whoever made that script Same with this But none of those should be severe enough to crash a server, my best guess is that there is a script that ends up getting stuck in an infinite loop or something but that's just a guess. Try asking the developer of antistasi directly, he might have a clue what the problem is.
  3. stanhope

    Check if all players are in vehicle

    waitUntil {sleep 5; allPlayers findIf {(_x distance2D _markerpos) < 350} != -1}; Try that^ (untested)
  4. I'd be surprised if that's the actual issue, could you share the full RPT? Be sure to censor all IPs and player UIDs before doing so.
  5. Could you share an RPT from when it happened? You can find information on how to find them here and when you've found them use either pastebin.com (or similar) to share them or at the very least put them in a spoiler.
  6. Right from your RPT I got the following: 11:45:18 Error: can't resize AutoArray to negative size! That's an error I've never seen before and the last entry before both crashes, maybe @Dedmen has an idea what it means? If not I suggest taking your issue to the feedback tracker, bohemia has tools to look at bidmp and mdmp files.
  7. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27390 ^what I talked about in my previous comment
  8. stanhope

    Arma 3 Battleye Trojan Detection

    No, but it is possible that your antivirus is giving you a false positive, just make an exception for it. Which antivirus are you using out of interest?
  9. Hey I just copy pasted from the wiki, of course he can skip steps he's already done
  10. That's not actually the RPT but that's good enough for now, it tells me that even though your OS is a 64 bit system you're running the 32 bit version of arma. Have a look at your launch settings to force it to run the 64 bit version of arma. If that doesn't fix it run over this list:
  11. Does it give you an exit code when crashing? Could you share your rpt (I'd link how to find it but I'm on my phone so: google arma rpt and the first link should tell yiu what you need. Paste the contents into pastebin.com or something similar)? Are you running any other programs simultaneously? What's your cpu/gpu temperature like?
  12. stanhope

    AI air assets weird behavior

    I'd make it gear down and bellow ~160kph as you can still safely shoot missiles while on final for a landing.
  13. I know there's scripts that do it: CHVD by Champ-1
  14. stanhope

    Arma III startup bugs - Cannot find any servers

    How did you come to this conclusion? Have you reported this bug to bohemia? Have you posted it anywhere on this forum before?
  15. <t align='center' font='PuristaBold' size='1.4' color='#ff0000'>Subheading here</t> Something like that? Or: player createDiarySubject ["rules", "Rules"]; player createDiaryRecord ["rules", [ "Player Report", " -snip- " ]]; player createDiaryRecord ["rules", [ "Enforcement", " -snip- " ]];